ad collaborative post // Psychic and readings may sound familiar and used interchangeably by some. But actually, they are two different things. For people starting out their journey in seeking answers through non-conventional and paranormal-based approaches, both psychic reading and astrology are among the first things that may be offered.

Generally, both psychic reading and astrology or zodiac readings can help gather information through a person or a medium’s deeper perceptive abilities. But in a more elaborate sense, they are two very distinct approaches.

Psychic and astrology readings can offer different things. One interested in either should know the differences to receive what they were expecting from a reading. Psychic readings are mainly based on reading the energy and guessing the past, present, and future crucial details of one’s life.

There are many ways to get psychic readings varying from going to different psychics near you or getting an online reading from well-known websites. Astrology readings, on the other hand, are mainly focused on the specific position of the planets at the exact time you were born, which is believed to highly influence your personality. Astrology readings are based on natal charts, such as Zodiac Story’s birth chart, which contain huge info about your personality traits and compatibility.

Here are some of the major differences between psychic and astrology readings.

What Psychic Readings Offer

Psychic reading is a more general term of how a medium utilizes their senses higher perception power to discern information. This can be done by extending the basic human sense of sight, hearing, touch and taste.

There are different forms of psychic readings. The most common are:

  • Astrology Reading: Interpretation of astronomical objects and their relation to human affairs.
  • Palm Reading: Chiromancy or palmistry is the evaluation of a person’s personality and various aspects of their life as shown by the lines on their palms.
  • Numerology: Uses numbers involved in a persons’ life (i.e., birthdate) to tell a person’s character and fate.
  • Tarot reading: Makes use of a tarot card deck to get answers or foretell the future.

These methods are meant to help people tap into a world beyond the physical one they are in. People consult psychics for different reasons, and these reasons will often determine the best form of psychic reading that they should get. If they prefer Numerology here are some of the five most important numbers in numerology that you should know about.

Many psychic readers are usually multifaceted and can use different approaches or a combination of methods to obtain the answers needed. So, if you have general concerns about life and beyond, reaching out to them can be a good option. They can also be easier to find compared to those with specific specializations.

However, it’s also a reality that some try to take advantage of others and masquerade as legitimate psychics. So, it’s always worthwhile to find a vetted reader. What’s also just as important is to realize what you want to accomplish from consulting a psychic reader and have realistic expectations.

You can find recommendations on groups and forums, read detailed reviews or utilize websites that list verified psychic readers. For instance, you can try Keen Psychics, an easy-to-use website that lets you find psychic readers, see their ratings, and connect with them easily.

What Astrology Readings Offer

Astrology is among the oldest forms of divination. Early civilizations were known to have been actively monitoring, recording and using the placement of heavenly bodies to predict or explain events. Today, astrology is still widely used to gain information and predict the present and the future.

Astrologers believe that mankind is connected to the vast universe. Therefore, it is affected by its elements. It relies on the placement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars or constellations.

Compared to psychic reading, astrology reading has a more distinct focus and limitation. It utilizes a single system to draw sense and meaning. Astrology is the basis for horoscope readings or zodiac readings.

It involves identifying which cosmic elements primarily affect or influence a person’s life based on the day they are born. The starting point of determining an astrology reading is rooted in reading the way the cosmos works together, the placement of Earth in its orbit and everything around it the day a person is born.

To understand your zodiac sign and how you may associate with certain characteristics it may be worth researching Astrologify December signs, or whichever month you were born. This can help you find out more about your compatibility with others, become self-aware and make room for personal growth. Combining this with an astrology reading can provide in-depth information about career guidance, relationships, and more.

From there, the way everything moves is said to have certain effects on one’s life, health, mood, perception and fate.

Beyond just the daily horoscope you read in newspapers, astrology is based on scientific calculations, and it follows the same grounds as that of astronomy. But it is considered a form of psychic reading as the indications, meanings, and messages from it transcend the natural and the obvious.

It is used to help explain terrestrial events on a small or large scale. Arguably, astrology readings may also require a deeper understanding and commitment and cover longer timeframes than psychic readings.

Moreover, it is still worth taking note that the heavenly bodies, since the beginning of the early civilizations, were mostly used as a guide. Therefore, astrology readings should be treated the same way.

Astrology readings, just like any other form of psychic reading, cannot guarantee specific and exact answers. Instead, it can help people make sense of things, get a hint or a base point.

There are many mediums offering astrology or horoscope reading services out there – there are even websites publishing horoscopes daily. But not all readings, predictions and horoscopes will be true or accurate.

It is always best to do your research and find a real professional astrology reader. Getting recommendations from friends can be very helpful too.

Same but Different

Psychic and astrology readings are similar in the sense that they are done by a medium using a higher form of perceptions. Both are designed to help people get to know their selves better, extract a sense out of an event, and have a guide for the future ahead.

However, they differ in how they are performed, and they answer different needs and objectives. If you need general guidance and readings, psychic readings are what you need. But if you are seeking a system that you can use as a guide for longer, astrology reading may be a better choice.


  1. It could existed a correlation, if the tides are influenced by the Moon, it could also happen in other areas, however it would have to be a serious study, astrology has already been often banalized because of alleged astrologies.

  2. I’ve gotten palm readings, numerology readings, and tarot readings before. I also read tarot cards myself, but I’ve never had an in-depth astrology reading done before.

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