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Being stuck at home and the lovely spring weather has got many of us dreaming of the perfect summer, albeit one at home! If your big plans have been curtailed and you’re not sure how to make the most of your time, why not treat yourself to the ultimate in garden luxury: a swimming pool!

A pair of sunglasses by the side of a swimming pool

The thought of having our own swimming pool is little more than a dream for most of us. However, the reality is that it’s much easier to have your own pool ready for the summer than you might think! From size to cost and installation, there are actually many ways in which that dream garden accessory is more achievable than ever.

Swimming Pools Don’t Have to Be Expensive

The first and often most crucial issue is the price. Of course, if you want a luxury pool, then you may have to pay a premium for materials and to get it installed. However, if you’re after something to help you make the most of the summer or to entertain the family during this time, there are many budget options available that still deliver a great experience.

It Doesn’t Have to be Built-in

When most people think of ‘a house with a pool’, then have images of swimming pools built into the ground. While these can be great, they’re often costly and take a while to install.

If you’re looking for something to liven up your outdoor space this year, you might opt instead for an above-ground swimming pool. Not only is this option often cheaper, but it’s also considerably more straightforward to install. These advantages make above-ground swimming pools an excellent option for families and anyone that wants to make more of their outdoor space!

Find a Size to Suit Your Garden

Of course, another big stumbling block to owning a swimming pool is the amount of space available. However, there are many sizes of swimming pool available, especially when you consider above-ground alternatives.

So long as you have a flat outdoor space big enough for a group of people, there’s likely a swimming pool out there that fits. Even if it’s not much, it’s more than dipping your feet in the paddling pool when it gets too hot!

Pool accessories

After being sure that you have all the pool essentials it is time to look for the coolest pool accessories. You can add waterslides, stairs, and a jumping platform to make your entrance to the pool more fun and different.

Filling your pool with epic pool floats will not only ensure safety but also create a pleasant place for spending time with your friends and family. Despite traditional pool tubes, you can add inflatable hammocks, loungers, and coolers for enjoying your beverages without leaving the pool.

An inflatable football in a swimming pool during rain

Pools are Easier to Maintain

A lot of people who have never owned a pool are quite hesitant due to the upkeep required. It’s true that there’s a bit of maintenance that goes into keeping a pool looking great throughout its use, including pumps and water treatments. However, so long as you know what’s required, the process is quite simple!

Above-ground pools in particular often have a simple pump and filter. These will need a clean every so often but other than that, mostly look after themselves! Water treatments can appear complex at first but, so long as you have the required chemicals, this is also a simple and guided process than only needs to happen every week or so.

While there are lots of other accessories available, if you only want a simple pool, the extras you actually need are relatively few. So long as you have a swimming pool solar cover, the pumps and filters that come with the pool and the right chemicals, you have everything you need for a great swimming experience!

Why Should I Get a Swimming Pool?

Why not?! If you’re looking for something to spice up your home life this year, then having your own swimming pool could be a great option!

Many benefits can come from owning a swimming pool. Firstly, it’s another way to keep people active and outside, especially when the sun is out. Time in the pool can be a great way to unwind and relax, while it can also be great fun for families!

Two children splashing while swimming in inflatables in a pool

If we’re destined to spend this summer closer to home, then let’s make our homes as special as possible! If you want to make the most of your outside space, a swimming pool can be a great way of creating a unique experience for you and your loved ones!


  1. I love the idea of owning one. Not sure how much use I’d get out of one living in the UK though. Ideally it’d have to be a big house with an indoor pool or sufficient over-pool cover at least.

    Maybe when I win the lottery..

  2. We used to have a nice summer pool in my family’s garden – one of those big plastic inflatable pools you set up in less than an hour, and that just stays there the whole summer. It was great for the kids, and once my parents bought a cover for the top of the pool so the water would stay cool and clean, it was perfect !

  3. Ahh this is such a fun post! With the gyms shutting I’ve really been missing my swimming lately and then this pops up! You know I’ve really never thought about it actually being a possibility rather than this big extravagance that only really wealthy people could afford. I wonder if I could persuade my parents, aha! Great post!

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