Disney Q&A

I recently saw this post on Lize in Disneyland so I straight up can’t take credit for it but I thought it looked like a fun idea and basically I’ll take any excuse to talk about Disney so here we are. I’ve vowed to blog about Disney more this year and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it! You can find all my Disney related posts here and I hope to continue as I mean to go on and share much more Disney related content in the future. I asked on Twitter for some questions and questions I got! Some very hard questions actually! So let’s dive in, here’s my Disney Q&A!

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My favourite Disney songs

Hello! I’m back with another Disney related post for you today! I’m soooo enjoying writing about Disney again, it’s totally ignited my love for it again and I’ve had Disney songs on repeat over the last few months. Of course, I have plenty of Disney soundtracks on my iTunes so this is the perfect time to talk about my favourite Disney songs. Of course I won’t be able to mention every single one and I’m by no means putting these in order (that’s just cruel and impossible!) but here are some of my favourite ever Disney songs!

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My Top 5 Favourite PlayStation 1 Games

As technology goes, I’m a bit of a technophobe. I don’t upgrade my phone unless I really really need to, I miss MySpace and I never ever upgraded from my PlayStation 1. I’d thought about it many times and only dreamed about the graphics of a PlayStation 2 but I couldn’t do it. My PlayStation 1 games were far too precious and hold too many childhood memories to even contemplate getting rid of so even to this day, I still play my PlayStation 1 games and I still love them as much as I always did. The nostalgia I feel when I hear the start up screen is unfathomable. So for all you old skool kids out there, here are my top 5 PlayStation 1 games!

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