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Do you struggle to make time for reading? Do you wish you could increase the number of books you read, or maybe even double it? Reading is one of those things that falls by the wayside for too many people. The majority of people, when asked, would admit that they don’t read as much as they’d like. Change the habit by making reading a priority. Whether you have a blog you need to write reviews for, or just love the way reading makes you feel, here’s how to make room for reading.


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SET SPECIFIC TIMES: If you live a busy life, you may have to set aside designated reading time. Reading may seem like a strange thing to plan for, but if you don’t plan, you may never get to it. Take the time to plan out what time each day would be best for reading. Do you have a free hour before bed? Could you use time spent commuting to get some extra pages in? It’s up to you how you plan your time. You could set aside an hour or so of your day, or you could split your reading into 15-minute chunks. All that matters is that you’re making the time somewhere!

TAKE A BOOK EVERYWHERE YOU GO: How often do you find yourself with nothing to do and no book on hand? Get into the habit of taking a book everywhere you go. That way, you can pick it up whenever you get a spare moment. Books are lifesavers during commutes, or time spent in waiting rooms. You could even crack it out on your lunch break. The good thing about reading is that you can pick it up and put it down with a preamble. You don’t have to warm yourself up to get stuck in!


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BUY BOOKS CHEAP: If you’re taking steps to do more reading, you’re going to need to get more books, right? You should always have a book or two waiting to go when you finish one. That way, you won’t put reading off because you don’t have any more books! To ensure you have a good supply of reads ready to go, find cheap ways to buy books. Else, your new habit could get expensive! Buy books second-hand or get free kindle books. You could even get them out from your local library!

MAKE READING A PRIORITY: Most importantly, you need to make reading a priority. We can all make time for the things we care about. Start caring more about books to make them part of your life. Don’t put reading off because you have more important things to do. Make reading the most important. It may sound strange, but it’s the best way to get into a regular reading habit. Setting up a particular time will help you towards your goal. Even so, until you make reading a priority, it’s at risk of falling from the agenda. Stick to your reading time like you would any other commitment!


  1. I read this post and smiled – looking over my shoulder there is a stack of books on the bookshelf that have been quietly waiting for me to pick them up for some time – some of them for years. You are right – we should get into the habit of carrying a book everywhere.

  2. Great post, I have so many things I like to do outside of work; The Sims, watching tv series/films, that I sometimes don’t find enough time to read. I’ve made it a nightly routine to read for an hour or so before bed. And on days off I cram as much reading time in as I can! I can’t read unless it’s quiet, though, because I get distracted, so time spent at the dr’s, commuting etc where I could be reading, I don’t!

  3. I agree with making reading a priority and always carrying a book 😉 These two things have helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, I have discovered if I schedule things, then I don’t want to do them haha. I am weird like that. It feels like an obligation, so I am like, ugghhh. But in a sense, I sort of do this at bed without openly admitting it 😉 Great post!

  4. love this post! i’ve been trying to read when my husband reads to the kids before bed, it’s my bedtime story time too! i’ve gotten so much further in that extra 20-40 mins than i ever could have before.

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