How To Have a Digital Detox
Personal Growth

Why You Should Have a Digital Detox (& What To Do Instead)

It’s safe to say the internet and social media can be a pretty addictive thing. As well as having so many incredible benefits – think about our recent lockdown and how everyone stayed connected online, dated virtually and did everything online – it also certainly has some downfalls too. I’ve spent most of my life …

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7 New Blogs To Read This Month: Meet My July Advertisers

AD – for information about my advertising packages click here. It’s that time of the month AGAIN and I swear it comes around quicker and quicker every time. And every month this year so far, I find myself repeating the same thing in these introductions, “last month was quite the month, wasn’t it?” And that’s certainly …

advertising for bloggers
Blogging Advice

Advertising For Bloggers: Everything You Need to Know

I’ve been blogging for 7+ years and I’ve been offering advertising for bloggers for around 5 of those years. A lot of bloggers have started offering advertising packages for bloggers lately, which is great. And I can imagine the more that do, the more will want to. Offering advertising packages does require some level of …