collaborative contributed post // Mental health and wellbeing are crucial to high life quality, and as with most things in life, improvements start at home. Mental health in the home is easy to improve; all you have to do is change the wall colors, introduce some new plants and consider changing the furniture.

Wall Colors

There’s a reason businesses paint their offices certain colors, yellows, reds, and other bright colors to increase mental energy and productivity. Of course, colors work the other way, too; blues and greens can have a calming effect on the mind and promote relaxation and peace.

Wall colors work well in homes as well as offices; that’s why many homes choose blue for the bedrooms; it has a calming effect on the mind when going to sleep at night. If you want to improve general mental health, consider painting blue and green walls throughout the house.

Best Furniture

Care homes and mental health hospitals think carefully about the furniture they use in the waiting rooms and patient rooms; they know that furniture can have a positive or negative effect on the mind and recovery process of patients. You can also think about this in your home.

Some companies specialize in Mental Health Furniture that is carefully designed to reduce stress and increase harmony in the space. To achieve this effect, the chairs, sofas, and tables have rounded edges and soft cushioning to improve the comfort and wellness of the home.


Clutter is known to disturb the mind and create stress; it does this by dividing your attention, making it harder to focus. When we struggle to focus, we become frustrated and stressed. So one of the best ways to improve mental health in the home is to declutter the affected rooms.

Decluttering seems like an ongoing process; no sooner have you cleared the space, and more things have accumulated there. One of the best strategies for decluttering the home is to buy multi-purpose furniture and storage boxes. You might also consider some storage solutions.

Home Gym

Smiling more is one way to release happy hormones in your brain, making you feel better; another way is exercise. Exercising is one of the best ways to regulate your system and release feel-good chemicals that support your mental wellbeing. An easy way is with a home gym.

A home gym sounds like an expensive renovation project that requires a lot of spare room, like a basement or loft, but this is not always the case. If you don’t have much room or your budget is tight, you could have some gym equipment stored in a cupboard, like a step and jump ropes.

House Plants

House plants improve your mental health in two ways; they create more inspiration in your home, and they improve the air quality. House plants are inspiring because you can choose them according to your design aspirations and personalize them for fun; house plants also absorb more Co2 from your home, replacing it with oxygen that gives you a pleasant uplift.

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