Hi there chums. I hope you’re doing well. Can you believe we’re almost in November? I think I must have said that to every single person I’ve spoken to this week because WTH. Mental. This is a bit of an impromptu post. It’s not something I had planned but it IS something I’ve wanted to chat about for quite some time. And I think it’s time.

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We need to talk about blogging.

Over the last 6 months in particular, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about blogging, my blog and where I want my career to go. That could be down to the fact that I’ve been working twice as hard since the COVID nightmare started and I’ve had more time to wonder and ponder about it. But regardless, here we are.

I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years of my life. I started as a book blogger, I ran a book touring business, I evolved into lifestyle, I started blogging full-time, I released my own eBooks and settled on where I am today, predominantly blogging about well-being, self care, personal growth and blogging tips.

And it’s that last one I want to talk about today.

Over the last year in particular, there seems to have been an surge of “blogging bloggers” onto the scene and already established bloggers moving down the route of blogging about blogging. More and more bloggers are releasing eBooks and courses, creating content around Pinterest and media kits and sharing advice for bloggers.

Now there will ALWAYS be room for this content in the industry as new bloggers are coming onto the scene all the time. And we all start somewhere, right? We all need advice and tips on something we want to grow and learn more about.

Photo by Kaylee Garrett on Unsplash

But for me – someone who’s been there and written the blog posts about blogging and released the eBooks about blogging – this is something I feel like I need to step back from. It’s not making me happy. Or satisfied. And if I’m being COMPLETELY honest… I’m bored.

I’m bored of talking about blogging.

I absolutely adore blogging. I love my career. I am so grateful to my followers and readers, to the community on Twitter, to the friends I’ve made, the brands I’ve worked with and the opportunities I’ve had. I’m ETERNALLY grateful to all those advice posts I’ve read over the years that have helped me get to where I am today.

But things and people change. And that’s what’s happened here.

Throughout this month (October 2020), I’ve hands down had one of the best blogging months ever. I’ve made more money, worked with more brands, had great views and most importantly, have felt SO CONTENT with my work and what I do. And that’s because I’ve made some changes.

I stopped pushing affiliate links.

I stopped promoting my eBooks.

I stopped writing blogging advice style posts.

I stopped comparing myself to others.

I stopped caring about what everyone else was doing.

Because ultimately, I think that’s what happened. As more and more people started talking about blogging and seeing success from it, I felt like that’s what I had to do as well. So I continued to push out the blogging tips, I continued to desperately try and make affiliate sales, I continue to promote the same stuff as EVERYONE else, I continued to do what everyone else was doing.

And I wasn’t seeing or feeling any benefit from it.

Because it wasn’t me. 

I don’t enjoy affiliate marketing. There I said it. I hate Pinterest and I’m bored senseless of talking and reading about Pinterest. I don’t read blogging tips posts anymore. Not because I feel like I know everything (farrrrrr from it!) but because I feel like I’m reading the same thing over and over again and never learning anything new.

Obviously each to their own here. If you love talking about blogging then rock ON.

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My passions lie in well-being, self care, mental health awareness, books and mindset. I recently competed a 6 week life coaching course which was so eye-opening to me and no doubt has played a huge part in these realizations I’m having.

I love writing. I love creating content. I love working with brands and discovering new products. I’ve come to LOVE Instagram over the last few months – I’m putting more time and effort into my Instagram than ever before and it’s felt so rewarding for me. I love helping people but in a more mindful way.

I also love books and miss talking about books. I love jewelry – which is something I don’t think I share enough of. I love supporting charities and advocacy. I love interior design. I love The Law of Attraction. I love spirituality.

There are so many things that make up a HUGE part of me which I personally feel have been drowned out by my attempt to fit in to the current mold.

So, October was one of the best blogging months I’ve EVER had.


Because I was doing things I freaking LOVED. 

And became more mindful of not doing the things that drained my energy.

So going forward, what next?

Well I can’t imagine you will see MUCH change. But I know I feel FEEL the change. And hopefully that will show within my content and my online presence. As blogging advice goes, I’m going to SERIOUSLY limit those types of posts on my blog. Unless I feel like it’s something important that I need to share.

