The inside out book tag

I’m back with another bookish tag on my blog today and we all know what a tag post means… I RAN OUT OF BLOG POST IDEAS. But I don’t mind because these posts are fun and I always enjoy talking about books as much as I can and I’m certainly enjoying writing more book-related content on my blog over the past month or so! I stole this tag from Kris at Boston Book Reader which is where I find all the book tags I do (I don’t know where she finds them but she is the Queen of finding good book tags!) so go and check out her post here! And if you want to do this one yourself, I’d love to hear your answers!

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20 Things Book Lovers Are Awesome At

I think you’ll agree when I say most of us book lovers have a few traits in common. Always having a book on the go? Check. Talking about books 99% of the time? Check. Not sleeping because a amazing book has entered our lives? Check. We’re a unique bunch and there are some things we do that non book lovers simply do not understand.

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