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My partner and I are currently in the process of looking for our own house. It’s a very exciting and nerve-wracking time and whilst it’s a slow process, it’s one that we’re both excited to be on. I love interiors as well, so dreaming up visions of what I want my ideal bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. to look like is super fun!

Based on the area we’re looking at, it’s likely that we’ll have a house with a guest bedroom. Which is absolutely wonderful. Obviously as time goes on, that might change if we have children but as it stands, it’s likely there will be one bedroom free which will absolutely be used as a guest room.

I love the idea of having a guest bedroom, knowing that family and friends can stay over any time they wanted without a worry. Knowing they will be super comfortable and have their own dedicated space, even if they’re not staying in their own home.

Basically, I want to run Hotel Jenny (I’ll give Fawlty Towers a run for its money!)

But seriously though, hosting people in my future home and giving them a comfortable and nice experience is something I’m really excited about. I’m a people pleaser, yes. But I’m also a Type A. And a Virgo. You see where I’m going with this. I’ll basically be Monica Gellar, making you eat cookies over the sink. Kidding.

The decor of my guest room will be something I’ll definitely think a lot about. You want your guests to feel warm and welcome and the interior of the room they stay in can definitely reflect that. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but I definitely think there are some key things that you can include in a guest bedroom which you can’t go wrong with!

5 Plans for My Future Guest Room:

Neutral colours

We all have very different preferences when it comes to colour, especially in our interiors. Whilst some might love bright and bold colours, for others that might induce a headache. So, I feel like you can’t really go wrong with neutrals. And neutrals certainly don’t have to be boring either!

Calming prints

I love a feature wall, either with wallpaper or prints and prints can absolutely transform a bedroom and give it a completely different feel. To tie-in with my neutral themed guest bedroom, I would use more neutral and calming prints in my guest bedroom, so it gives off the vibe of being a relaxing place to be.

The prints featured in this post are from Photowall and I’ve been thrilled with the choices I’ve made. They will be absolutely PERFECT for my vision for my future guest bedroom!

I love the selection I made as I feel like they go really well together. They kinda look like a set, even though they’re not. They all encompass the calming, neutral feel I was going for as well.

I love all the soft and calming tones within these images and the nature / beach / grass type theme. Along with the positive quote (I love quote prints!) I think these are the perfect options for a guest room.

With 3 of the prints being different sizes as well, this will make for a really nice feature wall.

The delivery of the Photowall prints was flawless as well and I love that they come delivered with the frames you order, so it saves a little on packaging, which is always a bonus.

Photowall have a fantastic range of prints, canvases and even wallpaper to choose from and you can use discount code jennyinneverland20 to get 20% off plus no shipping fee! Doing some redecorating in the New Year? This will be perfect for you!

Blankets, throws and pillows (and a throw basket)

You don’t want your guests getting up in the night moaning that they’re cold, so it’s worth ensuring that there’s enough blankets and warm, cozy things in their guest room for them to use at their leisure. Getting a gorgeous wicker blanket basket is handy too, so any they don’t use they can throw in there to keep the room a little tidier.

Having bunk beds in your future guest bedroom is the perfect way to maximise space and accommodate guests especially if they have children. When bunk beds are installed they can hold the same amount of people in a small area, creating more floor space for other necessities.

Modern designs of these beds such as BedKingdom bunk beds come in a variety of designs to fit both your style and budget when designing a beautiful guest bedroom for family and friends.

Plenty of light

You don’t want your guests stumbling around in the dark, so plenty of light is a must. Obviously natural light is the best option but if you need something extra to supplement it with, then some tasteful lamps on the bedside tables will be my first option, so both people have a choice of a light, if needed.


Although I can’t look after plants to save my life, I would definitely want some sort of greenery in my future guest bedroom and if that means fake plants, then so be it. You can get some amazing fake plants these days which look just like the real thing. I’d also be wary of anyone staying with allergies – such as hay fever -, if I had real plants.

I feel like I could go on forever with plans for any sort of home interior but for now, those are the main things – along with keeping it clean, tidy and without any clutter – that I’m going to be going for when it comes to establishing my future guest bedroom.

The Photowall prints will be a lovely addition to the room, making a perfect, neutral-feel feature wall to give the room some personality as well!

Do you have a guest room in your house? What aspects do you find most important to ensure your guests have a nice stay?


  1. These sound like amazing ideas for a guest bedroom! While our home is becoming an elder emo paradise, the guest bedroom is TBC in regards to the style. Next year we’re repainting our living room, possibly getting wooden floors put in and then working on the kitchen. But the guest bedroom will probably be next in regards to redecorating. And I would go as far as to say that even our bedroom is still incomplete. I find that when you own a home, your work is NEVER done!

  2. Such an exciting time and it’s so much fun hosting guests. Make the most of these experiences. Can’t wait to follow your house buying & decorating journey.

  3. What an exciting time for you and your partner. I hope you have a hugely successful search. I look forward to following your journey. These are some really good things for your guest rooms. The prints are so cute. I love the colours and tones that those prints follow. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren x

  4. This is so exciting Jenny. Our guest bedroom is currently a dumping ground while we plan to have our bedroom decorated – I love getting ideas for interior design and looking at the final finishing touches. Enjoy your house buying journey and good luck x

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