Over the past year, I’ve ventured more and more into the kitchen to try new recipes and dishes and although I’m no Nigella, I would say that cooking is a big love of mine. I was contacted by the lovely Ashton and the guys at Lobster Homeware about potentially reviewing one of their gorgeous, newly launched aprons – all designed by a lady called Nathalie with inspiration that comes from her Dominican background and her closest loved ones. I absolutely loved that idea as I find cooking is quite a sentimental hobby and a great way to connect and feel close to your own loved ones.

Lobster Homeware 1

I chose the bright, colourful and quirkry, ‘Amelia‘ apron which was inspired by her cute and cheeky niece. This was instantly my favourite because I love pink and anything that stands out! The apron came in a handy cloth zip up bag which ensured it arrived in perfect condition and will also be handy in keeping your apron clean when not in use.

Lobster Homeware 2

Lobster Homeware 3

The material is durable but also very soft – there will be absolutely no risk of damage to your apron and it also fits extremely comfortably. Some features I particularly liked were the adjustable neck strap and the oven gloves which were detachable but I preferred to keep them attached because I am always misplacing my oven gloves!

Ignore my silly dog in the background!
Ignore my silly dog in the background!

I’m super duper impressed with Lobster Homeware and their new aprons – from the designs to the material – you can tell how much thought and effort went into these. If you want to check them out for yourself, you can find Lobster Homeware on Twitter, Facebook,or their website.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Lobster Homeware for sending me one of these gorgeous aprons to review. All views and opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.

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