Working For Yourself: Business Ideas

AD | Running a business, being your own boss and working for yourself isn’t reserved for just a select amount of people any more. Being online gives us the freedom and range to be able to start our own businesses easier than ever before. And it’s not just a pipe dream but a reality for a lot of people these days.

Working For Yourself

Starting your own business might be the dream but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. With so many businesses cropping up everywhere you look, you want yours to stand out and have a chance at being successful. And of course it needs to be something you’re passionate about and willing to work at every single day.

Because running a business and working for yourself is no easy feat! It’s not an over-night job. Or not a method for a quick buck. It’s a lifestyle, more than anything and if you’re not totally passionate about what you’re selling or what you’re business vision is, then potential customers will be able to tell.

I had my own book touring business when I was a book blogger as well (book tours are extensive promotional events for books which take a lot of time and effort to organise) and I ended up falling out of love with it. And I think it showed.

So if you’re really passionate about running your own business but not entirely sure where to start with it all, here are some ideas to get you going!

Selling your art

If you’re a talented artist of any kind, opening an etsy shop to sell your art is a great idea if you’re wanting to start your own business. This will give you the freedom to express yourself creatively every day, whilst making money from doing what you love!

Buy and sell Women’s wholesale clothing

If you don’t have the means of opening a physical shop, an online shop can be just as worthwhile. This allows you to really focus on the things you’re passionate about. Whether that’s make-up, stationery or even clothes, sourcing women’s wholesale clothing from wholesale fashion retailers such as j5fashion is a great option for stocking up a shop!

Selling your services

If art isn’t your thing and like me, your artistic skills only go as far as stick people, then selling services instead might be your thing. Are you particularly talented at marketing? Or a whizz at social media? A social media manager might be a great option!

Create custom graphic designs

If getting personal and working closely with people is more your thing than just selling products, then create custom products for people might be a great option. Blog banners and blog graphics are a great market for talented graphic designers who are also active on social media and within the blogging community.

Selling products and/or courses

An important part of my own business (my blog – getting onto that in a second!) are the eBooks that I create and sell too. They’re not the main element of my business but they’re helping me grow and expand. So if you’re a blogger, then thinking about what areas you excel at and turning that into eBooks, workbooks or courses could be great!


And finally blogging. Running a blog can be a great business venture because you are essentially your own brand and the possibilities are endless. Of course you could also incorporate a few of the above into your blogging business. For example if you’re a blogger but also sell products (like me) or are a graphic designer too.

Or you can monetize your blog in different ways, such as sponsored posts, brand collaborations, advertising, affiliate marketing and more! Also, having a blog and a readership will open doors for other opportunities in the future!

Would you like to run your own business? If you already do, what’s your favourite part of it and what advice would you give to someone just starting out?

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  1. I love blogging as the business idea then commissions, I hope to turn my blogging into a six-figure business one day ✨

  2. Patricia Falls says:

    Thank you for sharing! Always nice to see new ideas

  3. LaMar van dusen says:

    This was one of the great and informative articles I have read after a long time. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Great Article. Enjoyed the reading. Clear and to the point. Looking forward to more of this.

  5. Valuable, detailed, and incredible. Thanks for sharing. Pieces like this make you really value the power of the information Era.

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  7. Joshua Tipton says:

    Selling art is a great idea. so many artists undervalue themselves. I’ve bought several paintings in the last couple of years.

  8. Excellent Jenny keep it up. with your brilliant ideas.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love your idea. Great article

  10. Thanks for sharing these ideas!!

  11. Great ideas, Really Loved that, Finding something that exactly I’m looking far!

  12. Self employed businesses are amazing. Helps though stressful yet pay bills and keep your pocket 😉.

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