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How to make the most out of comment threads

Over the course of the last month, I’ve tried really hard to get more involved and be more active in the blogging community, particularly on Twitter. I feel like I’ve succeeded in my mission as I’m making much more of an effort to share posts, chat with bloggers and find new ones to follow. Another thing that I’ve started taking part in are comment threads. For those that don’t know, comment threads are run by certain bloggers / accounts and basically gives everyone taking part the chance to share their new blog posts, discover new blogs and gain some comments on your own as well.

I’d highly recommend comment threads and I’ve found them nothing but positive since I started taking part in them regularly. So today, I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to make the post of comment threads and where you can find certain threads throughout the week!

Know when they are and who’s hosting them

Obviously you can’t take art in a comment thread if you have no idea where to find them! The more I took part in, the more new ones I discovered because mostly, the same group of bloggers all hope from one to the other. The more new bloggers I discovered and followed through the comment threads, the more visible they were to me on Twitter. Listed below are all the comment threads I take part in and the ones I am aware of. By all means, if you’re aware of any others, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list!

Mon: #TeacupClub, @TeacupClub_, 5pm GMT & #CommentStorm, @lazyblogging, 8pm GMT
Tues: #BloggersNightIn, @corinnekirsty, 7pm GMT
Wed: #BloggersPromoHouse, @beccaxjayne, 8pm GMT
Thurs: #TeacupClub, @TeacupClub_, 5pm GMT
Fri: #BloggersTribe, @BloggersTribe, 8pm GMT
Sat: #BloggersWorld, @BloggerWorldRT, 8pm GMT
Sun: #BloggersTribe, @BloggersTribe, 8pm GMT, #BloggersPromoHouse, @beccaxjayne, 8pm GMT

Get your tweet ready

Now you know what time the comment thread starts, you can get your tweet pre-written so you can just super quickly copy and paste it when it starts! I simply write out the tweet on my notes with the link to the blog post I want to share so it’s ready to go.

And make your tweet stand out

Loads of people usually take part in comment threads, so it’s super important that your tweet stands out from the rest. Use a photo from your blog post to make it more visually pleasing, use emoji’s, write a funny caption – something to grab people’s attention and make them want to click on your link! I also find it helps to say in the tweet what exactly the blog post is about, rather than a simple, “my latest post”.

Comment on other blogs

This is obviously one of the main points of a comment thread so make sure you make the effort to comment on other people’s blogs! You’ll be amazed at how many new and incredible blogs you find during comment threads so it’s so worth it to take the time to have a read and comment.

Leave heartfelt comments

And when you do leave a comment it’s always so much nicer if it’s a heartfelt comment, rather than just “nice post!”. That doesn’t prove that you’ve read the post or have any opinions on the topic the blogger is writing about. You’re much more likely to build up a relationship with a blogger if you’re both leaving heartfelt comments on each others blog!

And let the blogger know

Also useful to hop back into the comment thread after you’ve commented and to let the blogger know that you’ve left them a comment!

Return the comments people have left you

I always, always return the comments people have left me through comment threads. Even if their latest post isn’t something I can comment on, I’ll always go back through their older posts from that week and leave a comment on something I am able to talk about.

Do you take part in comment threads? Do you enjoy them? Do you have any other tips on how to make them better?



  1. I’m not sure how to do this. Do you add that hashtag to your tweet right at that given time? Thanks for sharing all these wonderful helpful hints.

    1. You just join in with them, the @TeacupClub one is good on Monday and Thursday at 5pm. You share your link on their relevant thread.

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