While you may have heard plentiful about the hot and most popular travel destinations, it is time to know about some offbeat locations across the world. Somehow, I have been traveling around touristy spots all my life but my big retirement plan as I was telling my parents the other day – is to hide in lovely, exotic and yet offbeat locations.

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I have always felt the need for peace and tranquility as I grow older. Knowing myself, by the age of 50, I would be running away from music festivals and embracing serene isolated beaches. That certainly doesn’t mean life after 50 has to be boring. Hence I am making this offbeat retirement bucket list to keep my growing old blues at bay. Now I have something to look forward to while I grow wiser.

We know many people make promises of traveling to a offbeat destination but have little clue as to where to go for those memorable and unique experiences. Well, this is just the right page for all those looking forward to adding a twist to their traditional travel bucket list and head for a location that is far off their travel radar.

Here are some incredible destinations that are sure to take you off the beaten track and offer an incredible vacation.

  1. Nubra Valley, India
    You will be awestruck by the ethereal beauty of beauty of Nubra Valley that lies with thin the Jammu and Kashmir State of India. You feel like transported to another world as you enter the dry, rugged terrain with serene blue lakes that mirror the azure skies.

  2. Galicia, Spain
    Galicia should be on your bucket list of unique destinations. It is particularly special due to its wild landscape and rugged terrain. One can gaze for hours at those waves pound the rocky beaches and lighthouses.

  3. Sa Pa, Vietnam
    Sa Pa in Vietnam is a popular trekking base that overlooks the captivating Muong Hoa Valley. One finds people of all age groups trekking through the rice terraces and crossing the valley. Who says life after 50 has to be boring? There are amazing experiences for all here in Sa Pa!

  4. Óbidos, Portugal
    Óbidos is a small town in Portugal that looks like a town in Portugal. One must certainly put Óbidos on their list and explore the town which is enclosed by walls.

  5. Cinque Terre, Italy
    Cinque Terre comprises of five villages and overlooks the deep blue Mediterranean. Explore the narrow hiking trails that connect the villages and walk through the sea-facing homes or swim in the seas.

  6. Tahiti, French Polynesia
    The small island of Tahiti is located in French Polynesia. Black beaches and volcanic mountain ranges surround it. Enjoy loads of water activities like sea fishing with the best polarized sunglasses for sight fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters.

  7. Livingston, Guatemala
    Livingston is a top favorite on everybody bucket list of unique locations. The small beach town offers a completely different vibe than any other in Guatemala. Home to the Garifuna people, the town is well famous for its Afro-Caribbean culture and rich culinary tradition.

  8. Guangzhou, China
    Guangzhou is well known for its avant-garde architecture. Located on China’s Pearl River, the modern vibe and reflects the country’s progress and stands for the thriving commercial center.

  9. Casablanca, Morocco
    Casablanca overlooks the majestic Atlantic Ocean and is a perfect blend of Arab and Mediterranean culture. The heavenly place will leave you spell-bound and motivate you to come back again and again!

  10. Split, Croatia
    Split in Croatia is sure to bowl you over because of its historic towns, the countryside, and the Mediterranean food. Explore the impressive Roman ruins and Diocletian’s Palace and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Trogir, if you are a history enthusiast.

If these don’t make your life after 50 exciting, that what will? I know I am already raring to explore these spots.

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  1. All of these places sound amazing! Love that they’re all overseas from the US. My parents want to retire and move to Vietnam. I know I’d want to check out Guangzhou. Tahiti sounds like a gorgeous place to visit as well. I loved the Polynesian spirit when I visited Hawaii. Thanks for sharing this list!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. I’m really itching to check out different parts of Romania and Eastern Europe – I can trace part of my heritage back to those regions so it might be really nice to reconnect with that some day.

    Also want to tour Japan, Korea, and perhaps the Philippines. Malaysia is interesting as well.

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