In fact, I have a series of posts to release next year which are designed for HOBBY BLOGGERS, as I feel like so much advice now is for those who want to make money. This won’t take up a huge portion of my content and it’s an area that I feel is lacking.

I’m going to be dialing right back on the affiliate links. In fact, I’m not going to bother scheduling any affiliate tweets for November because 1) it takes forever, 2) I hate it and 3) it doesn’t bring me much in terms of income anyway. I have a resource library – if people want to use those links, they can.

I’m also probably not going to be promoting my eBooks and course much either. For the same reasons as above. And also because I feel like so many people are promoting eBooks of the same nature right now that there’s not much point. But that’s just me.

In fact, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be releasing any more ebooks or courses at all.

I’m going to be extra mindful of who I follow on social media and who and what I engage with. I don’t personally want to see a ton of income reports or people talking about blogging all the time. Again, if that’s what you want to talk about and what you want to see then freaking GO for it.

But it’s not for me anymore. It’s NOT me anymore. And that’s fine.

Gosh this feels good to write out. This is how I want to feel all the time.

My career is mine. And I feel like I came to a bit of a standstill JUST when I found myself doing the same thing as everyone else. And all I can say to those who are feeling a similar way, is that you are NEVER going to be happy in this industry, if you’re only doing the same things as everyone else because you feel like that’s the ONLY way to succeed.

It ain’t gonna work.

It might for a bit. But it will drain your energy and suck the life out of you and leave you absolutely resenting everything.

I think I’m going to leave this here as we’re getting a little rambly now aren’t we? I’m just glad to have finally got this off my chest and I gotta say, it feels incredibly therapeutic.

Have a wonderful weekend my loves.

Jenny x


  1. Haha we have the same realization about this so called blogging tips and tricks. Fking hate them, all they do is to just suck money from you. People forgot what blogging is all about.

    1. I don’t hate them. I still have ebooks that I sell myself. But I definitely think there’s too many people focusing on it now. And nobody is learning anything new, just rehashing the same advice over and over again.

  2. This post is incredibly refreshing! I remember thinking that the only way to make money blogging is to talk about blogging (because that’s what is so often thrown in our faces) but I can see now that it’s not true. Like yourself, I’m not too keen on reading too many blogging posts or incomes reports. I much prefer reading about books, self care, healthy living, that kind of thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 x

    Coralle x

  3. First I just want to say thank you as your blogging guides really helped me when I started out. I’m so excited for more content for hobby bloggers like me! The blogging tips ones are great but then they all seem like each advice contradicts another or everything is the same so it gets frustrating and takes away the fun of just writing what you feel passionate about or interests. I admire your honesty and hope you feel so much happier for it. You can sit in that garden office and be much more of a free spirit writing about things you enjoy. Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Yes Jenny! I love this and I needed to read it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates affiliate marketing, I’ve tried but it’s such an effort that I just cannot be bothered with it. I’ve scaled back how much time I put into Pinterest too because that platform is just so time consuming and crazy. Like you I saw so many people talking about blogging, Pinterest and affiliate marketing and felt I had to do the same to grow but it doesn’t bring me joy. Don’t get me wrong there are some blogging topics I still love to talk about but it’s definitely not the sort of content that’s going to make up the bulk of content. I’m going to go back to doing what I love!

    1. So glad to hear that! We sound like we’re on very similar pages. I’ve scaled right back with Pinterst too. I’m only scheduling 5 a day now, compared to 15/20. Partially because of the algorithm and partly because I just can’t be bothered. I’m not going to hit Mediavine views any time soon and that’s okay! I might as well spend my energy doing what I love and clearly judging by October, that’s what works!

  5. I bloody loved this. And I 100% agree with you. Going to be brutally honest, I hate blogging bloggers. I love reading the odd post here and there on successful blogs with tips, but I hate blogs dedicated to it. It always feels like a bit of a cop out to me. It’s telling people how to drive traffic to content, without really creating original content. I appreciate the advice, but you can’t write a blogging blog about traffic without building the platform on something else prior to that, so why stop posting the content that made your blog successful to begin with? Rant over. Your blog is your space, do what makes you happy x

    1. I totally agree. And that makes so much sense now you’ve said it. I think blogging advice will always be helpful but like, surly nobody STARTS a blog for blogging advice, if they’ve had no experience blogging?

