We’re all familiar with traditional ways of learning. If you want to pick up new pieces of information, people will generally suggest that you pick up a book, read journals and articles, or take a look at specialist websites online. But have you ever considered that there might be a more fun way of picking up general knowledge? Because one really does exist: quizzes! There are all sorts of quizzes that you can take to boost the number of facts that you can quote on all sorts of subjects. They’re easy to fit into your busy schedule, as you can take a couple of quizzes on your lunch break at work, during your daily commute, or when you’ve got little else to do on a quiet evening. So, here are a few that you might want to try out!

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The Fictional Furniture Quiz

Watching television shows and films are something that the majority of us engage with. After all, nowadays, you don’t even necessarily need a television! You can access all sorts of series and films through streaming services on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. So, chances are you’ll be able to recognize quite a few pieces of furniture featured on the Factory Direct Flooring Fictional Furnishings quiz. If you can’t figure out where the signature green earwax candle is from, or the door with an axe hole through it, you might want to expand your viewing habits to include more cult classics!

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The Shakespeare Quiz

Next time you’re at a pub quiz, chances are that there will be a literature round and which writer is most likely to feature within this section at least once? Shakespeare, of course! He is, after all, perhaps the world’s most recognized poet and playwright. So, test yourself beforehand with a specialist Shakespeare quiz. This will boost your knowledge on the bard, his life, and his works. This is also perfect for anyone who is still at school or has little ones at school who they want to help out with homework!

Foreign Language Quizzes

There are numerous benefits that come hand in hand with being able to speak a second language. But picking up a whole new vocabulary can be pretty daunting. For some of us, as soon as we feel that we’ve memorized a new word, we’ll move on, only to forget it almost immediately. A good way to remember new information is to repeat it time and time again. So try quizzes with language apps such as Duolingo, which give multiple choice answers to questions. The same questions will be posed time and time again, encouraging you to repeat information and truly embed the words into your memory.

These are just a few general knowledge quizzes that can help to endow you with new information as well as helping you to memorize the facts that you come across. There are plenty more out there that you could try out too! So, get searching and get playing. You’ll only benefit through expanding your general knowledge in the long run!

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