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I’ve spoken about dating and relationships quite a bit this year in relation to lockdown and the current pandemic. It’s a huge area of a lot of people’s live that has been affected quite dramatically – unsurprisingly. With couples breaking up or having to deal with long distance for the first time in their lives or singles unable to date, there’s been a pretty big shift for a lot of us.

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Here in the UK, we’re days away from the end of our second lockdown (although it didn’t feel like a lockdown, did it?) and heading into our tiers. Where I am in Essex, we’re in tier 2 which means we have slightly easier restrictions that a variety of places such as Kent which is fairly nearby who are in tier 3.

I think the tier system is utter crap but whatever your opinion, just because “lockdown” is over, doesn’t mean things are going back to any sort of normality. Including the dating world. If you’re an older person wondering when you’ll be able to date again, you might want to consider a dating agency Kent based to help you.

So how will dating and the dating scene be different post-COVID?

People will be more reliant on internet dating

Internet dating will be huge, I think. Although arguably it already is but this year really has taught us the value of the internet and how BLOODY LUCKY we are to have technology! You might consider virtual dating as well on occasion!

Singles will be more picky about who they go on a date with

Definitely a good thing, I think. But after this year and everything it’s brought us (covid, BLM, election etc), I think single people will be a lot pickier about who they go on a date with. Especially considering the pandemic forced us to spend so much time alone.

Couples might be choosier with where they go on dates

I know for me and my boyfriend, we’ve been a bit warier about where to go and what to do. With most of the time, not being able to do anything! If you’re going on a date in Kent, you might consider somewhere more COVID safe. If you’re in Essex like me, check out this post on 6 outdoor date ideas in Essex.

Establishments may have stricter rules and regulations

Not a bad thing, in my opinion. But establishments probably will and definitely should have stricter rules and regulations post-COVID. For example, increased cleanliness, booking systems or perhaps even one way systems. I know from the restaurants I’ve been to that have implemented these changes, it’s SO GOOD.

But as well as the practical things that this year has taught us, there are also a ton of personal things that 2020 has taught us about love, sex and dating as well:

You may have learnt more about yourself as a person

A lot of singles probably spent a lot of time alone during the pandemic. Not just not seeing friends and family but also not meeting people or dating. Although it was probably hard at times, this time has been so valuable to help you learn more about yourself. And that’s never a bad thing.

You might have learned that less is more in a relationship

If you’re in a relationship and you’re always going out, buying gifts or going for meals, this time during the pandemic would certainly have been a bit of a change for you! Learning that you don’t need all those things to be happy is a really great thing to have learned.

You might have realised what you truly deserve

With 2020 bringing to light a LOT of problems and issues in the world, a lot of true colours have come to the surface. Again, not a bad thing. Because it makes you realise what relationships don’t align with you anymore and the type of people you want to avoid.

As a couple, you’ve probably learnt the value of alone time

And finally, this is one I very much agree with. And that’s the value of alone time. My boyfriend has been off work for more or less the entire year and whilst I’ve loved having him here, my alone time is something I am never going to take for granted any more!

What have you learnt from the pandemic? How do you think the dating scene will change? Has your relationship changed during 2020?


  1. This is such an interesting post. I agree, I think people will be more picky when it comes to relationships, I think having some time alone can be good and can make you evaluate what is important and what isn’t.

  2. This is such an interesting post. I definitely think the pandemic has changed things. I think its made us appreciate the things we already have in our live and made us think more about what we want to add.

  3. I’ve loved the extra time at home, we used to go out for dinner and coffee a lot but not much else unless we had babysitters so it hasn’t changed all that much for us xx

  4. Totally agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve really noticed how much I appreciate alone time. We’ve had days where we just need to chill in separate rooms for a bit, it’s been full on at times everyone being at home for such a long time! I can definitely see internet dating only getting even more popular and more apps coming out in the future too! xx

    Tiffany x

  5. I have to say, I have enjoyed being at home with my hubs and the cats during lockdown. It has made me realise just how much time I spend at work, sometimes unnecessarily too x

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