  6. That’s great you now know what you like blogging about & you’ll stick to it
    I’m not a fan of affiliate marketing either but it seems like almost every blogger out there is pushing affiliate links. Every other blogger also has their own ebook or course & I did like your ebooks, but there’s just so much out there now.
    Your series for hobby bloggers sounds like it will be helpful b/c like you said there is a lot on how to make money through blogging, but less for bloggers who just do it for fun

  7. Wow, that’s amazing you’ve had so much success in October off the back of doing what you love. It’s so important to move on and evolve from what no longer fits or serves us anymore.

  8. Hi, Jenny! Thank you so much for writing this post!

    I started my blog in June and I shared a lot of blogging tips + working hard on affiliate marketing + Pinterest. But not anymore. I think it’s because my mental heath, since I always write something complex about blogging tips, I find that my mind keep getting burn, altho I love sharing my own journey and strategy!

    Since my blog also talk about lifestyle, I decided to be more focus on it from November and onwards 😀 That’s huge step for me but I know I’m going to enjoy it more than before.

    And honestly, I prefer to read your contents about self-care, well being, mental health 🙂

    SO, keep doing what you enjoyed, Jen xxx

  9. Yes to so much of this! Comparison was such a huge par of blogging in the past couple of years but thankfully it doesn’t seem to be that much anymore. Your blog is doing great, I love reading your posts x

  10. I’m so pleased for you. Your blog shows the journey you have been on so far and as we evolve over time, our interests and things that make us happy change. This is your space to write what content you enjoy and I can’t want to continue reading your amazing content.

  11. I only blog about the things I like and love and now matter what anyone says, that’s how it is. If I don’t like a product then I’m not featuring it, end of story x

  12. Jenny, I couldn’t agree with you more (though you are a much more successful blogger than me). I just want to write. I don’t want to worry about Pinterest, affiliate marketing,etc… Just let me write and the rest will happen (I hope!)

  13. Good on you – blogging about what you genuinely love is the only way this is enjoyable. There’s always a bandwagon that people will jump on and then they just blend in with the crowd, so doing your own thing is so much more fulfilling x


  14. Hey Jenny,

    I think you’re doing amazing even when you’re not writing about blogging tips! Come to think of it, most of the blog posts I’ve read over here are NOT about blogging tips. When I need your advice, I had to dig through the archives (and I enjoy your posts about blogging just as much btw).

    I love how you are very clear about what you enjoy writing about, and you do not fear moving from one niche to the next. From what I can tell, most of your followers move along with you as well, so they (and I mean we) read your content for you, and not because of whatever is the hot topic of the day.

    That said, well, I admit that I am one of those new bloggers blogging about blogging, so my apologies if I’m one of those annoying little gits on your Twitter feed.

    Regardless, I will continue to return to your blog and read more of what you have to say for all the reasons I have stated above. Thank you for your honesty, and I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts and content.

    All the best, Jenny, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    1. Awh thank you so much for your kind words and I really hope you’re right in what you say about my readers moving along with me! <3

      You're definitely not an annoying git on my Twitter hahaha, don't worry! xxxx

  15. I love this post Jenny. I love how honest you are! I have definitely noticed a ton of people on my Twitter creating lots of ebooks about blogging and how to do this or that. Which is great, it’s fab that people are sharing their knowledge. However there does seem to be such a big influx with it at the moment. It’s so important to blog about what you love and enjoy.

    Back when I first started my blog – way before it was a mental well-being blog, I kind of just blogged about things because I felt like it was the most popular thing at the time so I was thinking more about the stats. However a few years back or however long it’s been now, I changed my blog to a mental well-being blog because it’s something I’m really passionate about.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! xx

  16. Yes Jenny I can completely agree with you here! I have always felt like i needed to niche down & find one or two things to write about in order to make my blog a success.

    But I have come to realise that if I write passionately about something, it doesn’t matter how many niches I have.

