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AD: Should I Refrigerate My Skincare Products?

When it comes to our beloved skin care products, weโ€™re always on the lookout for ways to make them last longer. Beauty products can (unfortunately) break down and go bad over time, leading to questions over the effectiveness of refrigeration on skin care products. Nowadays, youโ€™ll even see beauty fridges designed especially for storing beauty …

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Milk, Two Sugars & a Brownie, Please! Ft. Twinnies Bake

This post contains gifted items I’m a food fiend. I think about food alllll the time. I’m planning what I’m having for dinner during breakfast and dreaming of breakfast during dinner. So for me, the best thing you can be sent through the post as a blogger, is food. And who would say no to …

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10 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Although we all start by saying we’re “writing for ourselves”, I’m sure most of us WANT people to read our content. Blogging is all about creation, sharing and connecting. If you’re shouting into the void, then none of that is being fulfilled. I’m at the stage where I thoroughly enjoy writing for my audience. It …

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Hounds & Hers: A Treat For You and Your Dog (+ Discount Code!)

AD – GIFTED | I don’t review a lot of subscription boxes anymore, as you might have noticed. I rarely find one that really speaks to me (if anyone knows of any Yoga themed sub boxes, hit me up!) But every now and again, one will crop up that seriously piques my interest. One like …


Preparing for the Festive Season with The Beauty & The Taste

AD | Now Summer is well and truly behind us, there’s no surprise that many of us have started to think about Christmas. And I know that the rest of you are already grimacing at the mention of the C word when we’re only in September! But Christmas takes a lot of preparation; parties, clothes, …

Working With Brands As a New Blogger
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Working With Brands as a New Blogger: What To Watch Out For

Let’s be real for a second here. Times have changed in the blogging world. Where 5 years ago, it was all about writing for yourself and blogging for a hobby and now, making money through your blog and blogging as a job is a far more normalized and accepted concept. And working with brands as …

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Blogs To Read This September: Meet My Advertisers!

October is next month. That means bonfire night is next week. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! For crying out loud this YEAR MAN. How has everyone’s August been? Alright I hope? I always have a bit of a chat about how my month has gone in my monthly newsletter if you’re interested …