Well hello there! And Happy New Year! One of my goals for 2016 is to cook more and experiment with food. I got off to a good start last year but now I’d love t0 up my game because I really enjoy cooking and find it quite therapeutic. So today I have my very first recipe of 2016 to share with you!


What you’ll need:

250g/9oz canned kidney beans | 600ml cold water | 2 garlic cloves (chopped) | 5 tbsp. tomato purée | 1 small green chilli (chopped) | 2 tsp. ground cumin | 2 tsp. ground coriander | 600g diced beef | 1 large onion (chopped) | 1 large green pepper (deseeded and chopped) | soured cream (to serve)


  1. Now this was probably one of the, if not the, easiest meal to make that I’ve tried. First of all, I found that preparing all the ingredients the night before really helped because you have to leave it in the slow cooker for a good 9 hours so to save you having to get up ridiculously early, prep everything the night before and just turn the slow-cooker on when you wake up. Anyway, first job is to drain the water from the tin of kidney beans and place them in the slow cooker, pouring the 600ml of cold water on top.
  2. Then add the chopped garlic, tomato purée, chopped chilli, cumin and coriander into a bowl.
  3. Add the diced beef and the chopped onion and pepper and mix together well so all the beef is coated in the sauce, herbs and vegetables.
  4. Place the mix into the slow cooker, on top of the kidney beans and leave from 9 hours from when you turn it on – giving it a stir every few hours. Season with salt and pepper (optional) before serving!



And there we have it! A super easy chunky beef chilli that tastes great with rice or potato wedges. The thing with recipes like this is that you don’t have to splash out on fancy ingredients – all the ingredients for this cost less than £10 and you can find painfully cheap supermarket value ingredients which taste just as good.

What are your favourite value for money recipes? Have you ever tried making anything like this before? Let me know!


  1. Looks VERY tasty but 1 note – if you are using DRIED Kidney beans, as per your ingredient list – you MUST fast-boil them for 25 minutes before using them! (they are poisonous if you dont). OR, just used canned kidney beans (I do)

    Bon appetite!

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