Have you ever thought of how much easier moving house would be if you had someone else to do all the hard work for you? That does sound good, doesn’t it? What about having someone do all the hard work for you while you are away at a sunny destination? Sounds even better, doesn’t it?

We all know how stressful moving to a new house can be, from the moment you are looking for houses and trying to find the perfect one to the actual moving day of stressful checking if you managed to move everything. According to an article on the Telegraph, some Brits find moving house even more stressful than going through a divorce, starting a new job or breaking-up with their partner.

But with the right preparation and experienced professionals, your next house move will go so smoothly that you won’t even feel like you are moving to a new place. Just sit back, relax and start your move by creating a moving house checklist. To make things easier Which? has a very helpful checklist with everything you need to do before moving to your new place to ensure that you won’t miss anything!

Then, the next step to take is to call the Handy Squad, the best squad in and around London for anything home-related. They have a team of certified and CRB checked tradesmen who will be able to help you with your house move or with anything else you require – from changing your door locks to moving your furniture. Book a slot of them to come around, prepare your moving boxes (don’t forget to label them!) and that’s it! The next thing you know is that when you come back from holiday all of your moving has been done and you are ready to unpack and start to decorate your dream home.

Want the team to start decorating for you and checking if everything is in tip-top shape? They can do that too! They have decorators, locksmiths, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and general handymen who can have a look at your new place, so when you come home from your holiday, you can finally call your house, your home.

What about you – would you have work done around the house whilst away on holiday or would you move home without being present?

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