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Hugo’s Chocolate Club: Chocolate Subscription Box *

We’ve had beauty subscription boxes, time of the month subscription boxes and stationery subscription boxes. There’s pretty much a subscription box for anything you could possibly want these days. Today I’m featuring a subscription box (you’d probably guessed that already otherwise all this talk of subscription boxes has been pretty pointless) that caters for those with a sweet tooth and the chocolate lovers among us which, let’s face it, is more or less all of us right? A chocolate subscription box?! That’s right baby! Our dreams really have come true. 

Hugo’s Chocolate Club* is a chocolate subscription box service which provides 4 different artisan chocolates a month which come in various forms such as bars, truffles, bon-bons and more. They’re £22 a month or £63 for a 3 month subscription, £120 for a 6 month subscription or £228 for a year’s subscription. With more savings a month, the longer the subscription you purchase.

Each month, the 4 different chocolates featured are from 4 different producers so you can guarantee you’re going to get 4 widely different types of chocolate. They also come with biographies about the makers of each chocolate as well as tasting guides to aid you in getting the optimum experience when trying your chocolates.

Now, onto my box and what goodies I got in it. I was pretty confident that with a chocolate subscription box I was going to like more or less everything in it but I was quite surprised by the range of different styles and flavours of chocolate. You really do get a good range so let’s show you some of them!

Duffy’s Fine Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt

I’m not going to pretend that I know what Oak Smoked Salt is because I don’t but what I do know is that this one was definitely my favourite of the bunch. I’m a fan of salt in sweet things anyway, such as salted caramel but this had a really stunning unique taste. It’s not stingy on the salt either, you definitely know that there’s salt in there right from the first bite but it actually compliments the chocolate extremely well and adds another tasty element to it.

Coco Chocolatier Honey Milk Chocolate

This one was my least favourite and I’ll probably leave this for someone else to enjoy, quite simply because I don’t like honey. It’s a taste I really can’t get my head around and although I knew going into this chocolate that there was honey in it, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so prominent. Which, if you like honey, is a really good thing! But unfortunately for me, I don’t. That’s not to say this isn’t a lovely chocolate bar though and I thought the packaging of this one was really cute.

Kneals Chocolates Raspberry Delight

My oh my, this one really was a delight. First and foremost, you can instantly tell this is a really high quality and luxury bar of chocolate. It’s dark chocolate which was an absolute bonus for me because I adore dark chocolate and don’t eat nowhere near enough of it. The inside of the chocolate when you bite into it is super creamy and the dried raspberry flakes on top are really sharp and bitter which compliments everything else nicely. As someone who loves raspberry and loves dark chocolate, this one was a huge hit for me!

The Chocolate Cottage Truffles

These two were really flavorsome like, it kinda knocks you back a bit. The pink ones are Eton Mess flavored and I can’t compare them to actual Eton Mess because I’ve never had it but I assume this is what it tastes like. My boyfriend said he can imagine this one as a dessert in a restaurant, it was that good. There’s a lot of filling in these small truffles and the flavours do pack a punch. The yellow one was Lemon Meringue Pie flavor and I can vouch for this that it actually does taste like lemon meringue or a lemon cheesecake. It’s very lemony and very sharp but really yummy.

So, as chocolate subscription boxes go, I was impressed. I loved the variety of types of chocolates and flavours and the fact that they’re all sourced from UK producers and the box gives 4 different chocolate makers a chance to shine each month. The quality is definitely there and I think a one off box would make a lovely gift for someone in your life who loves their chocolate for Christmas.

Have you ever tried a chocolate subscription box? Which of these 4 would you like to try the most? Let me know!

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review



  1. Really awesome 😄😄

  2. […] boxes where you can pick the products yourself, bookish themed boxes, stationery boxes and even a chocolate subscription box and they’ve all been brilliant but today’s subscription box may have just topped that […]

  3. Okay, the idea of a chocolate subscription box sounds absolutely amazing!! I didn’t know I needed one before this post, but now I think I do! 😂😂

    1. Haha me neither, it was great 😌

  4. This is genius! I’m such a chocoholic and I love trying new brands.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. This would be perfect for you 😌

  5. I would try the milk chocolate bar and the honey chocolate bar. I’m not a fan of raspberry with chocolate or dark chocolate, but atheistically, it did look good.

    1. It was a very pretty bar x

  6. kelsey says:

    Oh wow this definitely sounds like a subscription box I can get behind! I think I may treat myself as long as I can specify that I want to receive milk chocolate only.

    1. I’m not sure if you can specify because each month it’s 4 or 5 specific artisan chocolatiers that they festire.

  7. A chocolate subscription box. What a brilliant idea!!
    Where do I sign!!

    1. Haha it’s such a good idea isn’t it!

  8. Drooling for all those flavors.

    1. They were pretty drool worthy!

  9. whatiwrite4 says:

    God, Those truffles look absolutely drool-worthy. I can literally feel myself gaining pounds just looking at the pics! Hahaha…

    Kani |

    1. Haha I’m not surprised!

  10. manderpantz says:

    Wow I didn’t even know chocolate subscription boxes existed!! All of the above look delicious too. Might need to try it out!

    1. You should! It was delish 😌

  11. I had no idea this was a thing but I need it in my life! The Raspberry delight sounds amazing!

    1. It really was!

  12. Hanmwill says:


    1. It sure was!

  13. Oh wow! This looks like such a great subscription box, had never heard of this company before but these would be such a nice gift too. I’m the same as you, I love salt and sweet flavours together so that first bar sounds amazing. I also love raspberries so I’d love to try the Kneales bar! Thanks for sharing Jenny – once payday rolls around, I may treat myself xx

    1. I hope you do! Salt and sweet can be really nice in the right combination!

  14. oh wow a chocolate subscription box sounds like perfection to me

    1. It really was!

  15. I have tried a chocolate subscription before, can’t recall the name but I only had one box and didn’t really rate it so I cancelled it. Those bars sound lovely though and the truffles sound soooo good! I love handmade truffles! 🙂 x


    1. Ah that’s a shame!

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