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I can’t believe it’s taken me until 2021 and over 8 years of blogging to actually acquire business cards for my blog. Even when I ran my own book touring business back in 2014, I never had business cards. But now I have some and I’ve finally realised the benefit of having them, I would definitely recommend to bloggers to get some of their own!

Aura Print

I was kindly sent 250 business cards from Aura Print to review on my blog in collaboration with this post so before we looking into more tips surrounding business cards, such as:

  • Why do you need business cards for you blog?
  • What should you include on your business cards?
  • Who should you give your business cards to?

let’s take a look at the beautiful business cards that I was sent, the design I chose, the quality and more! I was really impressed with these and for my first set of business cards, I’m very happy with them.

So not long before I agreed to this collaboration with Aura Print, I had actually designed a new blog logo for myself, so I figured this was the perfect time to put it to the test and have it on my business cards. As well as my logo, I was asked what information I want, what design I want, any specific features etc. They really did let me have free reign with the design if I wanted it.

I gave them the information I wanted, such as my blog and social details and the metallic elements as well as sending my logo over but other that that, I pretty much gave them creative freedom because I was intrigued to see what they would do with my limited information.

I chose the metallic on the back but that’s pretty much it and I think they did an absolutely fantastic job with the overall design. The front is simple, with just my logo. But they rolled the colour over onto the back and I ADORE the little metallic touches in the social media logos as well.

There’s everything I need on these business cards but it’s a super simple design yet incredibly effective. I think if anyone saw these cards, they’d be able to relate them to me. Especially with the colour as they definitely feel very “me”. The actual quality of the cards themselves is fantastic. They’re super thick and sturdy and not likely to get crumpled up in someone’s bag!

I am super impressed with the work of Aura Print for these business cards. If I was to change my branding or started a business where I needed new cards, I would 100% consider them again. All my cards came neatly and safely delivered in little plastic boxes (as seen at the back of the first photo) too. It really shows how much effort Aura Print put into their products!

Why do you need business cards for your blog?

It’s important to note that not every blogger will need business cards. If your blog is a hobby, then it’s unlikely you’ll need to fork out on business cards when you have no need for them. But for anyone who is blogging full-time or part-time or who plans to in the future, then business cards are a great option for you.

It shows professionalism 

Business cards look professional. There’s not much more to add to this point. It’s just more professional to give someone a business card than note all your details down on the back of a dirty napkin.

It has all your details in one place

If you provide the right information to be put on your business cards, then your cards should have all the details someone needs in one handy little place.

It makes it easier for people to contact you

And by having all those details in one place, it makes it a lot easier for people to contact you on any platform they so wish to. It’ll also save them having to track you down later down the line if they didn’t get given a business card in the first place.

It allows you to expand your reach

You never know who you might stumble across or what connected they may have. So having business cards to hand allows you to expand your reach to different audiences in different places!

Things to remember when designing your business cards

Use a reputable designer

You want your business cards to be high quality and exactly how you want them, so ensuring they’re made from a reputable design company is really important so you know you’re getting the quality for the price that you’re paying. This is where reviews like these for Aura Print come in really handy!

Stick to your branding 

Blog branding can be really important and it can certainly extend over to your business cards. If you stick with certain colours, themes or fonts, make sure you’re using them on your business cards too.

Use the back

Make use of the whole card! You have two sides. It’s personal preference of how you want the layout of your card to be but don’t forget to use the space you have available to ensure all your details, logo and branding fits.

Include all your contact and social media info

You should definitely ensure that your blog URL, email address and social media details are on your business cards. It makes it easier still for the person you give it to, to head straight to the platform that they’re interested in.

Where to leave them and who to give them to

I mean, theoretically, everyone is a potential client or business contact before you know them. So for that reason, keeping a few business cards on you at all times in your purse or bag is extremely helpful. Especially for those random and unexpected meetings on the tube or in Tesco! But where else can you leave your cards?

Local establishments 

Local establishments are a great place to start with distributing business cards. I personally see a lot of cards on noticeboards at Tesco or even the front window of the post office. The library, a community center or local small businesses would be a great place to start!

In letters and packages 

I have received a lot of other people’s business cards in the past from packages or things I’ve bought from online business – or even eBay! If you sell things online, then pop your business card in the package. If you run a giveaway and have to post something out to someone, pop a business card in the parcel!

