Any travel experience can be positive, but we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. Below, we take a look at four ways you can branch out from your usual travel style, and do something new this year. Let’s make this year one in which we push ourselves to look to the horizon with wonder. It’s a big and exciting world; let’s get out and there live it in new ways!

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Mix up the Destinations

We all have our favourite destinations. Those cities that just seem to be “us,” those sun-kissed beaches where we could happily spend all of our time, and the rest of those familiar but oh so extraordinary places around the world. However, while we may enjoy these spots, after a while they take on a more “homey” feel; it’s a comfortable experience rather than a travelling experience. If we know a place like the back of our hand, then it might be time to book a trip to somewhere new. Looking forward, pick a destination that you’ve never been to before, one that puts you outside of your comfort zone and helps you rediscover your love of exploring new environments. You won’t regret it.

Travel Different

Travelling with friends and family is, admittedly, a lot of fun. But there is a hidden danger lurking in that type of travel; you can often fall back on letting more capable friends and family members take control. If you’re travelling through Spain with a Spanish speaking amigo, then when are you going to practice your Spanish? You won’t. For next trip, take a look at single holidays, and leave your usual travel buddies behind for once. It’ll be a different kind of experience to what you’re used to, but at the end of the trip, you’ll have found that you’ve had a fun time and you’re much more capable at travelling without friends than you thought you were. Win-win!

New Experiences

Be honest: how often do you have new experiences, really? If you like museums, then it might have been many a year since you visited a place that was famous for its natural beauty. It’s easy to get too set in your ways, after all. Next time you take a trip, look for things to do that is a little bit outside of what you usually do. Nothing bad will come from it, and you might just find that you’ve discovered a new passion in the process.

Throwing Yourself into the Culture

Travelling isn’t just about visiting a destination and observing local customs as if you’re some kind of anthropologist. It’s a give-take arrangement, and as such, you should endeavour to get involved with the local practices. If everyone around you is dancing flamenco, then why not put on your dancing shoes and give it a shot? You lose nothing by experiencing local life from the inside.

Take the steps outlined above, and you’ll soon find that the travel bug is well and truly back.


  1. I’ve done a lot of travelling solo and they were some of the best trips I’ve had. It’s almost a shame I have a husband tagging along now as I prefer it! 😂 I also love multi-destination trips. Jumping on and off planes, exploring places, breaking away from the package holiday mentality! Im planning one right now and it’s so exciting!

  2. love love love. i am traveling solo to india this coming march, to volunteer teaching in the slums of delhi for six weeks. after years upon years of living a small existence in the throes of my anorexia, i am so so ready to open myself up to the vastness of the world i have missed for so long. 💙

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