This post is written in collaboration with Hanna Johnson // Changing and implementing simple habits in your everyday routine can completely transform your skin and make it clear, healthy and naturally radiant. If you are wanting to add some healthy habits to your routine, don’t worry about starting everything perfectly immediately. If you can, great! But otherwise it can be really helpful to start by adding a habit a step at a time.

Here are some simple habits to incorporate into your routine and transform your skin:

Use the right products

The right products can be transformational for the health and appearance of your skin. It is highly recommended to use good quality skincare that is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitives ones, such as the Blue Lagoon skincare treatments.

Keep an eye on the ingredients and products that your skin loves and perhaps doesn’t love as much, so you can tailor your routine accordingly. And remember to be flexible with your routine when needed, especially during times of significant weather change, the shifting of seasons, and perhaps when your skin is experiencing significant stress.

Do a facial massage

A facial massage, especially daily, can have a significant impact on your skin. It gets the blood flowing and can also help your skin better absorb products. Not to mention, it is relaxing to do and is a great time to take a moment of quiet and relaxation.

Move your body

Exercise is critical for your overall health as well as your skin health. Try to aim for at least 20 minutes of exercise 20 minutes a day, and a daily walk/movement every day as well. You want to get your blood flowing and get those toxins out! This can be a challenging habit to start up, so start with simple movement and keep it going! It’s amazing how much better you can feel after even just a short time of consistent movement and exercise.

Eat the rainbow (suggest juicing as a way to get fruits and veg in)

At every meal, be sure your plate has plenty of colors on it! From fruits to vegetables, raw or cooked, eating the rainbow will have a significant impact on your health. Even if you are doing every other healthy habit, if you aren’t being mindful of what you’re eating your skin and overall health will not be nearly as great as it could be.

If you want a quick way to get fruits and veg in, try juicing! Just remember that doesn’t give you the fiber so you want to make sure to incorporate that elsewhere.

Always wear SPF

SPF is a year-round product to be sure you’re using. Especially if you are using skincare products with active ingredients in them, it is non-negotiable! Up the SPF coverage during the sunny months especially and remember to reapply during the day as needed.

Get your beauty sleep

It’s commonly said that if you aren’t getting your beauty sleep, your skin will show it! And this is true. Sleep is critical for your body to rest and recover, and your energy levels as well as your skin will show it if you aren’t getting enough sleep. So aim for 8 hours/night and adjust as needed!

Keeping up these habits will help your skin be radiant and healthy, and you’ll find the benefits beyond your skin and into your general health as well!


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