At events 

If you’re a blogger and attend blogging events, then this is a great place to leave some business cards. You might meet business owners at these events or are able to give one to the establishment the event is held in.

Anyone who seems interested 

The amount of times people have asked me what I do which I’ve tried to explain and then they’ve asked what my blog is and I’ve had to painstakingly sit there and recite it to them, inevitably ending with,

“Neverland, like where Peter Pan lives. Not the Netherlands”. 


So business cards makes that interaction a whole lot easier, swifter and much less cringe. For anyone that seems interested in your blog, whether you’re chatting with your nail technician, an old friend at a social get-together or someone in the queue at your local Starbucks, it’s worth handing one out. You never know who they are, what they do and what connections they may have.

So now you’ve seen this post about business cards and why you need them, will you be thinking about getting business cards for you blog or business? What do you think of mine?


  1. Despite the fact that I’m a hobby blogger, I think I’d like to invest in business cards in the near future! Given that I mostly write about books, I’m thinking that it would be great to leave cards at local bookstores and the like, since I’d absolutely love to work with places such as that! This was super informative, thank you Jenny. Love your cards, they def came out so gorgeous xx

  2. I never thought about having business cards for my blog, but it definitely does seem useful when I’m telling someone about my blog. Also it’s nice having everything in one place so people can find my blog & socials.
    Your business cards turned out amazing!

  3. I love how smart your business cards look! I’d love to get some for us, but with three of us pricing can go sky rocket high! Do you think it’s worth it right now? Especially when every conversation is done via email. Thank you for sharing about Aura Print, I’ll look into them 🙂

  4. Buisness cards are such a great tool. I give a lot of my bakes away normally to colleagues or my families colleagues so I always include a business card. It has all my details on it plus if they like the recipe and want to check it out they know where to find it. I love how your business cards are printed they look so professional.

  5. Love your new cards, classy and professional. I always have cards with me. Somehow once you pull one out, people take you seriously, as you are officially in business.

  6. They’re so pretty! I had business cards years ago but I never actually used them because I was too embarrassed. I gave them to friends only haha.

    Corinne x

  7. Your cards looks so classy and professional; I love the clean, simple colours 😊 I’ve had some bookmarks printed with the details of my website and book, Addicted to Love, but I haven’t really dared give them out to anyone! Bookmarks and cards are such a useful way of getting your name out there

  8. I would actually really consider getting myself business cards when my blog really starts to pick up and I get a little more views. I think they are really great to have, instead of writng them down or telling people your info. I am definitely going to look at Aura Print. Your business cards look stunning and I just love the colours. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a post about these. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 xx

  9. I love the look of your business cards! They’re perfect for your brand. 💕 To be honest I’ve never thought about having business cards for my blog, but, having read your post, it makes so much sense.

  10. These look gorgeous Jenny, your business cards definitely are professional! I had this thought literally yesterday, that all my other jobs have business card – do I need one for blogging! Thanks for helping and this post came at the exact right time!

  11. Your business cards look amazing! So pretty!! I use business cards too for my blog and it definitely makes it easier for people to stay in touch, and it’s helped me book a few collabs too. There’s also just something that feels so professional when getting and giving business cards. It would be great if more bloggers have business cards. It’s a great way to promote themselves and their blogs!

  12. I really rate Aura print for their products, they’re always such good quality. I’ve never had business cards for my blog but I am going to invest once events start becoming more regular


  13. I’ve thought before to make a business card as a blogger but I’m still hesitating. Love the design and color of your card! Hope to make mine soon x

  14. Firstly, I LOVE your cards they look so beautiful! I also love the ideas of why you should have them and where to hand them out to. Personally I am a hobby blogger so I don’t think I need them (although I am slightly convinced because they look great!) However, I do have a small business I am working on so this would be perfect for that! Definitely have noted this brand down so thank you! Xxx

  15. I must admit, I didn’t see the point of a blogger having a business card but your post has totally convinced me! You’re so right, and while I won’t be getting some now, I could see myself having some in the future when my blog gets a bit bigger (hopefully!) xx

  16. I love your business cards, they look so professional and ‘on-brand’.

    I would actually consider getting them even as a hobby blogger. It regularly comes up in conversation with people and it would be much easier to hand them a card with all the details on rather than just telling them about it and hoping they remember x

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