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Things I wish I could tell the girl in the photo

Just to clarify before we get into it, the girl in the photo is me not just some random kid. And look how goddamn cute I was! I came home from a trip away to my boyfriend’s parents house “up norf” and saw this photo sitting in my parents bedroom. First of all, the frame is actually mine so I’m not so happy that my mum stole it but I thought it was cute nevertheless. I was looking at the photo whilst listening to Lea Michele’s version of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii (it’s a beautiful cover, you have to listen!) and all of a sudden I started crying. I know it sounds like I’m making this up but I’m not, genuinely, started to cry. For reals.

I just got to thinking about how small and innocent I was (which we obviously all were at some point or another) and how much I had yet to learn and experience and go through. I obviously can’t remember that day on the swing but there’s no doubt that I had absolutely no cares in the entire world. So if I could go back and tell that little girl some shit about life, so far, here’s what I’d say…

1. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Your differences are what make you unique and you have a lot to offer.
2. Treasure your teenage years. You won’t realise they were the best time of your life until they’re long gone.
3. Before you dye your hair peroxide blonde, just remember how beautiful your natural colour is.
4. And remember, you don’t neeeeed to wear 4 pairs of false lashes on a night out. Really. One will suffice.
5. You don’t go to university and you’re going to regret that massively. So just be prepared. Regret is a shit feeling.
6. There’s some shit you just can’t get through alone. So stop trying to and ask for help .
7. It’s fun drinking in the park at 14 but be careful. And know when enough is enough for you and your friends.
8. You’re going to turn 18, pass your driving test and get dumped all in the space of one month and what follows is the craziest and best few months of your life. Embrace them. Embrace every second.
9. You’re not going to notice how damaging that relationship is at the time but please, don’t worry. You get through it, you’re okay and you learn a shit ton of lessons.
10. Sometimes, you are the problem. And sometimes, it’s important to let people go because of that. Don’t hold onto anyone for selfish reasons. Let them go.
11. Friendships will not last. So enjoy your time with that person whilst you can. Whoever it may be.
12. There’s more to life than boys.
13. You are pretty. You are smart. You are talented. You are a good person.
14. Things might not always go to plan, people are sometimes cruel, sometimes things seem like they’re never going to get better for you but life is a rollercoaster, it ebs and flows and you have to embrace and learn from it all. Someone who changes your life when you’re 22 will teach you that.

What would you tell your younger self?

Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. You were soo cute😍🙈 nice advice, especially number 11 I was going through so,e rough times with my old friends but it’s all good now!💚

  2. Oh what a beautiful post! There’s so much I’d tell my younger self, but the most important thing? Stand up for what YOU want. Don’t be swayed by peers and family; it’ll only land you with regret.

    1. Yes Aimee! Fantastic advice <3

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