AD | The summer is a perfect time to start working on those home improvement projects you have been thinking about all year. You may also want to start preparing your garden for entertaining in the warmer weather. If you are particularly organised, now is also a great time to do your heating system maintenance checks.

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To help you get started here are three simple home improvement ideas to try this summer, provided by A W Electrical Supplies in North London.

  1. Clean windows

As the weather improves and the evenings get lighter, you will want to make the most of the sunshine. So, a very quick and simple way to brighten up your home is by cleaning your windows. Try a traditional mixture of warm water and vinegar to help get your windows sparkling clean and use a crumpled up newspaper to buff your windows dry for a streak-free finish. If you don’t fancy tackling the job alone you can always look up a local window cleaner!

  1. Prepare the garden

To start enjoying the warmer weather as soon as it arrives, now is the best time to start preparing your garden. Start by cutting the grass and trimming back any overgrown branches. Then clear away any garden waste or debris that may have collected over the winter months. Once the garden is clear and tidy you can start adding some colour by planting some flowers. This will really brighten up your outdoor space. It is also a good idea to give your BBQ and garden furniture a wipe down, so that it is ready for any last minute entertaining.

  1. Heating system maintenance

Maintaining your heating system may not be an obvious task when summer is approaching! However, you should in fact use this opportunity to make sure that all of your heating systems are safe and in good working order for when winter returns.

Your central heating needs regular maintenance, which should include boiler inspection, cleaning, and carbon monoxide checks. You should also use this opportunity to bleed your radiators. This removes any air that has been trapped in the pipes, which can lead to cold spots.

If you have panel or convector heater give them a regular dust and wipe clean to avoid any dirt building up inside. This can cause an unpleasant burning smell when switched back on again.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your heating systems will help to keep them safe and in good working order year after year.

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