ad | We all know someone who loves the ultimate cozy vibes. And if we don’t, then it’s probably you! There’s always someone who’s always wearing an oversized hoodie, lighting candles and counting down the days until Fall. If you know someone like that, then this gift guide will be perfect for them.

I love getting cozy and whilst I enjoy Spring and love the feeling of newness in the air, the warmer weather, the blossoming flowers and all that good stuff, I’m definitely a Fall girl at heart.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of that first crisper morning, after a long hot Summer. With that, comes the promise of cozy evenings, cooler weather, excitement for Christmas and everything in between.

I know it’s July and I don’t really want to be thinking or talking about Christmas but every year I think I’m not going to get excited about it but every year I prove myself wrong!

I’m definitely a cozy kinda person and there are plenty of things you can buy for the cozy people in your life that would make excellent gift ideas!

7 gift ideas for the cozy person in your life:

Oversized t-shirts

An oversized shirt or oversized jumper is a great choice for a gift for someone who loves getting cozy. Cozy people never want to be constrained in their clothing so anything baggy and oversized is the optimum cozy vibe clothing. You can find designer oversized shirts or basic tees and there are plenty of slogan tees as well, I love this A Well Read Woman designer oversized t-shirt!


You can’t beat a candle for the cozy vibes and there is a rule that was written when the world began all those years ago that you can never have too many candles. So gift someone a candle because it will always get used!

Blankets and throws

In the cooler months, blankets and throws are must-have for the cozy vibes. In fact, in our new home, I’ve gone a little bit over-board with throws and my partner and forbidden me to buy any more for the time being. Whoops.


If they’re a cozy person, then chances are they’re also a book lover. And books always make the best gifts – which is a hill I’m willing to die on. If you know what type of books they like then great but don’t be scared to buy a book lover a gift card. They’re not a cop-out gift.

Sweet treats

What better way to complete your cozy afternoon with books, candles and a comfy throw than throwing some sweet treats into the mix? Perhaps if you’re a keen baker, then you could even make them something as a gift!

Fluffy socks

Socks are always a good gift idea and I feel like the older we get, the more we come to understand and appreciate that.

Bath bombs

And finally, bath bombs. Coziness isn’t just reserved for the living room or a bedroom, you can get super cozy in the bath as well and nothing tops that than a lovely bath bomb!

Are you a cozy sorta person? Do you crave Fall and the cooler months? Do you love Halloween and Christmas?

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