You might be a prolific blogger. Maybe you have a lot to say about your favourite hobby or interest? If you have a website, you should be using social media to drive more visitors to it. And if you don’t have a website, you should be using social media to drive more people to your social media pages! Have a look at some of the people you follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook. How come they have such a huge following?

It’s easier to gain a huge following when you are communicating. Don’t just use one of your social media accounts. Link it to your others when you post or Tweet. Encourage your current following to take an interest in your other social media accounts. And always link them back to your website if that is your intention. Don’t forget; there are plenty of other ways to communicate through social media too. How do you do that?


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Photos: Pictures say so much more than 140 characters can. And Twitter photos can be more impactful because they take up so much more room than 140 characters can. Some of your social media accounts can be set up to make the picture clickable, linking to your website or Facebook page. So how do you take pictures that people want to spend time looking at?

It’s not just the subject that’s important. Of course, cute puppies and kittens will always draw your eye. Your use of colour, light, framing and the overall composition are just as important as the subject you’re photographing. If you’re not sure what all that might mean, why not take a local Photography workshop to help you improve your pictures? Your pictures can fill up pages on your website. They can support your articles on your blog. And they can make your posts or Tweets really stand out.


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You can also use photos you own in other ways. Add text or captions. Or embed a portion of your article within it. These can still be posted on Pinterest to help draw more visitors to your social media accounts and website. But now you’ve added value. You’ve made them have a point. They tell a story in context. And they help drive traffic to your accounts!

If you are thinking about increasing your dialogue across your social media accounts, then photos are essential. It breaks up the long monotony of extensive blocks of texts. Think about the posts you’ve read the most. Chances are they had a picture. Don’t forget; your profile picture can also attract the eye. See if you can make any improvements here. More colour? Brighter background? A bigger smile? A cute pet on your shoulder? See which profile pics catch your eye and try to emulate their style.

Good photography captures a lot more likes than a dark, blurry one. People will like a photo just because it’s good quality. They don’t need to know you or appreciate your message or subject. Most importantly, it looks more professional. And that’s the message we’re all trying to get across, right?


  1. I have such a hard time with this! My follower count fluctuates on a ridiculous level and it freaks me out sometimes. Did I say something that made someone mad? Did I accidentally offend someone? I am so socially awkward, at least I feel like I am, and I seriously hope it doesn’t come through Twitter or something.

    I think photos are a brilliant way to show creativity. Not only does it break up text walls and otherwise something one-note posts/things, it kind of helps people to see through your eyes. I wish I was good at photography XD I’m still trying to figure out how to use Instagram and Snapchat.

    Amazing post, by the way! <3

    1. Just get on twitter and say what you wanna say and those who like it will stay and those who don’t, won’t. I’ve learnt that a lot over the years and you’ll build your following authentically of the people who actually like what you have to say! (: don’t be scared and follower counts will always fluctuate!

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