Like any other creative industry whereby you “put yourself out there” in some way; be that through art or music or acting, blogging gives you a platform to express yourself, network and… be judged. If you’re giving a part of yourself to the online world, there are hundreds of thousands of other people all doing the same thing, all looking to each other for guidance or inspiration and there are some who look at others and will judge. I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it, too. It’s bad to judge but some of the things I’ve seen bloggers be “judgy” about, I don’t find intrinsically bad, at all. And those are the points I want to talk about today.

I mean, we could be here all soddin’ day debating the things us bloggers get judged over: the quality of our photography, how many typos in our posts (there are loads in mine and guess what? I don’t really care), what brands we work with, our writing style, the list is endless and if we spent all day worrying about all those little things, we’d never write any posts ever again. To be a blogger, you have to learn to channel those negative points out of the forefront of your mind and forget that yeah, actually, there probably are a shit ton of bloggers on Twitter judging me right now but you know what? It doesn’t matter.

But there are certain things I see cropping up again and again. Now, I’m not pretending I’m a highly established blogger who has been around the block for years and years; a mere 4 years is no time at all really and I’m not sure whether these things have always been looked down upon and I’ve simply missed it because I wasn’t “involved” enough or whether they literally have got worse over the years but let’s take a minute to talk about some of them and why they’re not bad and we shouldn’t be judged for them.

Blogging as a competition

Blogging is a creative industry. Whether you blog for fun or for money you are a part of this massive, extensive industry where topics will overlap and bloggers will look at each other’s successes and want to improve themselves because we mostly all want a lot of views, the best collaborations and the recognition from our peers. Healthy competition isn’t a bad thing and I will never see it as a bad thing. You can let the competition make or break you and there is nothing wrong with healthy competition. You can use it and utilize it to strive to be better yourself; that’s what I do.

Comment threads / pods

I’ve recently started taking part in comment threads on Twitter (just for those who might not know, a comment thread is where a blogger will post a set of “rules”, such as 1. Retweet this tweet, 2. Leave a reply to your latest blog post, 3. Comment on a least 2 other people’s posts from the thread etc. etc – you get my drift. A comment pod is kinda the same but you get put with other bloggers to comment on each others posts – Google it) and it’s a great way to find other bloggers, who you may not have ever found before, read different types of blog posts and potentially share yours to a bigger audience and gain a couple of comments whilst you’re at it. I’ve seen many people comment that this is “fake interaction” for people who are “desperate for views and comments” and okay, fair enough well don’t take part then but really it’s just a nice easy way to integrate into the blogging community and interact with others.

Caring about stats

Now this one… Oh boy, this one grinds my gears more than anything else mentioned here. Everyone blogs for a different reason; at the beginning, I blogged for me and now, I don’t and I thrive on comments and interaction on my blog posts. Sometimes the comments are better than the actual post itself! I have worked incredibly hard on my blog and seeing those numbers rise just validates that my blog is constantly improving. The more I see the numbers rise, the more motivated and inspired I am to work hard and create good content that people want to read. There is nothing wrong with caring about your stats; followers, likes, comments and page views. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see your hard work paying off. There’s also nothing wrong with not caring about your stats and I have never seen any one judge someone else for not caring. So why is it so different the other way around?

Making money from blogging

If you simply use your blog as an online “diary” and find any views, comments or follows as a “bonus” and aren’t bothered about anything else then COOL. Some people blog as their full or part time job; are constantly networking, collaborating with brands and marketing. And there’s all kinds of people in between those two and guess what? Not a single one of them and not a single reason for blogging is wrong (except maybe you just want free stuff and don’t bother actually reviewing any of it in which case, you’re a tw*t) and making money from your blog, striving to make more money from your blog and wanting to make money from your blog certainly isn’t wrong. There’s ways to go about it, of course and it won’t happen overnight or within the first 10 minutes of creating your blog but do your research, work hard, create a good “base” then go from there.

Jealousy in blogging

Jealousy in every aspect of life is deemed a bad thing; and sometimes it truly can be. In blogging, it can also be a bad thing, I don’t dispute that. But it can also be healthy and motiving. But we don’t often see people talk about that, do we? I get hella jealous of bloggers when they get an amazing opportunity or hit a huge follower milestone or get tons of interaction on a blog post whereas mine that day hasn’t done particularly well. I do get jealous. But what the heck is wrong with that? I don’t use that jealousy to be bitter and slag people off, post nasty indirect tweets or wish misfortune on that particular blogger with my voodoo doll. I look at what they are doing and analyse what I am doing and how I can change positively or adapt to make myself and my blog better.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post; have you noticed any of these points in the blogging community? Have you ever been judged on any of them yourselves? Are there any others you would add to the list? Let’s talk!


  1. Hey Jenny, I’ve just come across this post (I know it’s a few years old). I’ve just started a blog, and I’m a huge overthinker so I’ve been worrying about others’ judgment. Your post was a good reminder that it can be quite common in the blogosphere, and I’m not the only one thinking this – thank you!

