My 10 Favourite Life-Affirming Disney Quotes

You know me, I love Disney. That’s no secret. And a major part of many Disney films are the messages and lessons they try and teach us within them. Most of these films come with quotes and I for one, love a good quote. I think quotes (not just Disney ones) can help us realise that we’re not the only one feeling how we’re feeling and finding a quote that sums up perfectly how we’re feeling at that specific time… Well, is there anything like it? And as well as the fun and the magic, Disney has some amazing, life-affirming quotes and today I want to share with you 10 of my favourites!

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The Vital Steps to Prepare for Your Active Holiday *

There are many ways you can enjoy a holiday, from lazing on the beach to exploring the local cuisine. While some people like to move as little as possible when they’re away, others prefer to get moving. Going on an active trip can be just as relaxing as going to the beach but in a different way. If you want to get active on your holiday, there are some things you should do to prepare. An active holiday requires a lot of energy, and there could be a few extra hazards to watch out for. Before you go, make sure you do the following things.

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Things I Think We Should Be Taught More of in School

This post idea has been on my “post ideas” list for a long time now. I was planning on writing it around the beginning of Blogtober but kept putting it off and putting it off for some completely unknown reason. I don’t know whether I was worried that what I was going to say might anger people (even though that’s a ridiculous notion) or whether I wasn’t as outspoken enough to write a post like this but I figured to hell with those thoughts and wanted to write it anyway. Education is great – I loved school, truly loved it. But it’s no secret that schools, all schools, seriously lack certain elements of education that really, really need to be addresses. And if they are already addressed, chances are, students are still left in a haze of bewilderment because the teacher has scratched the surface of the topic and sent them on their way.

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#SpreadTheSecret With Macabella (& Giveaway!) *

It’s no secret that I love food. All food. Just food. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. Sweet or savoury – I just love trying new food and recipes and over the past year or so, my passion for food has grown dramatically as I’ve been experimenting more and more in the kitchen and with different types of food. If an opportunity for my blog ever arises that involves food, I don’t hide my desperation in wanting to be involved. And today… is one of those days. I am trialling and testing Macabella today, a chocolate spread brand that have just launched in the UK. After being Australia’s 2016 product of the year in the spreads category, Macabella are finally in Sainsbury’s. And I’ve been sent some to eat. Yay.

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13 Personal Questions Tag

When in doubt, when you cannot think of a single blog post to write, do a tag post. That’s my number 1 blogging philosophy. So today, I have stolen the 13 Personal Questions Tag from It’s Just Me Hayley D (hope she doesn’t mind!) even though her post was over a year ago – better late than never, right?! I sometimes like these rambly type posts where you have to think very little about what you’re going to say and just let your fingers do the talking. So enjoy my rambles! And be sure to check out Hayley’s post.

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Tips for Offering Advertising Slots on Your Blog

I’ve been offering advertising slots on my blog for maybe around a year now and decided to do so after a lot of research into what other bloggers were doing, trying out some advertising packages myself and weighing up the pros and cons of introducing them to my blog. At the time I started offering them, it was the time where my blog had start to really grow and I wanted to maximise that the best I could and I thought advertising slots would be a good way to do that. I was speaking to someone on twitter who was interested in possibly offering her own but needed more advice so I thought I’d concoct a little blog post about the whole thing which will hopefully help and give some of you some guidance who may be considering it too! 

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5 Ways To Help You Cope With a Bad Day

Every single one of us has bad days, for a whole number of reasons. This year, mine seem to have upped the ante quite considerably so I feel entirely qualified to put my 2 pence in about how to help yourself cope during those completely terrible, terrible days. Now I’m not talking about depression here – although that may well be a factor for some of you – if you’re having more bad days than good ones and you think it may be due to depression then please for gods sake don’t just take my advice, go and see a doctor. Anyway, on with the show.

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Super Social Media: What Makes Your Followers Like What You Say?

You might be a prolific blogger. Maybe you have a lot to say about your favourite hobby or interest? If you have a website, you should be using social media to drive more visitors to it. And if you don’t have a website, you should be using social media to drive more people to your social media pages! Have a look at some of the people you follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook. How come they have such a huge following?

It’s easier to gain a huge following when you are communicating. Don’t just use one of your social media accounts. Link it to your others when you post or Tweet. Encourage your current following to take an interest in your other social media accounts. And always link them back to your website if that is your intention. Don’t forget; there are plenty of other ways to communicate through social media too. How do you do that?

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Hire Writers: The Starting Place for Freelancers *

Working from home is difficult, whether you do it full-time or part-time and often one method of income just doesn’t cut it and we’re always left craving more. When I started working from home, I researched extensively the different ways we can make money from it – ways that didn’t include “make something and sell it” because if you’ve seen anything I’ve ever attempted to make you’d understand that nobody would want to buy that. As an avid writer who (likes to think they can) writes about a wide variety of topics, I always thought if I could make a few extra quid thought doing that, then that would be perfect.

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