If you’ve asked yourself this question, it’s either because you can’t understand why people would choose to decorate with black ironmongery or because you are truly wondering why you’ve only been seeing black ironmongery pop up on your Pinterest feed – matte black door handles after matte black door handles or and there it is, more matte black door handles.

It’s not particularly a bad thing, it’s a good change from the rose gold trend (I don’t even want to think about it, that’s how much I disliked it – sorry if you are reading this and absolutely adore rose gold). I personally love to see how people decorate their homes with black ironmongery and in this post, I want to share with you why I believe this ironmongery is so popular and trendy at the moment.

What’s more elegant than black?

That’s the real question. Black is the new black and will be forever the only colour that, in my eyes, is both classy and edgy at the same time. Like Hannah Montana used to say, the best of both worlds. That’s how I feel about black ironmongery – elegant, bold, sophisticated yet dramatic. What else do you need?

Plus, the experts agree with me! “Effortlessly classy” that’s how Ironmongery Experts, an architectural ironmongery business, describe black ironmongery and I couldn’t agree more. After all, they are the experts. If you are looking for a more professional view on the matter, they wrote an article about black ironmongery and its advantages.

It matches with pretty much anything

I believe that it matches everything actually. It even matches with black doors and black interiors. Black on black with a hint of black. Maybe I’m getting a bit too much into this black ironmongery trend?

But you have to agree on me that black in décor is the same as black in fashion. That little black dress that you have in your wardrobe is your best friend when it comes to matching any accessory that you want to wear. Black ironmongery acts in similar manner by complementing any home interior whether you have white interiors, wooden interiors, marble, stone, neutral colours – anything really.

Need a quick uplift?

If you want to add black in your house but aren’t sure how to add it without feeling like it’s dominating the room, why not choose to add some black door levers or doorknobs? Or maybe you simply want small change around the house?

Barbara Schmidt, principal and creative director at studiobstyle, is of the same opinion mentioning that “If you’re trying to make your old home look new, doorknobs are one way to do it, and it’s not nearly as costly as painting everything”.

No more fingerprints

According to an article on Zanda, another advantage of black door handles besides their good looks is that this type of ironmongery is less likely to show fingerprints. So, what else do I really have to say about black ironmongery? For me, it’s the ideal choice!

What about you – do you want to jump on the black ironmongery bandwagon or are you going to stick to the old rose gold trend? I promise I won’t judge (I may or may not have my fingers crossed).

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  1. I’ve always loved black ironmongery because there is a heavy traditional element to it; and just seeing it gives the impression of something that is good quality and will last.

    Also having visited a traditional blacksmith on more than one occasion and watching door handles and gates being made – that stuff is amazing! It’s a hot and elegant craft and I’m all for it’s revivial!

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