AD | I don’t know about you but I’ve always found bathrooms a really calming place to be. I feel like I can relax in a bathroom and as someone that suffers from anxiety, having places to go where I know I’ll feel calmer is hugely important to me. No matter what the situation, if you’re with a big group of people and need 5 minutes peace and quiet, the bathroom is probably the most popular place most of us will head to. Because a lot of us need a time out from socialisation every now and again.

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The bathroom in your home can certainly be one of the most peaceful and calming rooms of the house and personally, I love that time in the morning and in the evening where I head into the bathroom to wash and just be with myself and my thoughts.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, searching for home interiors and I have a dedicated board for bathroom inspiration. Unfortunately, I’m not in a place to be buying or renting my own house just yet but I know when I finally am, I’ll put a lot of care and attention into my bathroom space and make it as idyllic as possible.

And I’m not just talking about the aesthetics either. Even things like water pressure – which can be improved with salamander pumps products – and the plumbing is an important thing to consider because there’s nothing worse than hoping for a nice, relaxing, cleansing shower only to find the water pressure is more like a leaky tap than a powerful shower!

Here are some of the ways I would make my future bathroom a place I definitely want to be:


Greenery is always calming, whatever the room you’re in but I think in a bathroom, plants can certainly make it feel more tranquil and spa-like. Fake plants are great for the long term but natural plants will always be the winner for me.

Big windows

I like rooms with lots of natural light and being someone that works from home, I need a lot of natural light in my house otherwise I’d feel really cooped up. Providing my bathroom didn’t look out onto anywhere where people could see me, big windows would be an absolute must. And perfect for those warm summer days where you have to fling a big ol’ window open.

Bath and shower combo

This doesn’t necessarily have to be together – if my bathroom was big enough I’d be more than happy to have a separate bath and shower but I think I’d need to have both options. A bath is perfect for when you’re stressed or have had a busy day. I find baths so relaxing, with some bubbles, chocolate and a good book!

But showers are revitalizing and great for waking you up in the morning and I also find I feel more refreshed after a shower. Almost like I’ve washed the day away and can start fresh.

Light coloured walls and flooring

This one probably ties in with the big windows thing but I wouldn’t like my bathroom to have too dark a decor because, in general, I prefer light colours in bathrooms. Bathrooms aren’t usually that big either so lighter colours will make it look bigger.

Big fluffy towels

I mean the proper big, fluffy ones that you can completely cocoon yourself in when you get out of the shower. I’d definitely need a ton of those! In a bathroom, I’d probably go for pale blue or pale green to stick with the tranquil theme.

What would your ideal bathroom look like? Do you have your ideal bathroom? Let me know!

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  1. We don’t have a window in our bathroom and I hate it! It feels dark and cramped without one. I wish we had space for plants but we’d basically have to put them in our bath haha! I would love to design my own bathroom one day, I have a feeling it would be quite like yours!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. I think the bathroom is such an important room! It’s like a little sanctuary for me, a place I can go when I just need some time to myself, and I’m all about relaxing pamper nights with a good bubble bath too. We rent so we’re quite limited with what we can do but we’ve recently painted the bathroom and it looks so much better, sometimes little changes can really make a huge difference xx

    Tiffany x

  3. we are stuck in a council flat and our bathroom which is large is pretty much just a bathroom, no time for relaxing in it which is sad, one day when we move i hope to have a beautiful bathroom to be proud of

  4. Yes to light tiles! I’ve lived in three rental properties, two had light ones and the other had black(!), the latter made the bathroom look a lot smaller than it was and as it had no windows was disappointing. My parents recently decorated their downstairs toilet and I successfully convinced them to go for a light colour scheme.

  5. One thing I didn’t really pick up on when I bought my house is that none of the bathrooms have a window. Now I’ve been living there a while I really miss having a window to let light and fresh air in!

  6. My bathroom is really small so I don’t exactly find being in there relaxing at all. It does have a huge window and white walls though, which I love. I take most of my blog photos in there because it’s nice and bright! The best bathroom I had was actually at uni. In my final year I had a huge studio (it was meant for disabled people so it was spacious for wheelchair access). And the bathroom was a giant wet room. No windows sadly, but if I could have that bathroom in a brighter room, it would be perfect x


  7. This list sums up exactly how I would like my bathroom to be in the future and I also love to look at interior designs on pintrest! I completely agree with you about big windows, nothing’s better than some bright natural lighting!

  8. i can’t wait till i’m able to have my dream bathroom! making it such a clean inviting space where I can just relax is something i’m longing for. There’s nothing worse then having to share a bathroom who doesn’t keep things the way you do, what’s meant to be relaxing ends up causing fights! i share a bathroom with my dad and he just doesn’t understand how i need options when it comes to my bath products! lol great post darling x

    mich /

  9. This is a great post! Long relaxing baths (which I never get anymore) and scolding hot showers are one of my favorite things. The only thing I’d add is a towel warmer. I’ve always wanted a towel warmer! To wrap up on a fluffy warm towel is amazing!

  10. I feel you on the anxiety part, I feel like bathrooms can be a good escape if things are getting a bit much at times no matter what the situation. I’m renting so I’m in no position to be replacing a bathroom but I would love one with a big tub (i currently only have a shower) free-standing ones are the best I think and tonnes of plants and 100% a heated towel rail to pop all the fluffy towels on oh and for sure a basket of all my bath bombs etc.
    Charlie |

  11. I definitely love decorating and making the rooms inside my house more cozy! I feel something that instantly makes my bathroom more cozy is candles! So i like to light candles, plants are also a great decor item as well! Great post xo

  12. I wish I was able to change my bathroom, my flat that I rent is pretty oils and my whole bathroom including bath and toilet is olive green! Love the modern style bathrooms x

  13. I still live with my parents so i can’t redecorate it how i want but i have a little corner full of all my bath products with a little shelf basket thing from Sainsburys and it’s little touches like that which make me excited to have my own place to decorate my bathroom how i want!

  14. Great post! I love interiors and thinking of how I’m going to decorate my own place in the future and I definitely agree with your tips – especially about the plants and natural light, anywhere thats airy and open feels so soothing and reduces anxiety by miles! xx

  15. My bathroom is now a wetroom as I could no longer get in and out of the bath. I have a shower chair that folds up, but it has made such a difference for me. There’s many a day, especially this time of year, that I really miss having a hot bubble bath. I get so envious of all the images of bubble baths and bath bombs lol x

  16. This came at the right time girl! I’m actually in the middle of decorating my bathroom and yes these decor’s are so important. I’ve been loving plants in the corners of my home too! 🌱

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