First of all, I think I speak for everyone here when I say, “where on Earth has 2015 gone?” I swear I can still remember writing up my ‘Goals for 2015’ post almost a year ago – FYI, none of which I actually achieved. I’m not sure what makes me more confident this year that I’ll be able to achieve anything on this list – I’m not really, I just guess it’s the done thing to do when another year is looming towards its end, to give us some motivation and drive for the year ahead. But still, it’s always nice to have and set goals so here are a few of mine for next year!


  1. Make the most of things: Having anxiety (which I spoke about for the first time this year, here), this is quite difficult. I have the tendency to stress about an event for 6 months solid, make myself ill about it, then spend the whole time whilst I’m there wishing time would hurry up so I can go home and only to realise that I am actually enjoying myself, now my anxiety has subsided, 10 minutes before the end. Whatever the situation and however anxious I might be about it, next year, I really want to try and enjoy things that little bit more!
  2. Look after myself more: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gross or anything but I think, especially lately, I’ve let myself slip and I’ve stopped caring about the person I should care about the most: Me. It’s not a bad thing to take care of yourself and put yourself first once in a while. Specific things that fall under this category are: Stop picking my nails (Ok, my nails actually are gross), take better care of my skin and take more pride in my appearance.
  3. Exercise: I have a feeling this one might crop up on quite a lot of people’s lists. This sort of ties in with the above point but seriously, the lack of exercise I do is shocking. I used to love sport and exercise and at school, I even wanted to be a fitness instructor! The fire for fitness is in me… The flame has just gone out. Especially now, having anxiety, exercise should be more important than ever. I have yoga DVD’s and we even have an exercise bike in my house. So why aren’t I using them?
  4. Cook more and experiment with food: Not for health or weight loss purposes, just purely because I love food and I love cooking. I’ve ventured into the kitchen a lot more this year and have even had some recipe posts up on the blog but I’m hoping to be able to have a lot more of them next year and to really channel my inner Gordon Ramsey. Just without the swearing.
  5. Read more: I’m 100% sure I fall into some sort of end of year reading slump because I seem to remember I was the same last year and read more was on my last goals list. It’s completely understandable, I mean at this time of year there’s so much going on. I tend to read more at the beginning of the year rather than the end but next year I’d really like to keep the momentum up – even when times get hard, which they inevitably will – because books really can change the world.

What are your personal goals for the New Year? Did you complete any of your goals for this year? I’d love to know so leave me a comment!


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  2. We definitely have some goals in common for 2016! I really want to get into exercising more, and also learning to cook my own food and eating more regularly and healthily. Now that I’ve graduated high school, I feel I have all the time in the world to do that stuff. Also adopting a more minimalist lifestyle for my home life is a goal I really want to achieve.

  3. Mine is to try to find a balance. I started blogging this year and found that towards the end of the year everything was going into reading and blogging and writing was taking a back seat as was running, which I used to be quite consistent on. I have four kids so any extra kids I have needs to be planned and social media kind of took it over. So just better planning I guess!

  4. This could basically be my list – especially the anxiety and the exercising – I have an elliptical that I’ve used probably two times this year. And it’s right in my living room by the tv, so I don’t really have an excuse since that’s where I spend all my time anyways.

    1. I don’t think 2015 was a good year for many people… I haven’t heard very good things about this year, eesh. But that is AMAZING. Massive congratulations to you, looking forward to hearing more! (: xx

  5. I need to chill out and not stress over everything so much. Right now the idea of Christmas and all the people that are going to be in my tiny house is making me just wish that Christmas was already over and done with. I also really need to lose weight, but I’m at the age where that is really difficult, and I just love food :). Good luck with all your goals, and of course I love your reading goal the best :).

    1. I’m so with you on your first point! Not so much with Christmas, obviously still being young Christmas isn’t really in my hands yet but just life in general, I need to seriously CHILL. Try not to worry about Christmas too much and take one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it (: and always ask for help if you need it! xx

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