collaborative post | European countries are a must in any traveler’s bucket list, and since we want to remember our trips for as long as possible, we tend to bring back a souvenir from any place we visit. Thankfully, Europe is full of exciting and unique souvenirs that won’t break the bank and in this article we’re going to tackle some of the most popular of them.

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France is a country full of rich history and culture, so thankfully it has plenty of souvenirs to choose from. One unique and affordable item you can purchase while there is a souvenir plate featuring picturesque scenes of Paris or other areas in France.

This plate can make a great addition to any kitchen or living room wall, decorating your place while also reminding you of the amazing time you’ve spent in France. If you’re looking for something small but meaningful to bring back for your friends or family members, consider picking up some local wine, as it always makes a wonderful present and a conversation starter at any family dinner.


Although most tourists visit Spain during summer, we recommend autumn as the best time of the year to go on a vacation there, since the weather is much nicer and the popular places aren’t so overcrowded.

One popular thing that you can bring home from Spain is a traditional fan, as these decorative items are often intricately detailed with traditional colorful designs. These fans can be purchased in souvenir shops all around the country and apart from being a wonderful accessory and home decor element, they can also save you on a hot Spanish day.


Scotland is the perfect destination for those who are fond of history, traditions, amazing landscapes, and ancient castles. In terms of souvenirs, there is no shortage of affordable things that you can bring home. Traditional jewelry such as thistle earrings, necklaces, and hair ties have always been popular among visitors because of their elegant design and the high-quality materials that they’re made of.

You can wear such a piece of jewelry everyday without it being too eye-catching. If during your stay in Scotland you don’t have enough time to browse through the stores and find something to your liking, there are many authentic online stores with Scottish gifts as gaelsong and souvenirs perfect for everyone.


Germany might not be the top choice of an American tourist that travels to Europe for the first time, but professional travelers highly appreciate this country full of traditions and history. One popular souvenir to bring home from Germany are beer steins which have already become synonymous with German culture.

These steins are decorated with colorful designs related to local customs or history like alpine scenes or animals and make excellent, practical home decoration elements that can be used to entertain guests or enjoy a pint of your favorite drink by yourself.


Portugal is a beautiful country filled with diverse culture and traditions, perfect for your trip. When it comes to keepsakes, ceramic tiles are one of the go-to choices for many travelers. These hand-painted works of art often illustrate traditional scenes or motifs such as azulejos (geometric designs) or medieval castles, making them great additions to any house.thanks to their vibrant colors and conventional price, you too can have a reminder of this amazing nation at home. Vinyl records of traditional Portuguese music are also popular souvenirs, especially for those who are interested in collecting vinyls from all over the world.

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