New Year Healthier You? 5 Guilt-Free Cocktail Recipes to Try in 2020

AD – this is a pre-written advertorial feature  For many people, the start of a new year is an opportunity to achieve new goals or change certain aspects of their life — often revolving around health and fitness. If you’re partial to a cocktail or two (or three) but don’t want to jeopardize your diet, …

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14 Absolute Must Have Blogging Tools & Resources

AD – this post contains affiliate links  Whatever stage of your blogging journey you’re at, we can all benefits from the blogging tools and resources there are available to help us. For newbies, these can be a crucial part of getting your blog off the ground and building a solid foundation. For more experienced folk, …


Different Ways To Make Money Online That ISN’T Blogging

AD – This is an advertorial feature with J5Fashion Over the years, there’s been more and more different ways to make money. Were my grandparents alive, they’d be utterly dumbfounded and confused over the fact I make money from writing things on online (and that’s after I’d have explained to them what “online” was!) But, …