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Whether you’re a seasoned user of your kitchen, or you’re more likely to be found ordering a meal at the local fast food joint, there are a number of kitchen hacks that can completely transform your life and make the prospect of spending time in the kitchen an easier one to swallow. Sounds good, right?

So, without further ado, here at the simple kitchen hacks you need in your life:

Keep Your Coffee Grounds


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Instead of kicking your coffee grounds to the kerb, once you’ve made your rich brown brew, save them and put them to good use in the garden, whether they can help your plants and flowers to grow more quickly.

Banish Blisters with the Help of Everyone’s Favourite Vegetable


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The humble onion forms the base of many a good meal, but did you know that you can also use it to prevent blisters forming after a burn? This is a neat tip which will be useful for all of your kitchen-a-phobes out there.

Don’t Waste Your Cooking Water


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Water is a precious commodity, which should not be wasted without a good reason, So, whenever you boil pasta or potatoes, or you need to empty excess water from your kettle, instead of pouring it down the drain, use it to feed your plants. The extra nutrients in the water, left over from cooking, will help your plants to grow more quickly.

Make Your Honey Runny (Again)


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There are few thing more annoying than reaching for the honey pot only to find that the gooey loveliness inside has become hard, but fear not! All you have to do is boil a pan of water, and place your honey pot inside to have runny honey once more.

Filter Your Water

Brita Water Filter Pitcher

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Whether you want to make a nice cup of tea, or it’s a refreshing glass of water you’re after, you will find that filtering your water first makes for a more pleasurable experience, as these reviews of the best water filter jugs on WSE will attest.

Don’t Split Your Bananas


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When you buy a bunch of bananas, you should never separate them because they will turn browner much more quickly if you do. On the other hand, if you plan to use your bananas to make banana bread, and you do need them to be brown, separating will help you get that delicious fruity bread faster.

Colour Code Your Utensils


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By purchasing utensils in various colours, or by decorating them with colour-coded stickers, and then only using one colour for meat, one for veggies, etc., you can cut your risk of food poisoning, and you’ll have a more colourful kitchen to boot.

Go Magnetic


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With so many metal surfaces in the kitchen, it pays to choose magnetic jars, and homeware, so that you can hang them on the fridge and save yourself some space.

Hopefully, you will put some of these simple kitchen hacks into practice, and that will get you cooking in the kitchen a bit more You may even come up with a few cool kitchen hacks of your own!


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