ad collaborative post // A king-size bed offers adequate sleeping space for 99% of couples, with 15cm more width and 10cm more length than a double. But what if you want even more space? Then you want a super king. Super kings are 30cm wider than king-size beds but the same length, making them ideal for expansive bedrooms while retaining floor space at the foot of the bed.

Which is best depends on how much space you want in bed and how much floor space you need to retain. Here’s everything you need to know:

Sizing the beds up

A king-size bed has a mattress measuring 150cm x 200cm (width, length), while a super king bed has a mattress size of 180cm x 200cm.

Super king beds offer a 20% increase in width. 30cm is A LOT of extra space in bed, equating to one full-size adult laying on their back.

When is more space too much space? King-size beds offer 15cm more width and 10cm more length than double beds and easily sleep a large couple or even three people (such as a child in the middle). Kings are a decent size and don’t eat into too much floor space.

Super king beds are significantly wider but sleep four adults comfortably, so a couple will be blessed with space no matter how big they are.

For most bedrooms, a super king is too broad. A double bedroom can sometimes take a king, but a super king is usually out of the question.

We often find that people interested in super king beds settle for a king in the end, unless they have an enormous bedroom with space to fill. Unless you are a giant, the extra space of a super king is a luxury, not a practical choice.

Measuring up your bedroom

You need at least 50cm around the front and sides of your bed to comfortably walk around it. While kings and super kings are both 200cm long, super kings are 180cm wide, taking up a lot more width than king-size beds.

You need to consider the following things:

  • Space to walk around the bed
  • Space needed for doors to open
  • Cupboard and wardrobe space
  • The aesthetic of your bedroom (will it look cramped?)

If everything looks suitable for a super king, consider whether the extra space is worth it for the extra price and potential for lower intimacy.

How much do you value intimacy?

If you sleep with someone else, a king bed will keep you closer together while giving you enough space to feel free. Super king beds are 30cm wider, so they push you apart and can make you feel disconnected at bedtime.

Whether or not this is bad is a matter of opinion – perhaps your partner snores and tosses and turns, so you don’t want to be anywhere near them? In which case, a super king bed will be ideal (break it to your partner lightly!). The king-size bed can be paired with silk bed sheets making your king-sized bed extra comfortable.

Super kings cost more than king beds – so look for deals!

Super-king mattresses cost more than king-size mattresses, so a king-size mattress and bed is a better option if you have a tight budget.

You can expect to pay between 10% and 20% more for super king-sizes. Also, you will find that some mattress models are not available in a super king – king size is a more standard size, and some manufacturers stick to it as their biggest option.

A mattress-in-a-box makes life easier, whichever size you choose

Mattresses in a box are perfect for king and super king sizes because hauling a box up a flight of stairs is way easier than a cumbersome mattress.

A mattress-in-a-box is a vacuum-packed mattress compressed to around a third of its original size. It comes in a box (hence the name) and makes life much easier. Most hybrid mattresses and some innerspring mattresses come in a box. If you enjoyed this article, read our definitive advice guide to bed sizes.


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