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Netflix shows to binge watch when you’re feeling low

When it comes to films and TV, I tend to be drawn towards the darker, disturbing and mind-fu*k options as opposed to the light, funny and warm choices available. I’m sure that says something about me as a person, I’m just not sure what yet… But like with books, I love a dark show that’ll shock me, confuse me but ultimately have me completely hooked. Think Lost, Dark, American Horror Story, Ozark, Breaking Bad, those kind of shows. BUT, when I’m feeling low there’s definitely a small part of me somewhere deep in my messed up psyche that craves that warmth of something a bit lighter, a bit more easy going and something that isn’t going to leave me awake at night. It’s not often that I opt for a “lighter” show but I’ve certainly come across some really bloody good ones. These are all perfect recommendations for when you’re feeling a bit ‘bleugh”.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is one of the most underrated shows on Netflix, I can’t believe I don’t see it spoken about more! Grace and Frankie is a truly heartwarming show about two older women who find out their husbands have been having an affair with each other. Grace and Frankie really doesn’t go where you think it’ll go but when you’re feeling blue, the glorious Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will definitely warm your hearts.


Bit of an obvious one but Friends is my go-to easy to watch show when I’m feeling down, bored or just want something to distract me for a little while. Although I have an entire Netflix list worth of shows I want to watch, I always find myself coming back to Friends again and again and again. I think for my generation, Friends will always be ‘that show’. That comfort show that reminds us of how great the 90’s were and allows us to spend time with our favourite characters (even the annoying ones – like Ross).

Good Girls

I’ve recently finished Good Girls and I thought it was one of the best things I’ve watched in a long time. Granted, this one isn’t totally light and airy and there’s certainly some very serious plot lines throughout it but on a whole, it’s an amusing and humorous show with an absolutely incredible cast and it’s just… different. It’s different from the usual drug related story-lines you get in TV shows. Good Girls was totally addictive, I’d highly recommend it as a perfect show which will allow you to switch off!

Amazing Interiors

Clearly a bit different to the above because it’s not Fiction but I really loved Amazing Interiors. For anyone that likes interiors anyway, this one should definitely interest you! Each half an hour episode follows around 3 houses from around the world with… you guessed it… an amazing interior. Some of them really are jaw-droppingly amazing.

Santa Clarita Diet

I bloody loved (oooh pun not intended) Santa Clarita Diet. I loved the cast (Drew Barrymore is just heaven on Earth), I loved the story-line and I loved that the show didn’t take itself seriously. This is a totally binge-watchable show and also perfect for when you’re feeling down because it’s just so funny, it’ll definitely take your mind off of whatever is bothering you. Plus it’s so gross, you’ll be pretty distracted anyway.

What are some things you like to watch when you’re feeling down in the dumps? Have you seen any of the above? Let me know!



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  3. Grace & Frankie, absolutely!

    1. I started the latest season yesterday, it never gets old. I love those two women SO much!

  4. I love Lost Girl, Bones, Buffy, Grimm, & NCIS. Lost Girl is my go to if I’m in a funk because it’s funny & the characters are endearing, especially Kenzie.

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