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8 Things To Do When Your Blogging Inbox Is a Bit Dead

I honestly for the life of me couldn’t think of a professional sounding title for this post so you’ll have to make do with this one. We all go through both hectic and quiet periods with our blogs. Some months, right from the get-go, we’ve got emails flying in about collaborations or offers to review …

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6 Non Physical Things To Declutter From Your Life

As Spring is in full swing, everyone’s all about that decluttering life. From old clothes, unwanted books, broken cutlery and old make up, we’re all obsessed with throwing things away. I’ve been like that my whole life. I don’t have to wait to Spring to get a burst of motivation to declutter my life. In …

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25 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

My favourite type of blog posts to write about those that are about blogging itself. Some might say that I’m hurting my viewership by blogging mostly about blogging related subjects because 100% of my readers aren’t going to be bloggers themselves. And that’s true, they’re not. But the majority of them are and blogging is …

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Ways I’m Taking Better Care of Myself Physically & Mentally in 2019

GIFTED | I’m going to be honest… I’ve been shit at looking after myself within the last few years. I mean, I attended my cervical screening when invited to make sure all was a-okay down there, I go to my 6 monthly contraception reviews with the nurse, I get my eyes checked when I’m due …

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5 Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety During Social Events (& Discount Code!)

AD | I’m very open about my mental health and the struggles I’ve had with anxiety over the last seven years. It’s been one heck of a journey for me and a journey that I don’t think will ever really end. It’s a constant learning process and I’m okay with that. Anxiety hit me really …

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ADEXE Watches: The Sistine Miniature Collection + Discount Code!

GIFTED | ADEXE London are always popping up around the blogging community. And for good reason. Their classy, stylish watches are perfect for young women looking to add a touch of chic to their outfits before they go about their busy days. But they have plenty of Men’s and Women’s watches to suit all styles.