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Denver is a trendy, modern city known for its focus on progression. You’ll find numerous farmer’s markets, a range of marijuana stores and the city’s unique bike-sharing program. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or an urban getaway, Denver has something to offer. In fact, you’ll be so impressed by this city that one weekend will not be enough! When we’re allowed to travel again, of course…

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

We understand that you may only have a weekend and that’s okay. There’s plenty of things you can do in a couple of days to get a real taste of Denver and experience the best it has to offer. Our ultimate guide to Denver in a weekend will help you to best plan your time so that you can maximize your visit.

What to do

When you’re only in town for a weekend, it can be difficult figuring out what to prioritize. This is especially true in a city like Denver. With so many attractions to choose from, how will you decide? Well, we have you covered. Here are our top things to do in Denver during a weekend visit:

Head to Red Rocks for a concert

Red Rocks is the iconic Denver amphitheater. Its rock structure is well recognized and worth a visit just to see it in all of its natural glory. Throughout the year, the amphitheater hosts a range of singers who always attract a large crowd at this unique venue. The positioning of the rock provides an excellent backdrop for these performers but also creates the perfect acoustic environment for enjoying music.

If one of your favorite artists is playing at this venue, purchase tickets, and make a trip out of it! It’s the perfect excuse to visit the vibrant city of Denver and will be a highlight of your weekend.

Do some shopping at Lorimer Square

The fashion lovers among us will be in heaven at Lorimer Square. With a range of chain stores and independent boutiques, you’ll be sure to find some special pieces to add to your collection. If your bags get too heavy, look out for a luggage storage facility in Denver where you can leave your new things until you are ready to head back to your hotel room.

Even if you’re not big on shopping, Lorimer Square is still worth a visit for the sightseeing. It’s a thriving area with distinct Victorian architecture that you can enjoy while taking a stroll. There’s also plenty of restaurants if you’d rather stop for a drink or bite to eat.

Go on a brewery tour

It’s well known that Colorado loves its breweries – Denver is no exception. The city is home to the biggest single-site brewery in the world, Coors Brewery. If you like ticking big things off your to-do list, this one’s a must-do!

For those who would rather go local, you’ll also be satisfied in Denver. There is a range of smaller, independent craft breweries that you can choose from. Consider a visit to Great Divide Brewing Co. or Breckenridge for excellent food and tasty beer.

Explore LoDo

Have you even been to Denver if you haven’t been to LoDo? LoDo, short for lower downtown, is the historic center of the city. There’s something for everyone in this district – live music, exceptional restaurants, and stunning architecture.

Lorimer Square is located here so it’s the perfect place to do some shopping and then have a meal. The area is buzzing all day and night so it doesn’t matter what time you choose to visit! If you find yourself loving LoDo and don’t want to head back to your room before your evening plans, stash your extra things at a luggage storage shop. You can drop your bags while you dance the night away and pick them up the next day.

Where to eat

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Breakfast: Snooze

Do you love a good brunch? Snooze will not disappoint. The extensive menu has a strong mix of sweet and savory dishes, ranging from the classic Eggs Benedict to sweet potatoes pancakes to Huevos Rancheros. They also serve delicious Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s – after all, what brunch is complete without one?

Lunch: The Source

This food market offers an array of delectable food options that will satisfy all tastebuds. The Source can be found in the heart of the River North Art District, a contemporary area worth exploring for its art galleries and renovated industrial buildings. There’s a range of dining options available in the artisanal dining hall from wood-fired pizzas to fresh produce.

Dinner: Root Down

For everyone who has ever struggled to choose a dish from a menu, this one’s for you. Root Down is a ‘field to fork’ restaurant that specializes in small sampling plates, meaning you can try it all! The restaurant’s tapas-style menu is all made with locally sourced, organic produce. Whenever you find yourself in Denver, head to this restaurant to give your tastebuds a real treat.

Dessert: Little Man

If you’re looking for something sweet after all of your tapas, head to Little Man for ice cream. This vintage-styled ice-cream store stands out from the crowd, given it’s located in a cream jug that stands 28-feet tall!

That being said, a visit to Little Man is about more than seeing the impressive structure. The homemade ice-cream flavors will have everybody wanting a second scoop. With flavors ranging from salted Oreo to peach cobbler,  the store usually has long lines so be prepared to wait for your ice-cream fix.

Little Man also hosts movie nights, poetry performances, and live music so it makes a great hangout spot!

Other things you need to know about visiting Denver

The city is 1 mile above sea level

Some first-time visitors don’t realize how high Denver is above sea level. This means that the air is thinner and you might feel the effects of the high altitude. Remember to avoid anything strenuous the first day you are in Denver, as well as alcohol, as this will help you to acclimatize properly.

The weather is unpredictable

In Denver, the weather changes quickly. Just because it looks sunny outside doesn’t mean that a storm isn’t coming. The good news is that storms tend to pass as quickly as they arrive given that the weather is ever-changing. Always be prepared with a jacket.

Denver is a great city and you can see a lot within a short amount of time. If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway, choose Denver for your next trip!



  1. Denver is somewhere I know nothing about and that made this blog post even more interesting to read! Lorimer Square sounds great, i love visiting shopping centres in new locations, even if it is just for a quick browse. Historic center? Yes please! I want a peach cobble ice cream now! xx

  2. LoDo sounds like a place many people will enjoy! I’d really love to explore it if I get the chance to visit Denver. And maybe have some ice cream at the Little Man?
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I’ve been to Denver once and it is an interesting city. Ooohoo I should have went to a brewery. Their shopping center looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing all of these eateries!

    Nancy ♥

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