11 Healthy Ways To Spoil Your Dog

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If you’ve seen my Instagram page or follow me on Twitter, you know that I have a dog. And that he is the LIGHT of my life. Honestly, he is the dopiest, funniest and silliest dog I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t have him any other way. He came barreling into our lives completely unexpectedly but we wouldn’t be without him. As you dog owners know, it’s so tempting to treat your dog and sometimes – those treats can go too far. So today I want to share some healthy ways to spoil your dog!

Healthy Ways To Spoil Your Dog

We’ve definitely been guilty of giving Rory too many treats in the past. I mean, when a dog is THIS DAMN CUTE how can you not? But keeping them on a strict diet is super important for their health and if anything, you’re probably spoiling them MORE by keeping them healthy. Although it might not seem like it at the time.

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Rory has had a few health issues in the past. He currently has hip dysplasia which he’s on injections and medication for for the rest of his life- which he’s had since he was born. He had a torn ligament in his knee from chasing a duck, pancreatitis at the beginning of this year, various ear infections due to the long hair near and around his ears and other small things over the years we’ve had him.

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Most dogs have some sort of health problem at some point or another and when these things happen, it definitely makes you want to spoil them and treat them MORE because it’s just the worst thing in the world seeing your dog ill or in pain. But it’s important to remember that there are healthy ways to spoil your dog too, which are sometimes the better option.

Here are 11 healthy ways to spoil your dog:

Spoil your dog with Angell Pet Co healthy dog treats

I was kindly send this huge box of goodies for Rory from Angell Pet Co who specialize in natural healthy dog treats. All their treats are hypoallergenic and high in protein and are perfect additions to your dog’s diet – especially if you like to treat your dog a lot! I was really surprised at the quantity of treats we were sent so here’s a run down of them:

  • Duck Fillets: Great for healthy immune systems, low in fat, rich in iron and zinc
  • Beef Patties: High in protein, high in zinc and iron, great for muscle growth, maintenance and repair
  • Super training treats (fish & meat): Free from wheat + gluten, tasty but low in fat
  • Salmon & Potato Cookies: Great for glossy coats, healthy skin, joint care, gut health and brain function
  • Salmon & Kelp Cookies: Bursting with Omega 3, great for all of the above
  • Redfish Skin Crunchers: Great for sensitive tummies, eye sight, brain function, coat and skin
  • Fish Skins: Great for dental hygiene and all of the above

As you can see, these treats come with a LOT of healthy benefits for your dog so I’m really happy giving these to him, especially as they’re low in fat. We actually had a bit of an issue where he stole the duck fillets and wouldn’t let them go for a good hour and we had to wrestle them out of his mouth – so if you need an example of how much he liked them, that is it!

He wasn’t entirely sure about the texture of some of them at first – particularly the redskin fish crunchers and the fish skins because he’s not really used to eating treats like those but he soon got used to them. My dog loves his food and loves treats so there really is not much else to say other than he loved them!

Spoil Your Dog With Angell Pet Co

Healthy Ways To Treat Your Dog

healthy ways to spoil your dog

healthy ways to spoil your dog

New toys, games and equipment

Although my dog doesn’t really play with toys any more (actually come to think about it, he’s never been a particularly toy focused dog), new toys, games and equipment are great ways to spoil your dog which will encourage play, exercise and fun! We bought him one of these wooden dog treat puzzles for Christmas last year which was fun!

Buy your dog a cooling mat

The Summer can be an absolute NIGHTMARE for dogs. I hate seeing my dog uncomfortable when it’s so damn hot outside. We have a pet cooling mat for Rory which is actually incredible and in the Summer, he spends most nights sleeping on it – so it obvious works and does what it’s meant to do!

Create ice cube treats for your dog

Using any treats – including the treats from Angell Pet Co – you can spoil your dog in the Summer by creating them a bunch of ice cube treats! Simply fill up an ice tray with water, stick a treat in each one and leave in the freeze. When you give them to your dog, it’ll help them cool down, stay hydrated AND they’ll get a treat at the end of it!

Take them out for an extra walk

Of course all dogs are different and have different needs in terms of exercising but most dogs will NOT say no to an extra walk! Taking them for an added walk throughout the day is a great way to spoil your dog whilst at the same time getting fresh air and exercise for both of you.

Spoil your dog by taking them somewhere new

Taking your dog somewhere new to sniff out is a great healthy way to spoil them. It will keep them active and engaged as well as getting exercise. It’s always fun exploring somewhere new and who better to do it with than your four-legged friend? Make sure you follow all the safety precautions if you take them in the car, too!

Arrange doggy play dates

If your dog has other dogs that it enjoys playing with, why not spoil them both by arranging a doggy play date? Perhaps offer to dog sit when they need to and vice versa. Or simple arrange an afternoon for the dogs to play together! It could also give you the chance to make new friends at the same time as spoiling your dog!

Keep your four legged friend groomed

Rory goes to the groomer every 5 weeks and he absolutely loves it. We’ve known our groomer for years and we wouldn’t take him to anyone else. She’s so fantastic that we do the 2 hour round trip to her house, wait for him and drive home! Making sure their coat is groomed and looked after is a pretty basic but healthy way to spoil them.

Learn how to give doggie massages

My dog LOVES getting his head rubbed and it proper zens him out and sends him to sleep. I know that’s not a proper massage but you can learn how to massage your dog properly or if you’re really going all out with spoiling them, find a professional to do it!

Ensure they go for all their vet check ups

Like us with the doctors, it can be easy to think that they don’t need to go. But it’s important that they do and it’s literally THE healthiest thing you can do to spoil your dog – is to ensure that they’re healthy and happy themselves. So regardless of how busy you are, their check ups are just as important!

Celebrate your dog’s birthday

Okay I know this is a bit extra but roll with me on this one! A great way to spoil your dog is to celebrate it’s birthday and I mean… CELEBRATE. Like, cake (dog friendly cakes you can buy from the pet store of course), decorations, games – the works. Heck, even invite your dog’s friends and create party bags.

11 Healthy Ways To Treat Your Dog

I’d love to hear the ways you spoil your dog. Do you do any of the above or have anything to add to this post? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Umm who doesn’t celebrate their pets’ birthday??? Haha. I really didn’t know fish skins were good for them though, that’s so interesting!!!

    1. Oh yes, they’re packed full of good stuff!

  2. Alice Anne says:

    Doggy playdates are literally the cutest idea ever! Does your dog enjoy them? xx

    1. Right! Yeah he does when it’s with the two dogs up the road!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I started a DOG blog too. I believe that we can take many important lessons from dogs, such as unconditional love and loyalty. I am looking forward to meeting more dog/animal lovers. 🙂

  4. Love this!! My dogs are my everything and always looking for new ways to spoil them. Thanks for all the ideas 😀 x

    1. Thank you 🙂 x

  5. Awwww my dogs are my world, I love this and all the ideas. Thanks so much for sharing 😁💙

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