ad gifted | Sustainability is an important part of most of our lives these days, with the majority of us trying to make some eco-friendly changes within our every day lives to help the planet and everything on it. I believe we can all do our part, in various areas of our lives and the all or nothing mentality some people have never helps anyone.

I think the biggest impact can be made when we’re introduced to small and manageable ways to switch things up in our day that are more sustainable, rather than being put down for the things we’re not doing.

Someone who can’t go Vegan might only shop second hand – and that’s still an excellent thing to do to reduce your carbon footprint.

A disabled person who needs access to a car for all of their transport might only use natural and plastic-free skincare.

You get my point when I say that we should be acknowledged for those changes we are making, rather than being ostracised for those we’re not. Education will get us much further.

And it’s easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to sustainably. Especially if you’re new to it or don’t actively have any sustainable practices in your life.

Do you start with diet? Clothing? Transport? The products you’re using? Where do you get your information? What’s trustworthy?

The questions are endless. So I think a good way to get started is by narrowing down and focusing on one small area of your life at a time. If we get overwhelmed, then it’s unlikely we will stick to so many practices.

For today’s post, I’m going to focus on your night-time routine. This could cover a huge range of things but we all go to bed at the end of a long day, so here are some things you can do to make your bedtime more eco-friendly:

Invest in bamboo pillows 

One of the main aspects of your night-time routine is your bed itself and your bedding materials that you’re sleeping on every night. There are many eco-friendly mattresses, mattress toppers, bedding and pillows on the market which won’t cost the planet for the sake of your comfort.

I was sent the Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow from Panda London, a brand dedicated to the using the best materials to bring softness and comfort to your sleep, all the while not abusing the planet to do so.

Choosing bamboo because it’s as soft as Egyptian cotton but eco-friendly to source as well as anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. It’s breathable and naturally temperature reactive, so keeps you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter without you having to do a thing.

Why else should you choose bamboo bedding?

  • It never loses it softness, in fact, it gets softer with each wash
  • It won’t hold bacteria and parasites and actually naturally repels bacteria with it’s in-built antimicrobial enzyme
  • It’s perfect for those who suffer with eczema and allergies, such as hay fever
  • It’s naturally moisture-wicking, which means on those sweaty Summer nights, you stay drier
  • It’s easy to wash at lower temperatures with no fabric softener

Bamboo is basically a wonder material, so it’s no surprise really that Panda are dedicated to using it in their products.

I was sent two of the pillows which came in recyclable boxes. The pillows themselves are so cute, as they have the little Panda logo in the corner which I was absolutely delighted with.

The memory foam feels heavenly on your head when you lie down. They’re very sturdy pillows which you just know will last you for years and years and years.

They have a decent height on them, so if you’re someone who likes laying your head quite low, then you could probably do with just one of these on your bed. I paired it with another pillow for a bit of extra height, which was still comfortable.

I love these pillows and everything the brand do and stand for as well. Considering I’ve just moved house, these will definitely be one that I’ll have my eye on going forward when it comes to buying eco-friendly bedding!

Look at your skincare routine

Most of us have a night-time skincare routine (and if you don’t, you absolutely should!) so this is a great place to start when looking at the sustainability level of your night-time routine.

Take a look at the products you’re using. Are they cruelty-free? Vegan? Organic? Natural? Of course, not all products need to be ALL of those things (although I’d always try and ensure they’re cruelty-free at least).

If they’re not, then don’t throw them away! Make sure you use them up and when it comes to purchasing again, opt for a more sustainable alternative.

Cut down on your night-time showers

This will also help save money and considering the cost of living crisis that’s happening to so many people right now, this is definitely something to keep in mind every time you have a shower.

Although it can be tempting to spend ages in the shower, singing, listening to your favourite tunes and having a good ol’ pamper, you’re able to do that out the shower as well.

Consider an eco-friendly brand for pyjamas

Shopping for sustainable pyjamas is another step to help you make sleeping more sustainable. Eco-friendly pyjamas, made from natural and sustainable materials may have a higher price point but they will last longer and help the planet in the long run.

If you’re de-cluttering your pyjamas to make space for some lovely new sustainable items, don’t throw them away. Try and reuse them anyway you can again, to help reduce the carbon footprint. You could:

  • Cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths
  • Donate them to charity if they’re in good condition
  • Give them to friends or family
  • Donate them to a women’s shelter

Re-wear your pyjamas 

Now you have all your lovely new sustainable pyjamas, another aspect of making sleep sustainable is how often you wash them. Washing takes a LOT of energy, water and electricity. Which isn’t good for the environment or your bank balance.

Try and cut down on the amount of washing you’re doing and re-wear your pyjamas as much as you can before they really need a wash.

Bring some safe plants into your bedroom

Plants have a positive impact on the environment by purifying the air, absorbing VOCs from things like cleaning chemicals and paint and emitting oxygen. Having plants in your room makes the air fresher and also can help you sleep! Win, win.

If you have allergies, you might want to think carefully about the type of plants you’re putting in the room and especially if you have animals like dogs or cats. Some plants and flowers are poisonous for them, so do your research.

Open windows instead of putting on a fan 

It can be tempting in the Summer to have the fan on all night and yes, some nights absolutely call for it because they’re so hot and uncomfortable. But if you can manage, open the window instead of keeping the electricity on all night.

You can also do other things to keep yourself cool during hot nights, such as sleeping without a duvet, wearing less to bed, tying your hair up, using a cool flannel on your feet, wrists or neck and, if possible, sleeping alone without the body heat of someone else.

Use a hot water bottle instead of heating

And flipping the script, if it’s a cold night or the middle of Winter, you don’t really want to be running your heating all night. Again, for sustainability reasons AND for saving money on heating bills.

You can use a hot water bottle instead which, although uses up some electricity in the kettle, at least isn’t running all night. Also wear more to bed, double up on blankets and snuggle up with your loved one!

Those are just a handful of things you can do to make your bedtime routine and sleeping routine more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you’re in need of super high quality pillows and bedding, I’d highly recommend checking out Panda London!

How do you make your night-time routine more sustainable?

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  1. This is such a valid observation: “I say that we should be acknowledged for those changes we are making, rather than being ostracised for those we’re not.” If everyone focused on commending people for the efforts they make, instead of judging for the things they are not doing, life would be a bit more peaceful. I enjoyed this post and the simple ways you shared to be more eco-friendly in our night time routines. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with you, I think if everyone makes small changes in their lives to become more sustainable it would have a positive impact. I really like the look and sound of the bamboo pillows, I am actually in need of some new pillows as mine are not feeling as plump as they used to. I also love the tips too! x

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