Hugo’s Chocolate Club: Chocolate Subscription Box *

We’ve had beauty subscription boxes, time of the month subscription boxes and stationery subscription boxes. There’s pretty much a subscription box for anything you could possibly want these days. Today I’m featuring a subscription box (you’d probably guessed that already otherwise all this talk of subscription boxes has been pretty pointless) that caters for those with a sweet tooth and the chocolate lovers among us which, let’s face it, is more or less all of us right? A chocolate subscription box?! That’s right baby! Our dreams really have come true. 

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Chemist4u Beauty Advent Calendars *

Advent calendars are without a doubt one of the best things about Christmas. Even as an adult, my Mum still buys me a chocolate advent calendar every year to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas. Although she does buy the dog one as well so there’s that. Before I started blogging, I didn’t think any other “type” of advent calendars existed… maybe they didn’t? But beauty advent calendars are a really great alternative to your traditional chocolate ones (although I’d never say no to a chocolate one, would you?) There’s such a huge variety of all different types with various products and price ranges that it can certainly be hard to know where to start when you’re in the market for a beauty advent calendar for yourself or a loved one! Today I’m working with Chemist4u again (thanks guys!) and sharing my thoughts on 3 of their beauty advent calendars!

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Biscuiteers Fruit Basket Biscuit Tin *

Every now and again an email will land in my inbox which I don’t entirely believe was meant for me. And until I make sure it’s actually addressed to “Jenny” and not “Jessica” that super big powerhouse of a blogger do I let myself believe it. Biscuiteers are a brand I’ve seen everywhere online – even featured in extremely popular YouTuber’s vlogs and I’ve always admired them from afar, in awe of their incredible biscuits and the exquisite icing skills of their bakers. Like most people, I love cake, biscuits and all sorts of sweet treats but very rarely can I ever treat myself to anything a bit more on the luxury side. Money is tight, you get me. You’ll find me with a choc roll and a cuppa tea, not usually with a tin of these incredible biscuits. So when I was contacted and asked if I’d like to receive one of their tins, I was thrilled (and a bit confused because as we’ve establish, I have a bit of imposter syndrome).

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Chill day at home essentials *

Over the last 6 years or so, I’ve started spending most of my time at home. There’s a bunch of reasons for why this is which I’m not going to go into but going from a teenager who was basically never at home, to someone who spends most of their time there, it’s a pretty huge change. But sometimes you really can’t beat a day or an evening at home. Going to the cinema, to the zoo or out for a meal is all great fun but sometimes, a chill day and night at home without having to worry about going anywhere at all is absolutely ideal. Especially now the weather is getting colder and I’m sure chill homey days will become more common for a lot of people! Here are some of my absolute essentials for a perfect chill day at home!

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A picture is worth a thousand words, with Tesco Photo *

I’ve always loved personalized items and gifts and when it comes to Christmas or birthdays, if I can get someone personalized I absolutely will. I was keen to try out the Tesco Photo service, when they contacted me, despite shopping in Tesco more or less every week for my entire life, I didn’t actually know they offered this service?! Like have I been living under a bridge all these years? 

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Appleyard London Citrus Coulis Bouquet Review *

I don’t think there’s a person in the world that wouldn’t agree that fresh flowers can bright up any drab room. Although I don’t personally buy flowers too often (I have such bad allergies that I do try and avoid having anything with leaves in my bedroom!) my Mum always has, ever since I can remember she’d be buying a few bunches of fresh flowers from the supermarket every week with the weekly shop to dot around the living room and the kitchen. Supermarkets are great options to pick up small, cheap bunches of flowers for a treat but every now and again, it’s always nice to invest in a proper bouquet. You can instantly see and smell the difference in quality and there are so many incredible bouquet options to chose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 

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Your Time is Now: ADEXE AW18 Collection *

Today I’m fortunate enough to team up with ADEXE to share with you a beautiful watch from their new range, as part of their Your Time is Now campaign. Before I get into nattering away about the watch itself, I wanted to discuss the theme of time and owning the time you have. Because not only is that a powerful message to send out but also one that got me thinking quite a bit and ended up with me reflecting on my year so far and contemplating whether I’ve taken ownership of the time I’ve had, utilized it and declared that my time is now. I’m not one to compliment myself too often (I’m far too awkward for that) but I came to the conclusion that the answer, is yes. 

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