collaborative post // Do you ever struggle to get to sleep? Or, even worse, you finally drift off and end up waking up multiple times in the night. It’s very frustrating as it makes you feel incredibly tired and restless the next day. Plus, a lack of quality sleep is really bad for your physical and mental health. 

Everyone knows that certain things keep us awake or disrupt our sleep. For example, you’re well aware that watching TV before bed or sleeping in a bright & noisy environment won’t give you a good night of sleep. But, what about some other, lesser-known things that make you struggle at night? Below, you’ll find three slightly weird reasons your sleep schedule is a mess:

You’re too hungry

Eating right before bed is bad as your digestive system is too active and you won’t be able to fall asleep. However, if you don’t eat enough food for dinner, it can often lead to a restless night’s sleep. 

Why? Because hunger comes a calling and wakes you up. Or, you’re trying to sleep, but your tummy keeps growling and you can’t ignore it. 

This can all be solved by eating better at dinner time. Ensure you have a nutritious meal that fills you up. One idea is to have something like a protein shake as a snack after your meal. There are some great powders available, including a hot cocoa one that’s perfect for the evening.

You can try it here and it mixes with milk and can be heated up for the ideal after-dinner treat that fills you up. Now, you won’t be woken up with hunger pains and you can sleep like a baby. 

You have an overactive bladder

It’s easy to know if this is the problem as you often wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee. This problem affects older people a lot more, but it can be a young generation issue too! 

Basically, your bladder is overactive and you need to pee frequently. But, why is this happening? Most of the time, it’s because of what you’re drinking. You know that cup of tea you have an hour or so before bed every night? Well, it has caffeine in it.

Caffeine makes you pee, so try to avoid having it in the evening, even in small amounts. Don’t drink lots of water before bed too – some people drink a glass before brushing their teeth. Stop! It’s making you wake up and disrupting your sleep. 

You’re feeling very… aroused

Yep. Sometimes, you find it difficult to sleep at night because you’re feeling very sexually aroused. It’s completely normal, especially if you haven’t had sex or been sexually active for a while. You end up feeling quite uptight and fidgety, almost as if there’s a weight on you that you can’t shake. 

So, if you deal with the problem, you should feel much better and be able to drift off easily! 

There you have it; three weird reasons you’re not sleeping well at night. Whether you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep, dealing with these problems could help you enjoy better rest. 

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  1. A good night’s sleep is so very important. I do sometimes have a cup of peppermint tea in the evening. There is something about peppermint that is very soothing. Just one cup…:)

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