A little while ago, I posted a tweet saying that I had received a blogger opportunity from applying for a job via a Facebook group and I was quite surprised to see how many bloggers were replying to me firstly, saying they had no idea that was a “thing” and secondly, asking where they can find these sort of opportunities. I get it though, when I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing and wouldn’t have any idea where to look for paid blogging opportunities or the chance to review products if I tried! 

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Working with brands has become a pretty standard part of blogging and it’s talked about a lot more now, with plenty of helpful posts on the internet about ways you can get started, what brands look for, how you can pitch to them and much, much more. And blogger outreach definitely works both ways and when brands and bloggers work together, it needs to be mutually beneficial to both. There are lots of great places bloggers can sign up for to apply for blogging opportunities as well as places for brands to advertise opportunities as well.

Get Blogged

This is a great website, I think specifically for newer bloggers and bloggers who are just getting into working with brands. It’s also a good place for brands to advertise what they want from bloggers and allows bloggers to apply for whatever jobs they want. If you’re thinking about starting your journey into paid blogging, then this might be a good place to start! You can sign up for free, here!


If you’re on Twitter then chances are, you would have been the #prrequest and #bloggerswanted has tags. Although yes, sometimes they are used incorrectly and some people do post a load of rubbish on there, you definitely will find opportunities under these hash tags, if you’re a blogger or a brand! It’s a great way to advertise what type of bloggers you’re looking for and it’s a great place for bloggers to also promote themselves.

Facebook groups

Like I mentioned in the intro to this post, I said I had received an opportunity through a Facebook group I’m in. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone here because not everyone has Facebook but if you do, I’d highly recommend joining some groups. You ask to join, the group admin will usually ask a few questions to ensure that you should be in the group (as opposed to a bot, or something!) and it’s handy to take some time to have a scroll through the things people are posting. Just type in “Blogger Opportunities” in the search bar and the most popular ones should come up!


The Bloglancer is a great newsletter which I’ve signed up for for a while, which includes links to helpful posts for bloggers and brands as well as blogger opportunities. I’ve grabbed myself a couple from here as well, so it’s well worth signing up to receive this regular newsletter!

If you’re a blogger or a brand and have any more tips to share, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. I had no clue.
    Although I blog just for myself, and wouldn’t want to turn my website into a shopping channel, I will definitely take a look at what you suggested. Can’t hurt, right?

  2. As soon as I saw your tweet I joined a bunch of Facebook groups. Haven’t got any opportunities from there yet but it’s also helpful to see what kind of requirements brands want so I can work towards them!
    Beth x

  3. These are such great tips – I’m going to sign up for that newsletter. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  4. Facebook has not done a great deal for me and my blog but I need to hone in on who and what I follow and use it to a better standard! Great tips!

  5. As someone who is new to blogging, this post is EXTREMELY helpful! I’m still so new to everything and it can be a bit overwhelming sorting through good opportunities, and bad ones. I’m defiantly going to sign up for the newsletter you mentioned 😊 thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  6. This is such a helpful post Jenny. I’d never heard of Get Blogged but have just registered to sign up and had already requested to join a couple of facebook groups. Thank you for sharing your blogger opportunity resources.

    Emma x

  7. This is full of so much great information! Im new to blogging and found all of this incredibly useful. Thank you so much!


  8. I didn’t even know this was a thing but thanks for letting us know! Great advice and thank you so much for sharing it!

  9. This is such a helpful post! I seem to have phases where I’ll see loads of opportunities and do quite well and others where there seems to be nothing! I do find Twitter good for opportunities though, I try to spend time each day going through that and Facebook groups! Xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  10. These are really good tips and ideas so thank you! I think that the hardest thing for me is that I live in South Africa where there are very few opportunities and the opportunities that there are always seem to go to the same bloggers.

    1. Agh that’s such a shame! I’m sorry I can’t be more help on a wider scale. But I’m sure there are some sponsored opportunities which don’t require bloggers from a certain region!

  11. I’ve always been too nervous to reach out to brands so this post has really helped me to see other ways of doing it! Thanks for sharing your tips lovely!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  12. Thank you so much for this Jenny!! 🙌🏼 I’ve been struggling to find sponsored opportunities, so this is going to be so helpful ☺️ I’ve never heard of Get Blogged but I’m definitely going to have a look at them now ☺️ Xx

    Jade | jademarie.co.uk

  13. Love this informative post! I’m a fairly new blogger (7 months in) I’m just about to branch out and go self hosted and hopefully start making a little money out of my blog. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction to find new blogging opportunites. Much appreciated x

  14. It is very helpful to know where to find opportunities for blogging jobs. ^^
    Right now I don’t necessarily have aspirations to do paid blogging yet, but maybe in the future however.
    I think so many people that do want to get paid for their blogging will be very thankful for your guide here. The whole blogosphere can be a bit overwhelming at first 😉
    But so much fun though!
    Rose – http://www.rainbowsdreamcloud.com

  15. Thanks for the tips, I’m now signing up to “Get blogged”. I requested to join 4-5 blogger groups on Facebook last week, but have only been accepted to 1 so far, which was a bit disappointing.

    Ashleigh x

  16. Sorry, but a long question. I thought if you used WP .com you really couldn’t make money blogging. I had started with WP .org l, but after adding all the different pieces needed, I couldn’t afford to do that up front. Since I don’t “own” my site on WP .com, how does the making money work? Thank you for your help. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks. 😊

  17. This is so helpful. I am looking to branch out and start doing some sponsored posts at some point, so these are helpful. I have only recently signed up to some FB groups I have heard of Get Blogged but not looked into properly. Emma x http://www.bookinggoodread.com x

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