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When it comes to buying gifts for people, to me, personal is always best. I’d much rather spend extra time, effort and money on something unique and personal for someone I love than just hop on down to the high street and pick up some bits from all your generic stores. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, especially if there’s something they particularly need but that’s not really how I’ve ever done “gift giving”. Earlier this month, I was contacted by the team at Star Name Registry and asked if I wanted to review their product.

All we ever see of stars are their old photographs

On the basis that I love personalised gifts, I thought this would be a great opportunity. I’ve heard of these “name a star” companies before and it’s crossed my mind from time to time when a birthday or Christmas rolls around but I’ve never purchased one nor really looked into it further. I was asked to give them; who it was going to be named after, a special date and the constellation I wanted it to be in.

I chose my boyfriend, Carl (because I’m a romantic sap like that) his birthday and the Gemini constellation (partially because I don’t know constellations and the guy at Star Name Registry did give me a hand with this part, so thank you!)

So, upon giving them my info and address, the package quickly arrived within the week in a lovely, large silver presentation box (which I wasn’t expecting, I’m not sure how I was expecting it to turn up, to be honest!), with a certificate which was already framed – which I thought was a really nice touch! – on blue tissue paper.

The presentation was really nice, smart and understated but made an impression. The package I was sent was the Extra Bright Gift Set worth £44.99. If I had bought this for someone, then I think I would have been quite happy paying that amount for what you get, the presentation and all the extra little information you receive with it.

They include a couple of extra leaflets (all on very nice paper, by the way!) which gives you more details about The Sky Atlas, different types of stars etc. and also details on how you can find your own star. I tested this out before I wrote this review and before I gave it to my boyfriend and the instructions are very clear, you have a reference number for your star which you type into the Star Registry website that is given to you and sure enough, the details of the star came up.

It gives you the link to Google Sky, which is where you can identify the star and actually see it and it’s very tricky to get the exact position but it’s not impossible and I’ll give it anther go. I got within like, 0.1 of the star!

All in all, I was very impressed with the whole thing; from the quick delivery time, the presentation what you receive in the set and all the extra little “bits” you can do – like search for your star via Google Sky. You can check them out on their website and what they offer here! My boyfriend was really happy with the surprise so as a gift for someone, something personal and special, I’d say this is just about perfect.


  1. I believe that my husband would appreciate a gift such as naming a star after our favorite pet. It’s true that personalized gifts are touching, so I’ll find a start dedicating service to help me create this gift for him. This way, it will add a nice touch to our shared love towards our deceased pet so that we can remember him throughout the rest of our lives.

  2. I’m going to name a star after my youngest brother, Ellison. Even if i don’t win the opportunity to do so here. He is not only super bright but also the brightest light in my world and an inspiration to all who meet him. Living with Cerebral Palsy is undoubtedly tough, but you’d never know it looking at this beautiful 4 year old boy. Despite the discomfort and frustration I can only imagine, he smiles his way through every single day and, in doing so, helps me to smile.

  3. I would name it after myself, because it’ll be the closest I’ll ever come to achieving super stardom! 😂 Or maybe my cat, not his actual name, but one of the ridiculous nicknames I call him, haha. ‘The Boobum’

    Twitter: @iamkirstiekins

  4. I would name a star after my mother Gillian. She’s had a tough year with her health but is now thankfully in remission. A star would be a very apt way of symbolising her struggles and overcoming them 💜

  5. I would name a star after my four children – so wherever they end up living when they are older, they can all look up to the same star and feel close together!

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