Things to do when everything is crap

Every single one of us goes through times when things are completely and utterly crap. It might just be the odd day here and there; you’ve stood in dog poo on your way to work, then the trains are delayed, then your lunch has spilt in your bag that sorta thing. It might be a week where everything keeps piling up or a longer period of time when things are particularly difficult; you’re not getting on with your partner, tensions are high at home, a pet is ill or you’re facing money problems. Whatever the reason things are crap for you for, it’s not unusual that we feel completely out of kilter during these times in our lives. Like the world is continuing to turn but slightly to the left and we no longer feel in rhythm with it.

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9 reasons why I don’t really like my birthday 

This is going to sound like a super weird post and I bet you’re probably all thinking, “wth jenny?” at the title. It’s not clickbait, I 100% mean it, I don’t like my own birthday. I mean obviously when I was younger in Primary School and had swimming parties and McDonalds parties and bouncy castles and the works, birthdays rocked. I wanted it to be my birthday every day! Actually tell a lie, I didn’t, I would always get overwhelmed with all the people and just want a quiet half an hour to myself but you get my gist. Birthday’s were brilliant. Friends, cake, food, presents, balloons, parties. But as I got older, I had a huge change of heart. I distinctly remember spending the first few hours of my 16th birthday in bed crying. So here’s a super sad list of reasons why I don’t really like my own birthday…

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Things to remember when you start blogging

There’s new bloggers joining the scene every day and who can blame them?! Making new friends from all over the world, working with your favourite brands, having a platform to express your creativity and talk about things you’re truly passionate about. Why wouldn’t they? Blogging can seem like this magical, perfect world upon first impression but like every community, there will always be negatives in the blogging world some of which we simply can’t avoid. I’m sure most of us were a bit naïve and blindsided to the down sides of blogging when we first started (or even after years of doing it!) – I know I was. So for all the newer bloggers in da house, here’s a list of things you should be aware of when starting your blogging venture.

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How not to be a twit on Twitter 

Despite the fact I wrote a post about how bloggers should do whatever the hell they want, listen to no one, rock to the beat of their own drum and all that, there’s no denying that some things on Twitter are just a no-go. Like, it’s not about “doing whatever you want” anymore, it’s simply about not being a annoying twit. And Twitter seems to be the main place where the twits of the world congregate. Where blogging is concerned, Twitter can be an exceptionally effective tool for growing your blog, making friends, getting involved and gaining opportunities. But at the end of the day, none of us want to follow a twit do we?

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How to be a good blogger 

We all want to be the very best like no one ever was (please tell me in the comments if you know where this line is from) and it’s super difficult to do that in blogging when there’s tens of thousands of other bloggers around you all trying to be the best too. But in order to be a good blogger, you need to follow the rules and stick to the guidelines. Here is a small list of things that will turn you from an ‘alright’ blogger to a bloody good one!

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Things I wish I could tell the girl in the photo

Just to clarify before we get into it, the girl in the photo is me not just some random kid. And look how goddamn cute I was! I came home from a trip away to my boyfriend’s parents house “up norf” and saw this photo sitting in my parents bedroom. First of all, the frame is actually mine so I’m not so happy that my mum stole it but I thought it was cute nevertheless. I was looking at the photo whilst listening to Lea Michele’s version of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii (it’s a beautiful cover, you have to listen!) and all of a sudden I started crying. I know it sounds like I’m making this up but I’m not, genuinely, started to cry. For reals.

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You’ve seen the blog posts and you’ve seen the tweets and you’ll know that the blogging world is a very exclusive and complicated place. We all want apart of it and we all try and portray it like it’s the best thing ever. There’s plenty of misconceptions about the blogging world and the bloggers within in and I’m here to put the record straight. Here are some things that bloggers don’t actually tell you… 

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Guest Post: 5 Healthy & Fun Ingredients to Add to Your Homemade Bread

Bread is one of those foods that you can spice with just about anything and it will still taste fantastic. From chocolate to cheese, seeds and yes, even vegetables, there are a hundred and one recipes for artisan breads that use fun and healthy ingredients.

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My Favourite YouTubers

I’ve never been a huge fan of YouTube and I’ve never bothered to really watch people, follow people or get to know some of the more “well-known” YouTuber’s. Until around last year. YouTube was never something for me – I couldn’t think of anything worse than talking to a camera and spending hours editing and oh my brain fuzz – and it still isn’t but my YouTube watching habits have grown immensely since discovering – albeit years later than everyone else – some amazing women (and men) on YouTube who I enjoy watching immensely. I seem to have a YouTuber for ever sort of mood and ones I tend to turn to. 

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What I’d Do If I Won the Lottery  

We all dream about winning the lottery. I know I do and despite a few lucky £40 wins over the year, I’ve never won anything more substantial than that. But that doesn’t stop me dreaming of course and I often wonder what I would do, what I would buy and how I would spend my money if I did win a substantial amount of dollar on the lottery. So let’s pretend for a minute that I have won a hella lot of dosh… Here’s what I would do with it. 


Pay off my parents morgage and any other bills 

Okay this is like a totally boring thing to start with and will probably make you want to stop reading (please don’t!) but after everything they’ve done for me over the years, I think the first thing I would do is pay off something for them and help them out. Maybe buy them a little holiday home somewhere too. 

Book an extensive holiday for my boyfriend and I 

I don’t mean just a 5 star stay in Tenerife; I would go all out. I’d spoil us both absolutely rotten and get first class, VIP, 5 star everything. Possibly a trip around Scandinavia in the best hotels. Or a cruise or something equally as exotic. I’m not a big ‘traveller’ and I much prefer shorter holidays in a specific place.

Pay for a VIP experience at a Formula 1 Grand Prix

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I love Formula 1. I would love to go to a Grand Prix at some point but they are so bloody expensive. Like, so expensive! If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t just get tickets, I’d love to get the whole VIP experience and really make the most of it! Maybe meet a driver or two… 😉

Buy a house or apartment 

I’d buy a place for myself, preferably an apartment and pay it all off so it was mine and I wouldn’t have to worry about rent or anything. How luxurious would that be? Oh and not to mention I would have a blast decorating it exactly how I wanted to. Could you imagine the home-ware hauls?!

Put some in saving 

I think this is smart more than anything but (depending on how much I won of course) I’d definitely put a chunk of it in savings for the future. What’s the point in winning the lottery if you spend all your money in one go then have nothing left to look forward to? 

Donate some to charity 

I would absolutely donate a big sum of my winnings to a charity or a few charities of my choice. I don’t know how anyone could win the lottery and not want to help other people with all that money. I’d probably opt for Cancer Research and an animal charity of some kind – maybe Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. 

You’ve just won 10 million pound on the lottery, what do you do with it? I’d absolutely love to hear your answers to this so leave me a comment and let me know! Be as extensive as you like!

* This is a sponsored post. All content and opinions are my own.