What life skills do we need and which books can help us develop them?

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In life, there are many different skills that we need in order to live at our best. These can be developed organically through experience, but sometimes we need a little extra help. Activities like chatting to friends and acquaintances, life coaching or even taking personal development courses can all go a long way towards helping us succeed in our goals to develop those skills. However, reading books can also be an effective and fun way to develop our life skills. Continue reading “What life skills do we need and which books can help us develop them?”


Therapy is awesome

The longer I’ve been on social media, the more I’ve seen people open up and be honest about mental health. And that’s fantastic. And I’ve also seen people be more open about therapy and counselling for mental health conditions. I’ve had counselling and therapy and I’m a huge advocate for it too and it really pains me to hear that people don’t use it, for a variety of reasons, when they could potentially benefit so much. Obviously I’m not a professional but I want to talk about my personal relationship with therapy and why you absolutely shouldn’t be put off by it.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Welcome & Schedule!

Hi everyone! I was dabbling with the idea of doing a Mental Health Awareness week for a little while but wasn’t sure how to conduct it but after weeks of planning and brain-storming, we finally made it so welcome to Mental Health Awareness week on Jenny in Neverland! It’s not going to be all doom and gloom – as an avid mental health advocate, I think it’s so incredibly important to be able to talk freely about these issues and not feel judged or embarrassed by doing so and anything to help bring that to light and help rid the stigma of these awful conditions is all gravy in my books! For the next week, we’re going to have lots of posts – one from myself and the rest from some amazing bloggers and authors, all of which are covering different topics regarding mental health.

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