  2. Yes, I have definitely seen judgment passed on things like caring about your stats, and blogging for money. I would never judge anyone for what they do with their blog, and I’d like them to extend the same courtesy to me. Great post – nice to see someone talking about this!

    1. It’s a nightmare isn’t it? Honestly it’s so stupid how worked up some people get about what everyone else is doing. Maybe they wouldn’t have so much to moan about it they actually focused on what they were doing instead of everyone else xx

  3. My RSS reader picked this post up for me this morning and I’m glad it did. You’re completely right and I’ve seen many people judged both in blogging and multimedia for what they do (you just have to look at a lot of the recent YouTube drama to see people challenging content).

    However well you’re doing, it’s not cool to bully others for the blood sweat and tears they probably poured into their blog for whatever reason and instead we should be supporting each other. The platform will only really survive if there is people writing for it and, yes, it’s demotivating sometimes when barely anyone reads your posts in comparison to other bloggers (you’d only have to look at my current ‘stats’ in my few months of activity to define a tiny audience), but if you enjoy doing it it shouldn’t give you reason to give up or hate on others.

  4. I agree with a lot that you said but I will admit to having a problem with certain stat sharing. When people say that they’ve reached milestone followers or views I’m really happy for them (sometimes maybe a little jealous as well) because I know what that feeling is like and it’s nice to see fellow bloggers getting there, also as you said it’s nice to look at their blog and see what their doing and how maybe you can improve on things with your own blog.

    What I don’t get is people that write blog posts updating their followers on all their stats in a frequent manner, e.g I was up 200 twitter followers but down on engagement, I had 30 page views but they only stayed on the one page, I just personally don’t understand the need to share that kind of information. To me no matter how good the intention may be it comes off as smug and a bit elitist, I would never make any comment to anyone directly because everyone’s entitled to doing things their own way but I have to say it does really put me off reading a blog.


    1. Good point! I’ve personally never seen those types of blog posts. I have seen ones that go through the bloggers earnings for that month and I was a bit like hmm with that. But you know, each to their own! I’d never personally do that – I’m not like, secretive about money that much but I’d just find that a bit unnecessary.

      1. Yes definitely, I mean blogging is in a little sense a bit self serving but I just think that that kind of thing takes the biscuit. Even if it is something that someone is doing to make money I always like thinking of blogging as such a creative thing and I just dont see any creativity in posts like that 🙂

  5. I’m just starting off blogging and this post is spot on. I’m really glad that I’m not the only person feeling at risk of being judged by taking a leap into putting my thoughts out there. Thank you for a really great post.

    1. Thank you, I’m really glad you liked the post but please don’t be put off! It’s just part of the industry but on a whole, it’s absolutely brilliant! Good luck with your blogging venture (:

  6. Fantastic post! I will admit to have judged, and I probably keep doing it. I find myself a bit jealous at times but as long as it spurs me to work harder and stay motivated, I think it’s not a bad thing. If it turns into an obsession though, you need a break!

  7. I have been toying with blogging for years now, and when I say toying, i mean that i have started so many and ended not carry them on for one reason or another, I have not come across any hostility, but what i have come across is pettiness.I used to belong to a blogging FB page ( which will remain nameless) and on there you could post many things, one was a comment section, when you put your name down you had to commetn on ALL the blogs that were listed and majority of the time it was over 35 and to do that in one chunk takes patience and time, sometimes it took me several days to do, and some of the ladies – it was always the girls …sorry>< – were so petty OMG, you didnt reply quick enough, you did write enough, they didnt like what you wrote so demanded you do it again, or your comment didnt go through for whatever reason, so you got publicaly struck off , it was also VERY clicky and that really gets on my tits!

    I blog to pass some time, because I like to do it and I feel that I am actually doing something, I am a social being and I like to interact with the fellow human population, I work really odd hours and majority of the time I am a lone worker, so I do not get that interaction that you would get in a 'normal' job.
    I wouldnt say that I get jealous, I do wonder why some peoples blogs take of and others do not, even though sometimes I think the other one was better. It does break my heart after a while when I have worked so hard on my blog, that nobody reads it or wants to follow it, I guess the market is over saturated with them these days and gives the general public too much choice….?
    Great thought provoking post and keep up the good work!
    Julie 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie. I am completely GOBSMACKED at that bloggers group with the comments. I just… I have no words. Honestly. I can’t believe people would be THAT petty to moan about the fact that you’ve commented on their blog but that’s not good enough for them?! 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Okay, so I’ve never come across a comment pod or even heard of one– but I think it’s sounds cool as hell!! I love finding new blogs to follow and comment on. And sounds like a cool way to have someone new find your blog too– so win-win. I really don’t see what the hate on that is about.

    One thing that really IRKs me about the book blogging community is that somehow there’s this push from the actual bloggers to keep the community unpaid. I think that’s lame. Sorry people, it’s lame. Other bloggers in other industries make full-time careers out of blogging– so why can’t we? Those bloggers review products, just like we review books, and no one questions their integrity. why would ours be questioned?? Do people think that the book reviewers for major publications don’t get paid?? I’m involved in a blog tour company and while it’s not monetized, it blows my mind the amount of people who believe that it should always be that way. SAY WHAT??? Running a blog tour company is A TON OF WORK. Work that the publicist could do her/himself, but they don’t want to devote the time. Where else in life can you outsource work to other people and not have to PAY for that service. I can think of ZERO.

