AD Since the acceptance of CBD socially, everybody has become familiar with its products in their everyday lives. CBD products have become widely available as a result of companies producing them in rapidly increasing amounts.

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Since the CBD market is not entirely regulated, education about the CBD movement is essential as people may end up buying products that may not reach the required standard. Purchasing low-quality CBD products may make consumers lack the vital benefits they intended to get. Below are some of the reasons why education is quite essential in the CBD movement.

There are so many forms of CBD to use and so many brands to check out, including Cope CBD and many more. The product comes in various forms as well so it’s fairly easy to find something that works for you and your needs! Left Coast Extracts also provide a huge range of CBD products from cartridges, pods, syringes and even dedicated merchandise!

CBD Products Fall Under Different Categories

CBD products fall under three categories with one being full-spectrum products. Full-spectrum products contain everything that the hemp plant offers. They contain flavonoids, CBD and other cannabinoids, natural fatty acids, and terpenes that are found in the hemp plant.

The second type of CBD products is broad-spectrum products. This type of product has several cannabinoids and terpenes but lacks any amount of THC. Broad-spectrum products go through additional processing to remove the THC in them while retaining other natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

The third and last category is the isolate CBD product. This type of product contains only pure CBD. Other cannabinoids contained in the plant are removed, leaving CBD.

Knowing the categories mentioned above will help you in choosing CBD products that go well with your lifestyle and those that meet your wants.

All CBD Products Don’t Come from the Same Source

You should have a good understanding of the endocannabinoid system and the different benefits you get from hemp extracts before choosing what product in the market to purchase. You should at least consult a professional before buying a given product since not all CBD products come from the same source. At Cannaflower, you will find more information about every product before purchasing it, and this will ensure that you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Not all products have the same source of CBD oil. Some products are extracted from marijuana to meet the demand of patients who want a higher concentration of THC in their oils. THC is the compound responsible for the euphoric effect that marijuana users experience.

Hemp has a low concentration of THC at 0.3% or less. This low concentration of THC makes CBD oils extracted from hemp plants a more family-friendly option.

Extraction of CBD is Done Differently

Getting to know how companies extract their CBD oil is essential when choosing a CBD brand to use, and this is because some companies may employ the use of chemical solvents. Chemical solvents like hexane are used to speed up the process of extraction and also in producing higher yields.

Using chemicals during extraction may lead chemical solvents to react with compounds found in the hemp plant. This reaction may result in the reduction of potential benefits one might get from the extract.

While some chemicals may not affect the potential benefits of the hemp extracts, it is always good to use natural methods during the extraction of CBD.

Third-Party Testing on CBD Products

Since the CBD industry is not well-regulated, you should always consider getting an opinion by a third party, which is most likely a certified lab, before purchasing a given brand. Testing the CBD product will ensure that the product does not contain contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides, which are harmful to your body. The potency level should also be tested to ensure that there is complete transparency by the CBD company.


Before purchasing any CBD product, you should do proper research on the company providing you these products. Doing research will ensure that you find the best product that supports a healthy lifestyle. Taking caution on what your body consumes is very important since you only have one body.

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  1. I used CBD but the industry definitely needs to be regulated so people feel confident knowing what they buy is what the bottle says it is, but knowing the type of CBD you’re getting is important too!

    Ash |

  2. This is SO important to know. I see lots of people going into the world of CBD products and choosing the first thing they come across, but this can be dangerous for people who react badly to THC and, more than that, may give people negative perceptions if they choose a CBD product that doesn’t work very well. A lot of my freelancing work these last 18 months has been in the CBD field and it’s amazing how much you can learn with a little bit of research.

  3. It is so important to know about the different types of products out there before you make a purchase. I have heard a lot about CBD and its benefits. I’ve been curious about trying out CBD to help with my anxiety and such. This is a really good market to be in right now too. It is so important to make sure that products are tested, especially with multiple resources. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

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