    I too have been working on my Instagram & have found a subject which resonates with a lot of people. Sometimes it can feel like you don’t matter, that your posts aren’t being seen, but I have come to realise that my posts are resonating because I am talking about how I’m feeling or encouraging others to look after themselves. 💛💛

    Anyway, I am pleased you have found what makes you happy Jenny. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing! 💛☀ xo

    Sarah xoxo

  17. I know how you feel and there is no point pushing out content you don’t enjoy. I’m coming up for 10 years blogging and now have multiple blogs. I just don’t seem to be feeling the blogging about blogging site as much as the other ones. So I think I am going to change up the content too and focus on the content I enjoy. As with other comments it is all very affiliate focused at the moment, too focused. Pinterest is a hot mess right now too so this just isn’t as enjoyable right now.

  18. This is, hands down, one of my favorite posts from you EVER!

    I love that you are going back to doing what you love and not writing for the market but for yourself. I look forward to your hobby blogging posts and hope you write all future posts because you want to. Honestly, there is so much joy in sharing our passions. Writing done out of happiness shines across to the reader.

    I am excited to see Jenny in Neverland become more of a reflection of you!
    May the words flow. 🙂

  19. I love how you have decided to put yourself first and blog about what you’re truly passionate about. You got to do you and whatever makes you happy lovely, it sounds like that you are a lot happier and I’m so pleased for you Jenny x


  20. I feel like this should be followed by an AMEN!

    Such an honest and kinda raw post Jenny. I am a firm believer that if it doesn’t bring you joy you’ve got to move on.

    Focussing on what makes you happy is more important and actually it’s what people will want to read.

    You do have a huge amount of knowledge to share but as you say that info is still there, people will still access it and find it.

    The blogging market does seem to be a little saturated with products. Some of which I genuinely love but it does feel like people are jumping on from a money making perspective, they’ve seen it work well for you and others and want a piece. In reality though they don’t have the knowledge to really back that up.

    It has been the most life changing year for us all and I think it’s changed a lot of peoples perspectives as well.

    It was only your course that pulled me back from shutting down my blog. So I’m very glad you put all you’ve learnt and your experiences in to that. You’ve saved a lot of people I’m sure.

    Thank you for being so honest 💕

    1. Thank you Claire! I totally agree. I think a lot of products are being rushed and released for the sake of a quick buck. Nothing irritates me more than bloggers who don’t have the experience releasing things!

  21. I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s easy to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing but sometimes you’ve just got to do what’s best for you. Xxx

  22. Incredible post Jenny! I can seriously relate to a lot of what you said in this. I’ve seen loads of blogs suddenly becoming blogs about blogging, and each to their own, but that isn’t my personal goal at all.

    At times I’ve definitely found it hard to stick with my blog as a sort of ‘hobby’ blog, especially when it seems like everyone who’s blogging about blogging is absolutely killing the game.

    I think it all comes back to what you enjoy writing about. For me personally that’s music, food & drink and lifestyle. And yeah that probably isn’t going to get me loads of affiliate sales and help me reach huge milestones but when I take a second to think about it that was also never my goal.

    For me blogging is all about enjoying what you’re doing and it sounds like this is your step towards really enjoying blogging again! Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂


  23. I’ve just started my brand new blog but I totally agree with you. I wanted to write for me and not have to focus on anything else! I didn’t want to fit into a blogging mould instead I wanted to create my own – love this post x

    1. That’s amazing and you’re in SUCH a great position! Stick to what you love and what you’re passionate about. It’ll show and you’ll see SO much success from it, rather than following the crowd!

