London is a hub of exciting things to do, for kids, families, couples, groups or even by yourself! I’ve lived 25 minutes from London for my whole life and visited all the main attractions and spent countless hours wandering around Camden Town and eating the Chinese street food which, in my opinion, is the best in the UK (seriously, the sweet and sour chicken and rice is to die for!) 

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And Christmas is certainly a great time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself during your break before you gear up for the New Year. London definitely has something for everyone so if you’re planning a night out in London this Christmas (or quite frankly, any night of the year!) then Encore Tickets has suggestions on all the entertainment you could possibly want!

Here are my top picks from the website for fun and exciting nights out this Christmas (some a little different than what you’d probably expect but hey! It’s Christmas! Let’s have some fun!):

The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience

I absolutely love The Great Gatsby. The outfits, the storyline, the drama, the scandal and of course the charming, charismatic Gatsby himself. It’s one of the best and most well known classics and you could be a part of it in this The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience right here, in London. Transport yourself to the roaring twenties where the story unfolds right in front of your eyes but this time, you’re a part of it.

Cirque Du Soleil – TOTEM

I love the theatre but Cirque Du Soleil is one act I still haven’t seen but desperately want to. They’re back with their new performance of TOTEM, a visually stunning experience and celebration of the evolutionary journey of mankind, with stunning performances from world famous performers. I love the sound of this performance – it’s definitely different and unlike anything I would have seen before. I’m definitely going to make a point of getting Cirque Du Soleil tickets in the future!

Jack the Ripper, Haunted London and Sherlock Holmes Tour

Arguably more suited to Halloween than Christmas but this one defintiely had to go on my list. I went on a Jack the Ripper tour when I was in school, which was utterly fascinating to go to the exact spots he killed his victims but this tour is more detailed, more scary and definitely more exciting! If you love crime, then the Jack the Ripper, Haunted London and Sherlock Holmes Tour is definitely one for you and your mates one night!

Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit

From the 20’s to murder in the 1800’s and now for some comedy. A comedy show is always a fun night out with family or friends and Christmas is the time for fun and laughter so taking yourself off to see one is the perfect way to spend an evening. Bill Bailey brings his latest show Larks in Transit to London where he tackles politics (oh no), philosophy, happiness and shares tales of his travelling adventures. This is definitely one not to be missed!

What is your favourite way to spend an evening in London? What’s the best night out in London that you’ve had? Have you ever attended any more ‘unusual’ events?

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  2. Ooooh Sherlock Holmes and The Great Gatsby sound right up my street! One of my dreams is to be in England for Christmas one day, one year, and hopefully I get to see some of these attractions when that time comes x

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