AD // Are you one of the many UK freelance writers that are looking for the best platforms to find jobs? Freelancing is on the rise and so is the competition. So for freelance writers in the UK looking for work, it can be useful to know where the best freelance platforms for UK writers are! Talented freelance writers are in demand in the UK as companies seek to engage with their audience more and more. As companies strive to connect with their audience, the demand for skilled freelance writers is on the rise, presenting excellent opportunities to boost your earnings and online savings account. So, keep an eye out for the top freelance platforms catered to UK writers, and get ready to seize those exciting writing gigs!

best freelance platforms for uk writers

Being able to write compelling copy that helps UK businesses connect with their customers or potential customers is a skill that is highly sought after. No matter how adept you are at writing you first have to find the jobs or clients that you want to pitch for. Here are some of the best freelance platforms for UK writers where you can find top jobs!

1. Mainstream Job Boards – a selection of jobs for UK freelance writers

This one may sound totally obvious but it’s amazing how many freelance writers based in the UK overlook the typical employment boards when looking for jobs.

By ‘typical’ we mean places like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Adzuna etc. These sites can hold a good number of jobs posted by UK companies seeking freelance writers. Yet they get passed over by many freelancers in favour of some of the more popular platforms that are targeted to freelancers only.

However, even though these boards tend to post jobs for full-time employees there are still many that are looking for freelance or remote writers in the UK.

2. Upwork – Provides a UK only jobs section for freelance writers

Probably one of the most popular freelance platforms out there is Upwork. This platform’s clientele is global with a large slant towards the USA, but if you are a UK based freelance writer looking for work then Upwork can still be good for you.

It is a well known ‘go-to’ site for many online businesses and start-ups, and jobs can be filtered to view ‘UK only’ to make life easier. It is a paid platform so it will cost you to bid, but this is a nominal fee.

On the other end of things Upwork takes a 20% commission until you have billed $500 to that particular client, then the fee reduces to 10%. We say dollars here as that is the currency that Upwork bills and pays in.

3. People per Hour – freelance jobs for UK based writers

This is one of the best freelance platforms for UK writers as it is a website that is based and operates in Great Britain. This website operates as a freelance platform for all different types of work and it is not limited to writers and content creators.

People per Hour operates on job bidding fees but does allow 15 bids per month for free. After that, you must purchase credits to submit your proposals to any further opportunities.

Along with bidding on posted jobs, you can also offer your skills with custom packages in a manner similar to Fiverr. Clients can browse your offerings and contact you with work.

4. Gumtree – free UK site for writing jobs

This one is a bit surprising and although there may not be a vast amount of jobs for freelance writers there is quite frequently a hidden gem.

The great thing about Gumtree is that it is completely free to send proposals to clients and suggest your own rates. If you live in a larger city businesses often feel a level of comfort with hiring in their local area. Keep a check on Gumtree from time to time, it’s worth a look.

5. Freelancer – a huge job platform

One of the longest standing freelance platforms has to be Freelancer. Competition can be quite stiff and there are a large number of users from Asia on there as both freelancers and job posters.

Freelancer has been around for quite some time and has built a massive database of users from all over the world. While that is not a bad thing it may not be the best place for UK-based freelance writers to locate work.

6. Worksome – cost-effective job search solution

best freelance platforms for uk writers

Advertised as the UK’s platform for contractors and freelance jobs, but not limited to writing gig only. The platform is free to sign up and create a profile, then jobs can be browsed and bid on.

Worksome tries to keep their fees reasonable and charges 4% BOTH to job posters and freelancers. However, profile creation and job bidding are free making this a relatively cost-effective option for UK freelance writers seeking work.

7. GigLeads – latest jobs aggregator for freelance writers

best freelance platforms for uk writers

Gigleads is the new kid on the block and operates slightly differently. It is a UK site that is designed specifically for writers and content creators.

While businesses and clients are free to go on to their website and post jobs, GigLeads also does a good job of crawling the internet to find ALL of the best freelance jobs for writers in the UK.

Jobs are hand-checked for quality before being posted to the GigLeads site, and every day an email is sent to members with all the latest listings.

Meaning, that you don’t even have to visit the website to get the latest and greatest writing jobs – a great time saver for busy freelancers.

Profile pages are available for writers to display their work and contact information. Pages can be browsed by clients, and members can be contacted directly by the client at no charge to either. There is a small monthly flat fee charged to use the platform, but there are no bidding fees or commission to pay.

best freelance platforms for uk writers

Alongside blogging, freelancing is a really popular work from home option these days. It can allow you to make money from home and be your own boss! But being self employed isn’t easy and it’s always something to seriously consider before you go into it full steam! There are always ways to make potential money online like playing free slot games from darmowe spiny bez depozytu za rejestrację. But copywriting is more reliable!

Locating freelance work can be a challenge and many platforms that currently operate have their largest user base in countries other than the UK. If you are a writer or freelancer that is based in the UK, then these suggestions should help you find jobs that are relevant to you. Happy hunting!


  1. Jenny, this list is amazing. I have never used such platform honestly but it definitely helps a lot of people looking for working as a freelancer

  2. Great post Jenny, I think these are some great site choices and I’ve saved this post for when I’m next trawling the internet for opportunities. I think Emma from GigLeads is lovely- and her site (to say its new) works very well for freelancers!

  3. These are some great sites for freelance writers. I’d love to make writing my full time job, it’s definitely the dream.

    In fact retiring to the country with my own writing room where I can write novels is the ultimate dream.

    I’ll have to check some of these out x

  4. Hey Jenny, I’ve never used any of these platforms before, and I kinda fumbled along the way till I found local writing job boards for Singaporean writers. I would say that most of these job boards are great as starters, but there is a cap to the quality of writing gigs and how much they pay.

    I’m also a little apprehensive about sites such as upwork that requires you to pay for credits.

    Nevertheless, everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m sure these are great starting points. Thanks for sharing!

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