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Being Proactive and Positive With Our Problem Areas

AD | “I don’t like this bit over here/ There’s a little droop there/ How can I get rid of this bit here?” Do all these statements sound familiar to you? We’re usually the biggest critics of ourselves and will find flaws where flaws don’t even exist. Some people will even go to extreme measures …

night time routine
Health & Wellbeing

Things To Add To Your Night Time Routine for Better Sleep & Well-Being

AD | Lack of sleep is allllll us folk in the UK have been talking about lately, thanks to last weeks horrendous heatwave. The country saw highs of 39 degrees or something stupid. And of course, I live right in what’s usually the hottest part of the UK. So it’s safe to say, my night …

Starting Your Own Business

Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting Your Own Business

AD | I feel like I’m going full steam ahead with the business posts this month. But after a pretty naff June, July been one of my best blogging months to date. And I’m super motivated in taking my business further and further right now. I have things plans. Ideas buzzing around. And I’m excited. …

Improve Your Well-being at Home
Health & Wellbeing

Improve Your Well-being at Home ft Megahome Water Distiller

I talk about well-being a lot on my blog. Mostly about personal things we can do on a daily basis in order to improve our general well-being. Such as expressing gratitude, Yoga or journalling. Which are all super valid forms of self care which I’d highly recommend. Although our inner voice is the most important, …

Ways to Help a Friend Through Difficult Times
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Ways To Help a Friend Through Difficult Times

TW: Abuse, assault, rape AD | If we’re not going through a difficult time ourselves, we probably know someone that is. Unfortunately, that’s life. And it’s not always Peggy Porschen’s and trips to Disney World. I like to be as real as possible on this blog. I just can’t bare the false positivity that some …