ad collaborative post // Koh Samui, Thailand, is home to untouched white sand beaches, a bustling nightlife, and lively night markets for the avid traveller. Koh Samui night markets are a must-visit attraction brimming with street vendors, hawkers selling delicious street food, local crafts, artisans, and a general good vibe. 

Photo by Sho K on Unsplash

Night markets are a fun way to discover local culture and meet other travellers on the way. They are lined with stalls selling a variety of food, drinks, etc. There is music blasting through speakers, the fragrance of fresh food wafting from different stalls, and the chatter of tourists to keep the mood alive.

Here are some of the best night markets in Koh Samui:

Fisherman’s Village Night Market, Bophut

Fisherman’s Village is a quaint area in Samui that was once a fishing village turned into a hipster spot with cafes, boutiques, and the night market. The night market is set up every Monday and Friday with its streets lined with delicious treats like fresh fruit slices, coconut ice cream, crepes, and so much more. There are bars and restaurants, hawkers with outdoor seating, and even events that you can check out for a fun night with friends and/or family. 

Chaweng Night Market

Chaweng is a popular area known for its busy streets home to many luxurious Samui villas, a raucous nightlife, and a stunning coastline with pristine white sand and the turquoise sea. The Chaweng night market is perfect for those who want to sample local Thai dishes from the best chefs in town. Not only is the food excellent, you even have small bars along the shore for late-night drinks. The market is set up every day in the evening from 5 PM to 11 PM. A foodie’s paradise, Chaweng is a bustling town that never sleeps.  

Lamai Night Market

For travellers who enjoy a more laid-back and easygoing vibe, Lamai is the perfect destination. It is quieter than Chaweng with fewer people and equal fun. The beautiful white sand and the clear water will keep you occupied by day while the night market’s got you covered by night. The night market happens every Sunday with street vendors selling unique food, sushi, colourful trinkets, fresh produce, clothes, and other things. It is a vibrant and cheerful place for a fun night out.  

Elephant Walk Night Market

Another night market in Fisherman’s Village, Elephant Walk is open on Fridays and is a smaller market as compared to others. You will find some unique items, food vendors, and other sellers displaying their wares. It is more relaxed with fewer people so you can explore at your leisure. 

Nathon Food Market 

If you are looking for really cheap but scrumptious Thai food, head to the Nathon Food Market. From sweet and savoury crepes to satay and hot soup, you will find mouth-watering food here. Grab some fresh coconut water to replenish your energy and continue walking along the many stalls selling fresh food and other treats. It is not as crowded and you will have enough room to explore without being bustled along by a huge group of enthusiastic visitors.

Koh Samui is not just about its spell binding beaches but also the markets that hold the key to local cuisine, culture, and ambiance. An amalgamation of traditional and modern elements, the night markets in Koh Samui are ideal to explore on a night out. Visit the island with friends, family, or solo, and head to one of these famous Samui night markets for a memorable adventure!


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