Paradise Wildlife Park: Hertfordshire *

I’ve been visiting Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire ever since I was a kid. Being only a 40 minute drive from home, my parents used to take me there regularly when I was little and then I started visiting again myself as an adult and for me, it’s one of those truly nostalgic places where I kinda feel at home. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad visit to Paradise Wildlife Park and despite knowing the place inside out and no longer having to rely on the map to get around, I always enjoy my visits, learn something new and come away having had a really lovely day out. Although I haven’t got kids myself and Paradise Wildlife Park is a family attraction, it definitely appeals to all ages (I saw a elderly man in his 70’s wandering around when I was there!) and has something for everyone. 

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Autumn red ft. xylondon *

Now before I get started, I just want to explain that the photos in this post don’t accurately reflect what I was trying to get at. I’ve been lucky enough to work with xylondon twice before, on a Spring and a Summer post. The next logical step would be Autumn, right? But 2018 continues to grace us with wildly unpredictable weather and it certainly didn’t feel like Autumn, the day I took these photos, under a clear blue sky in 22 degrees. But hey ho, life is unpredictable and so is the weather and I worked with what I had. So today I’m featuring these gorgeous burgundy ankle boots, the perfect staple for your Autumn wardrobe (and Summer wardrobe, apparently…) 

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Superdrug Simply Pure with Calming Soothex range

It’s been many a month since I’ve had any sort of proper skincare routine. I tend to get the odd few products for my birthday or for Christmas, use them and then not bother re-purchasing or buying new skincare until my next birthday rolls around. I know that sounds really stingy and in a way, it is. But I’m the kind of person who hates buying myself things – even things some people would consider a necessity. I’d rather just go without than have a bunch of products sitting on my bathroom shelf. 

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The importance of your work space when you’re self employed *

I’ve been a self-employed blogger for a good 2 or so years now and before that, I was a self employed online business owner, which I sadly closed down in August this year. So it’s safe to say that I’ve had a lot of time, practice and experience of working by myself and for myself and first and foremost, it is not easy. But it can be incredibly rewarding. One of the biggest and most important elements of working from home or being self employed is the physical space in which you do your work. Have I spent hours and hours of my working life working from my bed? Yes, absolutely, I’m not perfect and if I had the money and the room to give myself an actual home office, you can get your bottom dollar I’d be Pinteresting the crap out of it. But at the end of the day, there’s lots of elements which we can take into consideration when thinking about our work space when we’re self employed.

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How a reverse mortgage can assist you during retirement *

If you are retired, or at least 62 years of age or older, you may qualify for a special type of home loan. It is called a reverse mortgage, if it offered by a private company. The government version is known as a home equity conversion mortgage, or HECM. A reverse mortgage is very different from a traditional loan. Those differences make reverse loans ideal for retirees like you. Here is how a reverse mortgage can assist you during retirement.

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Looking after your wellbeing this Christmas *

It’s been drilled into our heads ever since we were born that Christmas is the time to, ‘eat, drink and be merry!’ That it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ and ’tis the season to be jolly’. The constant reiteration of the same expectation… The Christmas is a time to be happy, have fun and that nothing can possibly be bad because HEY! IT’S CHRISTMAS! Tell you the truth, the older I’ve got, the more I’ve realised how dangerous these expectations are. We’re constantly bombarded with adverts and photos of the perfect Christmas, with a whole family surrounding a fire, tons of beautifully wrapped gifts under a 8ft tall perfectly decorated tree. Once again, another unrealistic expectation for the majority of people around the world.

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BOOK REVIEW: Do Not Disturb by Claire Douglas

Could your dream home be your worst nightmare?

After what happened in London, Kirsty needs a fresh start with her family. And running a guesthouse in the Welsh mountains sounds idyllic. But then their first guest arrives. Selena is the last person Kirsty wants to see. It’s seventeen years since she tore everything apart.

Why has she chosen now to walk back into Kirsty’s life? Is Selena running from something too? Or is there an even darker reason for her visit?

Because Kirsty knows that once you invite trouble into your home, it can be murder getting rid of it… Amazon UK | Goodreads 

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