Why Retractable Pergolas Are the Must-Have for Your Outdoor Space *AD

Are you wishing that you could enjoy your garden even during the wintery months? What if I told you there is a way to enjoy the outdoors experience of your garden even when it’s pouring down outside? Sounds too good to be true, right? But the solution it’s as simple as a retractable pergola.

How To Make Christmas More Eco Friendly
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How To Make Christmas More Eco Friendly *AD

Christmas might be the happiest time of year for a lot of us humans but for the environment? Not so much. A study conducted by the University of Manchester argue that Christmas can cause the equivalent carbon footprint as that of a single car travelling 6,000 times around the globe. Scary, huh? Whilst we should …


Here’s Why So Many Londoners Are Moving House Whilst On Holiday *AD

Have you ever thought of how much easier moving house would be if you had someone else to do all the hard work for you? That does sound good, doesn’t it? What about having someone do all the hard work for you while you are away at a sunny destination? Sounds even better, doesn’t it?

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AD: Blogs To Read This November – Meet the Advertisers!

Here we are… the final two months of 2019. Back in like, March, when I was jabbering on about how I couldn’t believe how quickly this year was going, I had NO IDEA we’d be in freaking NOVEMBER so quickly. I just… I’m flabbergasted and utterly confused as to where this year has gone. We’re …

Beauty & Fashion

AD: What’s Your Skin Tone? Here’s How To Find It

Have you ever wondered what your skin tone is? Your skin tone makes a difference in the face makeup you choose, your beauty skin care routine, and your overall look. We know that skin tone is an important aspect of your overall look, so we’ve outlined exactly how to determine skin tone in this article. …


AD: Using Branded Merchandise To Promote Your Business

Whether you’ve just set up a new business or you’re running an established company, you can’t go wrong with branded merchandise. There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to branded merchandise; anything from promotional water bottles to a new set of uniform for your staff will have a great ROI for your business. …

HPV and Cervical Screenings
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HPV and Cervical Screenings: Let’s Talk About It

I attended my first cervical screening back in 2017, a day before my 25th birthday. Yes, I’m THAT person who didn’t want to wait an extra second longer than I had to to have it done. Since then, I’ve been talking about my experience of colposcopy, HPV and cervical screenings and ‘doing my bit’ so …