      1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot. I’m definitely feeling happier towards blogging the second time round by not following the crowd. I’ve been able to set my site up quicker and it looks even better than the last, I have also found the whole process way less stressful. Your post has just further proved my own thoughts too me – I don’t need to strive to make ebooks or make content that isn’t me just for the exposure, for true success all round I just need to be me! I’m excited to see where your blog goes from here too 🥰

  24. I have a confession, I never read blogging tips to ebooks since there’s been such a surge. To me, it’s felt like the “current big thing” and it’ll be something else next month? Like totally for people making money etc but there’s almost been a shift where people who have no idea are now doing it? I duno.. I suppose I’m kinda over the “blogging guru” thing right now xx

  25. I can relate to this so much! It can be very easy to feel like you should go along with what everyone else is doing and recently I found myself wondering what to even write about anymore that people would be interested in but I’ve realised I don’t need to follow the crowd. I’d much rather blog about what I genuinely love and enjoy rather than trying to go along with what seems to be ‘in’ with blogging at the moment. It does seem at the moment that everyone is blogging about the same things or selling ebooks on the same topics, it’s everywhere! I’m so excited to see what’s next for you Jenny, I’ve been loving your content recently! xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. It really is everywhere. It’s so boring and everyone is promoting and pushing the same stuff. It’s actually having a negative impact on the industry and the products that actually are worth buying!

  26. So glad you shared this!!! You’ve summed up how I feel somehow. I have also seen such a rise on my TL of posts about blogging, courses, how to use Pinterest, and it kind of made me feel like ‘oh is this what I’m meant to be doing?!’ But that’s just not me either! I love blogging about beauty and lifestyle, and I love reading blogs about that, and books (so I can’t wait to read more bookish posts from you) and reviews and stuff!! I mostly blog for fun, it isn’t my career so I’m sure it’s different when it is, but sometimes all the blogging tips and stuff make me feel overwhelmed and it was just so nice to read this post and this point of view! And it’s helped me realise that I don’t need to be making that kind of content either… unless I decide I want too! X

  27. What a refreshing post! I started my blog to talk about and share things are of interest to me and I certainly feel the pressure to do things like everyone else. I’m definitely going to keep your thoughts in mind as I grow into blogging.

  28. I completely get what you mean, there does seem to be an influx of blogging tips posts going around – to the point where I was thinking ‘damn maybe I should just write some’. Of course it isn’t what I do, and besides I have very little to share!

    I hope you find more joy in your blog from now on and I’m excited to see what you come up with!

    Emily | emiliamarlowe.co.uk

  29. Love this post!! I think so often in the Blogging world we can start creating a certain type of content then feel like we have to continue or feel pressured, but it’s nice to hear that you’re breaking out of that and choosing to follow your passions and putting what you want first 💛 I know countless people (including myself) have found your blog posts about blogging so helpful and they’ll continue to do so 💛 I’m glad you let this off your chest and that you’re following your heart xx

  30. I love this! I am a firm believer that you will excel most when you are doing something that you love. This is similar to the mindset shift that I had at the start of 2020 which is what led me to focusing my attention on my pet blog. It makes me happy. It brings joy into my life. Plus, the fact that my heart is in it is a big part of why it has taken off, I believe!

  31. Girllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! (A million clapping emojis)

    I knew this was so needed for you when we talked about it recently and I’m so glad you’re finally feeling more content and have a clearer path ahead of you!

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said about the typical blogging posts and blogging blogs as I see so many of them being shared and they’re all so similar and yes it does get boring.

    I love the content you’ve been creating and pushing lately and I am SO here for your new journey!!

    What you’re passionate about – self care, wellbeing, books and spirituality is so aligned with my passions so I couldn’t be more excited right now!!

    As always you’re an inspiration and I can’t wait to continue on your journey with you! ☺️

    Love Lozza x

    1. YAYYYY! Honestly, I think the conversation we had about this really pushed me to take action. Knowing that someone totally understood where I was coming from and it wasn’t just something that was in my own head really helped put things into perspective! xxxx

  32. This is a really honest post. I can the struggle. I have noticed more ebooks coming out. For me personally I will only purchase ebooks from bloggers who I know has seen results. I think some people are now out to make a quick buck which I don’t like. X

      1. Definitely! I want to set an ebook for planning and create my own planner templates and checklists for people. But planning and waiting. I don’t want people to think that about me ha ha x

  33. I am SO HAPPY for you, Jenny. You know I absolutely love your content and your advice but I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you need to keep up with others who are killing it with all their blogs and passive income generators. I’ve been toying with an eBook for months now but I just feel the market is oversaturated. Besides, I’m not qualified to write about blogging, only gardening, haha. I’ve loved your recent jewellery posts and I can’t wait to see what new content you’ll be creating from now on. Exciting times coming, whoop! xxx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I think where eBooks are concerned, people need something different. People WANT something different. There’s only so much they can read about Pinterest before they read the same thing over and over again. I think a gardening eBook would be amazing personally!

