What to do in Paris around the year *

The City of Lights attracts millions of people every year for good reason: considered a global capital by many, Paris offers a seemingly unlimited amount of activities. Whether you enjoy shopping, touring historical sites, entertainment or great food, there is something for everybody to enjoy throughout the year.

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Boating holiday essentials

Having been on a boating holiday a whopping 2 whole times now, I feel qualified to call myself an expert on all things boating (I’m not). For the past 2 years, my boyfriend and I have taken our holiday with Barnes Brinkcraft, a boat hire company in the Norfolk Broads and spent just short of a week chugging up and down the broads on rivers of all shapes and sizes, encountering an array of wildlife and living a very restricted and self-sufficient life in the confines of a small boat. I’m a huge fan of the staycation but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re not leaving the country, your holiday is going to come and go problem free. It won’t.

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Guest Post: 5 Great Tips for Successfully Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

There are many hardcore hikes, trails and climbs in the world, some of them thousands of metres high and made up of narrow wooden platforms attached to cliff faces, but none of them are quite as demanding as the Appalachian Trail.

It could be more accurately called a journey rather than a trail, covering 14 US states and 2,200 miles, beginning in Georgia and ending in Maine. Much of the trail covers mountainous terrain, but unlike a lot of trails it varies dramatically. It’s because of this that this trail demands a huge amount of stamina and dedication, for many it takes between 5 and 7 months to get to the finish line in Maine, but some trips can take a whole year.

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How I Prepare for a Short Trip Away

I love taking short breaks away from home – even if it’s just for 1 night. I always find it helps to keep me grounded: a change of scenery and truly be good for the soul I believe. So if I have a chance to go away anyway, I’ll almost always take it. The excitement, the build up and packing fills me with a lot of joy. Long car journeys, checking into hotels or quirky little guest houses and being somewhere completely new that you’ve never seen before – I love it all. But of course, I’m not immune to the stress that sometimes comes with it, so today I wanted to share some ways that I personally prepare for a trip away.

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5 Best Holiday Destinations in Lanzarote

When I was younger, my parents and I used to take a holiday to the Canary Islands every year. With constant beautiful weather, a gorgeous breeze, beaches to die for and the perfect atmosphere it was the ideal place to go on holiday as a family. I have lots of great memories from those holidays and I made lots of friends on each one and I sometimes wonder what they’re doing and where they are now. One of those tragically beautiful islands is Lanzarote – even the name sounds great, doesn’t it? I have fond memories of my holiday to Lanzarote so today I want to talk about 5 places you should visit in Lanzarote! And I might even share a photo from my own holiday there all those years ago!

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Trying New Things Doesn’t Have to Be as Extreme As You Think

Not everyone wants to jump out of a plane, dive to the deepest depths of the ocean or travel to the other side of the world with only a backpack for company. And whilst I admire those that do do all those things, I also have respect for those who don’t. There’s always this notion that in order to really ‘live’ you need to see the world, try something new every day or do things that scare you to push you out of your comfort zone. I know a lot of people thrive on these things and if that’s you, then go for it! But I also know people who prefer quieter lives, filled with stability and certainty and I don’t believe these people are any less ‘living’ than those who wake up in a new place every couple of months.

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Holidays To Go on To Beat Stress

We all can get stressed at some point in our lives. Going on holiday is a top way to combat stress. Just make sure it’s planned correctly otherwise, if it becomes stressful, you will miss out on the benefits of the nice break! Here are some ideas of holidays you can go on to beat stress.

Yoga Break

You might want to consider going on a yoga break to beat stress in your life. Yoga is a fantastic way of helping your mind and body relax. A yoga break will allow you to complete the exercises in a peaceful environment. You are likely to pick up some new skills during the weekend. You will also meet others who are also trying to relax. It’s a very chilled break which will allow you to reflect on your issues. You are bound to go home feeling a lot more positive about the future.

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The World’s Top Monuments Revealed

Going travelling is a fun way to spend your time and definitely something you should do while you’re young. You get to see amazing landmarks that are unbelievable. Here are the world’s top monuments that you need to see at least once while you’re travelling!

The Colosseum

One of the most famous on our list, the Colosseum in Rome is a monument which has millions of people of all ages visiting every year. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Italy, and it is the biggest amphitheatre ever built. It’s magnificent to look around, and you can learn about all the history of the gladiator shows while you’re there. It’s also beautiful to have a look around at night when it’s lit up. While you’re in Rome, you can also take a look at St. Peter’s Basilica and Trevi Fountain!

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Life on the River: My Holiday to the Norfolk Broads

I’m a big fan of holidays in the UK aka. a staycation. The UK is beautiful with so many wonderful places to explore, like Snowdonia National Park and The Lake District. My latest adventure was to Norfolk, on a boating holiday to the Norfolk Broads. I’ve had a weekend away in Great Yarmouth before but never had the chance to see the Broads, so here’s my account of my holiday to Norfolk, where boating is the only way to travel!

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Barnes Brinkcraft River Holiday Company Review

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that at the beginning of April I was away on holiday in the Norfolk Broads on my first ever boating holiday! I had an utterly amazing time – the Broads are beautiful – and I wanted to do a small series of posts about the experience, starting with a review of Barnes Brinkcraft, the company we used for the boat hire.

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