Whilst brain-storming blog post ideas for January the other day, I was reeling through all the genetic, “goals for 2017” type posts when I remembered that I wrote a “goals for 2016” post on 9th December 2015 – to be precise – I sat at my laptop and wrote down on my blog, for the world to see – okay maybe not the world – the things I wanted to try and achieve in 2016. To be honest I had completely forgot about all of them so chances of me completing them were pretty slim but I decided to go through them and talk about what I did and mostly didn’t manage to do…


First of all, if you’d like to refer back to the original post, you can find that here but let me go through each point individually and tell you how much I failed at achieving it in 2016.

Make the most of things: I think I’ve done this on some occasions – definitely not every day and definitely not for everything but I’ve certainly learnt to make the most of things more and practiced doing so. I felt more equipped to be able to do that last year because for one, I’ve been much more in control of my anxiety in certain areas of my life so even if I’m anxious about a certain event or situation, I can manage it and not let it ruin the day for me. So all in all, I think I’m heading in the right direction with this one. This is definitely something I’d like to continue working on in 2017. 

Look after myself more: Now, I’ve been much more aware of the notion of self-care this year. Whether that was because I desperately needed it or whether the blogosphere has been harping on about it more in 2016 (and for the right reasons), I don’t know but I think our generation as a whole has definitely realised that looking after ourselves more than anyone else is super duper important more so now than ever. Although I didn’t really achieve any of the specifics in that point (stop biting my nails: NOPE, take more pride in my appearance: NOPE, take better care of my skin: sort of) I’m definitely more in tune with the bigger picture here. So I guess for this one, it’s a bit half-and-half.

Exercise: I’m not even going to go there.

Cook more and experiment with food: Yes! Now this one I can quite successfully say I have managed to do. I’ve just been much more interested in food, making food, trying new food this year. I’ve experimented with different vegetarian options – just to clarify, I’m not a vegetarian but I have cut out meat on some days during the week and the alternatives I’ve had instead have been lovely. I also attempted to make a vegan cake, which went moderately well! I haven’t blogged about all the food related experiments I’ve tried but you can find all my food posts here.

Read more: Unfortunately, I haven’t done this. In fact, I think I’ve probably read even less than I did last year. Which I’m so sad about because this blog wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for reading and books. When times are tough, I find it so incredibly difficult to focus on books. Which is a shame because books are supposed to be there to be your escape when times are tough. That’s something I definitely need to work on – changing that mind set. I also wrote a post this year on how books and book blogging saved me, which is something I need to think about and remember much more often.

Did you achieve any of your 2016 goals? Big or small I would love to hear about it because you should be incredibly proud of any you’ve managed to do!


  1. A great recap, Jenny! It’s the way of the world, some goals are more successful than others, the beauty is though it automatically gives you some goals going into the new year. Hope 2017 is just as, if not more, productive! Hope you had a great Christmas/New Year 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, absolutely. I’ve definitely carried some over – mostly importantly the exercise one. I’ve done alright so far – did some yoga today and yesterday which is more than I can say for the past 6 months 😂 happy new year to you too! (: xx

  2. Jenny, this was such a nice post to read. Your writing style is lovely and it makes it really easy to understand what you’re saying and relate to you! I was shaking my head when you made the point about reading more. It can be so difficult to keep up with it, but as you rightly said, books are supposed to help you escape when times are tough. Hopefully you’ll be able to read a little bit more this year, even if it’s only for 20 minutes in the evening!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I wish you all the best, both personally and professionally.

    Jade x | http://www.simplyjadey.co.uk

    1. Aw thank you so much, what a lovely comment! I know we’re only 2 days in but I’ve definitely upped my reading game already, just hopefully I can keep it up! Thank you, happy new year to you too – hope you achieve everything you want to and more in 2017! (: xx

  3. I learned long ago not to make “resolutions” but just to vow to take each day as that day. We all slip and fall, but I think it’s in how we get up that counts. Sounds like you’re off to a pretty great start. Happy New Year!

    1. I’ve definitely ditched the word ‘resolution’ for this year! Awful word! There are still things I’d like to achieve just to enhance my life, hopefully. Thank you, happy new year to you too (: xx

  4. Well done on all you achieved! Self care and cooking more are big. I wish I had the energy and motivation to cook more. I think if I had a dishwasher I definitely would but I can never be bothered with the washing up.

    I didn’t achieve any of my 2016 goals but I kept building on my 2015 goals such as not dieting and working on body postivity.

    My 2017 goals are here: https://sirvikalot.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/new-year-old-me-with-a-few-improvements/ 🙂

    V <3

    1. A dishwasher is a gift from above when you love cooking! I agree, I probably wouldn’t cook as much as I did if I didn’t have a dishwasher- washing up is SO tedious! Body positivity is one for me this year, too. I’m aiming on losing a few pounds but mostly, I’d like to just exercise more and get healthier. I’ll check out you post. Thanks for your comment and hope 2017 is good for you! (: xx

      1. My flat is too small for a dishwasher. I guess the next time I move I may look for a flat that has one.
        If you look after yourself with your self care and exercising etc your weight will even out to where your body wants to be. You’re beautiful no matter what <3 Good luck with 2017!
        V <3

    1. I’d consider those as goals! Just, pro-longed goals you know, like goals you have to work at over a longer period of time. Self-care is so important! I think we all need to focus more on that (: xx

    1. Thank you! Yes I definitely hear you with point number 2: that’s still on my list this year! My fingernails really are disgusting so I NEED to try and kick that habit! Good luck & hope you have a great 2017! (: xx

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