What Can We Do To Make Trains More Accessible For All?

AD – This is a pre-written advertorial Trains are one of the best ways to travel in the UK and can bring many advantages over other methods, such as speed, convenience, reliability, comfort and sustainability. Despite this, there are many people in the disabled community that do not use the train because it is not …

Weekly Blogging Tasks: A cup of tea in a pink Jack Wills mug, with an open notebook in front of it
Blogging Advice

Weekly Blogging Tasks For Organization, Success & Inspiration

When I started blogging, I didn’t realise just how much STUFF there would be to do. Although I wasn’t in this position for the first few years I had my blog, somewhere down the line, all the STUFF just kept adding up. So if you don’t like doing stuff, I’d suggest you don’t start a …


Trying To Choose the Right Family Health Insurance Policy? Consider These Great Tips!

AD – This is a pre-written advertorial  Having a family is something most adults dream of. Once this dream becomes a reality, you need to find a way to keep your family happy and healthy. Attempting to pay for the healthcare services you and your family receive out of pocket is nearly impossible. On average, …

The Ferry House Inn Room 7

The Ferry House Inn: The Most Well Oiled Machine on the Isle of Sheppey

AD – This stay was a press visit but all thoughts are my own I love myself a staycation in the UK. I enjoyed them way before COVID-19 made them popular. Truthfully, I haven’t actually been abroad since Disneyland Paris 2011 and although I’d love to go back to sitting on the beach and doing …

Beauty & Fashion

5 Essential Pieces of Men’s Jewellery

AD – This is a pre-written advertorial  Men’s jewellery has seen somewhat of a renaissance of late. Numerous celebrities have embraced this recurring trend, from pop stars to princes. And we love it! Although you may be forgiven for thinking men’s jewellery is a relatively recent phenomenon, it has actually been around for centuries. The …

Mental Health

6 Months On Citalopram: Why Anxiety Medication Was The Best Decision For Me

Last year, in July, I hit a really low patch with my anxiety. My anxiety which, I thought, was getting better. In a way it was – at least I wasn’t scared to do EVERYTHING anymore. But deep down, I knew I was stuck. I had reached a wall that I just WASN’T getting past. …