    Sorry for the rant. I just don’t know why we do this to ourselves 🙁

    1. I run a book tour company (Neverland Blog Tours) and you can be sure as hell that I charge for my services because it takes SO much time. It’s professional and I’m providing a service and I have also heard some people judge the fact that these type of services are charged but you wouldn’t NOT pay your marketing assistant in a publishers would you? I totally agree with your point though, reviewing a book is the same as reviewing a product for a lifestyle / beauty blogger. Lifestyle bloggers also take part in sponsored content so why can’t book bloggers do that too, just content more suitable for a BOOK blog. I’m pleased that I now do both so I am making money but I don’t like that the rest of blogging “niches” think it’s such a bad thing.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with this post thank you for writing it as it may help some people to see the light!

  10. Great posts, I think in life there is always negativity when you ‘put yourself out there’ but it’s so worth it, I was always scared to take blogging at the risk of people’s judgements but I’ve realised I don’t care what anyone thinks 😊x

  11. Lots of interesting thoughts about the blogosphere and possible judgment. I’ve been quite lucky that no one has been particularly judgmental about my blog or if they’re thinking it they’re keeping it to themselves! I must admit I wouldn’t mind making a few pennies from my blog but up until now I haven’t achieved this goal. What advice would you give Jenny? Suppose first off I have to go and get a proper domain name.. which I was thinking of doing anyway as I need an author’s blog this year. Planning on revamping Kyrosmagica with this in mind… Really am attached to Kyrosmagica though, want to keep it going in some way…

    1. Thanks Marjorie, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, getting a proper domain name would be a good first step 🙂 join some blogger opportunities groups, check the “#bloggerswanted” tag on Twitter. There’s no reason you can’t keep your actual blog and the name though!

      1. Thanks Jenny, yes it’s on my to do list which is ridiculously long at the moment! Will get to it soon… and thanks for the # tag on twitter that’s helpful. 🙂

  12. Totally agree, i think there are too many people on high horses. They are all up there swiping at each other and others and they are forgetting to just enjoy blogging. Whatever a person’s reason is for blogging it’s their reason and let them be. Unless they are being a complete arsehole in which case it’s the internet it’s easy to ignore them.

    1. Hahaha yep, you’re absolutely right Claire. As long as they’re not doing anything REALLY wrong, like getting free stuff and not reviewing it, like I mentioned, then whatever. What’s it to do with anyone else whether they’re working on getting their stats higher or they’re making money or anything 🙄

      1. Yeah getting free stuff and not reviewing it is pretty shitty, although i think that would dry up pretty quickly anyway as i think their reputation would spread naturally among businesses.

  13. Interesting exploration! My blog is by nature somewhat controversial, so judgements are to be expected, but it’s not attracted any harsh comments yet. The comment pod sounds like something I might like, as recently I’ve been making an effort to try to read and listen to things I wouldn’t normally go for (which is also part of the ethos of the Uncoventional Wisdom blog in general).

    1. Thanks for your comment! I was put in my comment pod by someone else, through a group but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start in going about finding one so I’m really sorry I can’t help you there! I’ve been doing the same lately, trying to comment on my blogs and finding new blogs through these comment threads and pods. And that’s not a bad thing! We could set up our own mini comment pod and send each other links to our new posts?

  14. This post!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more, Jenny! When you put yourself out there online, it is a fantastic thing, but it also opens you up to a lot of judgement! I was judged and told I was a “fraud” because I made a Twitter account and engaged with the blogging community before I actually launched my blog! Now I was really shocked that this supposedly made me a fraud because last time I checked, there are no rules for when people can use their Twitter??? I also really love comment pods and comment threads, I find new blogs to read through them and get feedback on what kind of posts people like engaging with the most! Thanks for sharing this, I think this is a really important post!

    Abbey 💋

    1. Oh holy crap, really?! Whoever made that point about you being a “fraud” is completely ridiculous, what a stupid comment to make hahaha! To tell you the truth, I actually started getting into comment threads because I see you take part in them all the time! 🙊 stalker alert hahaha! Thanks for commenting 😘 Xx

  15. Great post Jenny!😊

    I have never been judged in the comments but for all I know I have been judged in someones mind! That doesn’t really bother me to be honest.

    I get jelous a lot on here when I see other peoples posts do much better than mine but I don’t go and hate them for it! In the end I still love what they post!😊

    1. Thanks Shannon! As far as I’m aware, I’ve never been judged to my face but like, I’ve seen tweets before which have been about something I have done. But obviously tons of other bloggers would have done the same thing so it wouldn’t have necessarily been aimed at ME but you know what I mean? I think a bit of jealousy is all part and parcel of blogging for some people and that’s totally cool! 😘

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