I absolutely love tattoos. And despite only having one myself, that doesn’t stop me spending hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest, pinning hundreds of beautiful tattoos and wondering what I’m going to get next. I have a few nice ideas up my sleeve which I’m hoping to look into getting in the near future. But like with my first one, I won’t make any hasty decisions and I wouldn’t even book a consultation with a tattoo artist until I was 110%, no 120% sure that that was exactly what I wanted. 

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I am very much one of those, “you have to be 100% sure, love what you get and it has to have meaning”, with tattoos. I respect that some people simply aren’t like this, if they see a pretty flower they want it just because it’s pretty and that’s absolutely fine and we’re obviously all entitled to our different opinions of tattoos; whether we have hundreds, a handful or none at all.

Having this mindset, I would very much be inclined to get laser tattoo removal if I ever had any doubts about a tattoo I had got. Thankfully, my one and only tattoo I absolutely love and it means so much to me but if I ever did get something that a few years down the line wasn’t really “me” anymore, I would definitely consider laser tattoo removal as I’ve seen how effective it can be.

Living near London, I don’t have to look too far to find either a tattoo studio or a laser tattoo removal clinic. But obviously it’s important to chose a place which is right for you, suits your needs and with a practitioner that you like; they’re going to be lasering something off of your skin after all – I think it’s vital that you know you can trust them!

Experience is also crucial and I wouldn’t settle for anything less that a professional, experienced clinic to deal with my no-longer-wanted tattoo. City Tatttoo Removal in Tottenham Court Road in London is a clinic with over 15 years experience and experienced, trained tattoo removal specialists. They offer free consultation – which is a great way for you to survey the clinic and make sure it’s right for you before you make a commitment.  Situated in the centre of London, it’s fairly easily accessible to Londoner’s and the surrounding area (like myself!)

The process they use here is state of the art technology which removes tattoos is less treatments (always a good thing, especially if it hurts a bit!), is effective on all ink colours and types – even tattoos which have been stubborn when trying to remove before and is suitable for all skin types. So if you’ve had a tattoo mishap that needs correcting, you can find them on their website or on 02072054180 to book your free consultation. 

Tattoos are beautiful, beautiful things in my opinion. They can be a true extension of who you are and a way to express your creativity. I don’t believe in all of this “wait till your older, you’ll regret them then!” rubbish because why would you regret something that showcases a time in your life? But I do believe that you have to love what you’re putting on your body. Fortunately, if something doesn’t quite go to plan, we have the technology now – like laser tattoo removal – to correct something seemingly “permanent”.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they of and what do they mean? Have you had laser tattoo removal treatment before? Did it work? Let me know! 

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