  34. Great post Jenny, I think the most important thing about blogging (especially if it’s your full-time career) is that you enjoy it- and you enjoy writing and creating the content that you do! I love writing about blogging, but I’ve not been doing it for as long as you- and I think that even in my short time as a blogger my interests have changed and grown. I hope you return to creating content that makes you happy, thanks for sharing x

  35. Let me start by saying – I think that you’re incredible. I love your posts, I think your ebooks are great and your course was amazing.

    I completely understand where you are coming from though. My timeline is saturated with blogging and Pinterest advice and whilst this is helpful and I read them, I do also like to read about mental health, reviews and everyday life.

    I was recently going to write a post on blogging as I felt like that’s what I had to do as that’s what everyone else was doing. But I prefer to write about mental health and parenting.

    I thought your mindset course was just incredible and if you decide that you want to release anything in the future I will definitely buy it!

    I’m so glad that you are happy and found your love for blogging again.

    Lisa xx

  36. Jenny, I love this!!

    I’m so glad you’ve made decisions that make you happy! That’s the most important thing.

    The ‘blogging about blogging’ market does seem to be really saturated at the moment. And a lot of people pushing this type of content have only been blogging for a few months!! I’m not sure why some people feel they have enough authority on this, but each to their own I guess.

    When I first started blogging 6 months ago I used to read a lot of those types of posts. But I would gravitate towards bloggers like you, who had been in the game for years. But now I rarely read them as I think it can suck the fun out of blogging. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and post what you’re passionate about. I don’t have the best stats, but I really enjoy what I do. And I think you learn so much yourself as you go along…and that’s part of the fun.

    I’m excited for you Jenny. You must feel so motivated now. And I’d love to read posts about jewellery and books from you.

    Onwards and upwards girl x

    1. Oh absolutely that’s a huge part of the fun, learning as you go along! I think that’s one of the best things about blogging – there’s always something new to learn! I’m so glad you found my posts helpful. More jewellery and books coming up! xxxx

  37. This was such a great read – I’ve been blogging for a little under 2 months and have been wondering about oversaturation in the “blogging about blogging” department.

    Staying true to oneself and blogging about your passions is what keeps your blog YOU, as opposed to being a copy of someone else’s.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jenny! 🤗

    Bianca xx | http://www.missmonro.com

  38. I saw this in your content recently and I really enjoyed the change. There has defo been an influx of blogging advice for bloggers from bloggers. I find the whole ebook thing to be quite pushy and it felt as if it was a domino effect this season – one blogger had great success so many more decided to do the same. I am with you, I want to learn more but if a blogger is all about pushing sales and then reporting those sales in boast style tweets and blog posts, I just switch off!

    Blogging about what you love is so much better and I think that comes out in your style of writing!


  39. Such a brilliant post! And it does remind me I ought to spend some more time on my Instagram efforts. For some reason, that’s the one that I kinda let slip every now and then because I find it’s not aaaaalways the nicest environment! But doing things for the right, mindful reasons is spot on… So if I rethink my approach maybe I’ll enjoy it more, right?! x

  40. Oh my gosh YES!!!!! I ADORE this post! It resonates so much with how I’ve been feeling – I’ve really lost sight of what my blog is supposed to be because all I’m seeing everywhere is blog advice and feeling so left behind with it all, but recently realised, like you, it’s just stressing me out. This is SO inspiring with going back to why you love blogging and where you want to go with it and the fact that you’ve had a smashing month proves that passion shines through. I’m so excited to see where your direction takes you (and this is coming from someone who’s stalked your blogging tips posts since day 1, aha!). Best of luck with it, and this has just inspired me so much.

  41. Love this post. I had a phase of thinking stats were EVERYTHING then reminded myself why I started blogging, for fun and to get back to writing, there was never meant to be any pressure so now there isn’t x

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